20 Best Podcasts for Teens

20 Best Podcasts for Teens

There is something so satisfying to launch on a podcast, especially for teens. They can find shows that suit their specific interests and enjoy them while doing household chores around the house, taking a walk or taking a long drive. Then they can sit down and let the information spread over them, with very little elbow grease needed.

But for podcast newbies, there are so many programs to choose from. The best podcasts for teens are designed specifically for the ears of teens, either by breaking down abstract concepts into smaller, more manageable chunks, or by focusing on celebrities or the issues that matter most to teens. The podcasts below cover all topics under the sun, from scientific breakthroughs to YouTube culture to mental health. Some are meant to be informative, while others are for pure entertainment value. Others are really intended for adults, but intelligent or curious adolescents will appreciate them. And, you never know, you can get addicted to one or two of them yourself.


Curious with Josh Peck

Josh Peck, the only star of Drake & Josh, explores subjects that interest him. He also interviews guest stars, including YouTuber Jason Nash and Parks and recreation star Nick Swardson.


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Dear Hank and John

The “Hanks” and “Johns” in this case are, of course, Hank Green and John Green, brothers, authors and YouTubers. (You may have heard of one of John’s little novels, The fault in our stars.) On their podcast, they answer questions like how to quit a job, how to find time to do little things, and bees can feel happiness and sadness.


Harry Potter and the sacred text

Some teens might casually say that Harry Potter is like a religion to them. This podcast takes this seriously, studying books as if they were spiritual texts and discussing themes such as commitment, revenge and forgiveness and how they fit into the context of these themes in other religions. .


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Let’s be realistic with Sammy Jaye

Real teenager Sammy Jaye, barely 17, directs interviews on this podcast. Among the former guests were Jordan Fisher, Kesha and Bachelor stars Ashley and Jared.



It is a podcast designed for and by adolescents, focusing on mental health. The episodes focus on topics such as insomnia, the impact of sound on daily life, social media and mental health.


Part-time engineering

For teenagers who like to ask absurd questions, this podcast may just have the answers. The hosts Will and Mango investigate topics such as strange inventions, how rats continue to outwit humans, and the reasons for loving raccoons.



Adults, adolescents, maybe even intelligent children can embark on the explorations behind Radiolab, because the hosts break down scientific concepts to make them widely accessible. Recent episodes have focused on how experts got to six feet, the distance people need to stay clear to stop the spread of germs and the mysteries that continue in space.


Science friday

Science Friday, or “Sci Fri” to insiders, is another podcast for science enthusiasts: it focuses more on the news and the scientific concepts that make the news.


The socially awkward podcast

You don’t have to be socially awkward to enjoy the socially awkward podcast. The hosts, Justin and Zac Weber (aka “The Weber Boys”), are not teenagers, but the stories about their lives are good for fun.


Song exploder

For music fans (and potential future songwriters?), This podcast offers musicians to take apart their own song and explain how it was created. He mainly focuses on independent rock bands, but the guests have everyone from FKA Twigs to K-pop star Eric Nam to basic 90s radio Semisonic.


Stuff You Missed in History Class

The story is full of strange and wonderful stories that are often overlooked in academia. This podcast reveals some of these incidents, such as the government’s strange obsession with margarine, the “flying ambulance” developed for Napoleon’s army, and the story of the first woman to go around the world … by bike!


TED Talks Daily

Every teenager has probably been in a TED conversation or two. The podcast retains what’s nice about them: these are short, easily digestible nuggets of interesting information.


Teen girl talk

The hosts Franklin and Susie Cota are not teenagers, but they immerse themselves in books, movies, and TV shows designed for teenagers, talking about the portrayal of adolescence while remembering their own past. It’s a good excuse to watch old teen movies together.


The moth

The moth is a historical literary tradition, and for decades has been a platform for people to stand up before an audience, alone, and tell a personal story. The podcast brings together some of their favorite performances and makes them available to a wider audience. It’s a great listening experience for anyone interested in pursuing a career in writing or storytelling.


This American life

This is another podcast that you can probably get your teenager to listen to. A public radio institution, it offers slices of life, focusing on a different theme each week.


Views with David Dobrik and Jason Nash

They seem to be an unlikely pair at first: David Dobrik is a 20-year-old YouTube millionaire, and Jason Nash is a single father in his forties. But they are both vloggers, and their podcast delves into what it’s like to live life in the public eye.


Wait, wait … Don’t tell me!

Question lovers will be delighted with this topical quiz, which features special guests like Stephen Colbert, Kumail Nanjiani and Jennifer Lee. Shout out the answers and see who in your family wins the bragging rights of being the best quiz master.


Welcome to Night Vale

Another podcast that has a cult following with adult fans, this show is presented as a community radio show, only everything is slightly offbeat and scary. One reviewer said it best: “Listen to this great podcast! You won’t be contacted by mysterious men in dark suits.”


What are good games

This podcast is for – you guessed it! – the players. Three game industry veterinarians discuss upcoming video game news, reviews and titles.


ISH adult

YR Media is a media company run and produced by young people interested in careers in journalism and the media – that is, it is made by teenagers. They have a bunch of podcasts, but ISH adult is good for older teens who will soon be heading into the real world.


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