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20 Best Clock Tattoos for Men in 2022

Clock Tattoos For Men


Clock tattoos are often intricate and detailed, making them visually interesting, but they are so much more than just a cool design as they are associated with life and death. Men who often contemplate their mortality and want ink that reminds them of the importance of living each day to the fullest are drawn to these tattoos. They can also be inked to honor a special date or time, for example, the birth of your child or even the start of your wedding. You can add various elements to your body art, including a rose or a skull, which gives even more meaning to your tat. If you need inspiration for your next symbolic tattoo, then keep reading.


1. Rose and Clock Tattoo

If you are looking for a meaningful tattoo design, then a rose tattoo and clock is a great choice. Not only is this piece visually interesting, but it is also filled with symbolism, often representing life and love. The bloom is one of the most beautiful and popular images to get inked because of its meaning; it could represent love and passion, grief, and death, depending on the color you choose. Placement of your ink also matters; to allow for enough detail, be sure to pick an area on the body that is large enough, like an arm or a thigh.


Rose And Clock Tattoo


2. Broken Clock Tattoo

Schedules drive our lives, and as a society, we place great importance on time, but what if you wish to reject this? What if you want to live a more free existence, breaking away from structure and rules? One way to depict these thoughts would be with a broken clock tattoo. There are many interpretations of this design, and it could also be associated with leaving the past behind you—the time where the clock hand stops can also have significance.


Broken Clock Tattoo


3. Old Clock Tattoo

There are many different types of clocks, and they have greater significance than just telling the time. In general, a timepiece is associated with our impermanence and how nothing lasts forever. It could represent a balance between life and death, and it is an excellent choice to get inked if you often contemplate your mortality. When deciding on the design you wish to ink, you could be inspired by the clocks’ more classic appearance, like a pocket watch. Perhaps you prefer the overall look, or maybe you are inking it to represent a loved one, such as a grandfather, who may have owned one of these objects. The beauty of tattoos is that they are often open to interpretation and created to be unique to the wearer.


Old Clock Tattoo


4. Melting Clock Tattoo

If you are a fan of the great Spanish artist Salvador Dali, you may already be familiar with his melting clock design. Dali is celebrated for his surrealist works, and he used the image in his painting, The Persistence of Memory. It depicts a dream state and indicates how pointless our obsession with time can be. Many of us look at our watches every day to ensure we are keeping to our schedules; we are driven by routine and precision. If you wish to escape from all of this and live a more free existence, then this body art could be a way to represent your feelings.


Melting Clock Tattoo


5. Roman Numeral Clock Tattoo

Roman numeral tattoos are a great way to remember a special date or time in your life. They could represent the birth of a loved one or their passing. When combined with a clock, this symbolism is especially powerful. Timepieces are often associated with life and death and serve as reminders of how temporary our existence is. This would be the perfect ink for a man who is a deep thinker but also wants to honor a moment in time that has significantly altered who he is.


Roman Numeral Clock Tattoo


6. Compass Clock Tattoo

If you want a clock tattoo, but you also want a piece that symbolizes direction and good luck, why not combine it with a compass tattoo. This design is for men who wish to remind themselves of the essential things in their lives and prevent them from losing their way. To make your body art more personal, you can choose where your timepiece’s hands will stop or add various other elements that are meaningful to you. A few suggestions of things to include would be navigational tools such as maps, or perhaps birds or arrows.


Compass Clock Tattoo


7. Heart Clock Tattoo

What better way to honor someone you love than with body art? Tattoos are meant to last forever and are an excellent way to remind yourself of the people who have significantly impacted your life, both living and dead. A heart tattoo design could represent endless love. The hands of the timepiece can indicate important dates, such as birth or death. Men who want to make their ink even more unique can choose to add various other elements to it, such as names, initials, or images of roses or skulls.


Heart Clock Tattoo


8. Lion Clock Tattoo

The lion is considered the king of the jungle, a powerful and respected beast. It is an animal associated with courage and strength, and a tattoo of this big cat could also represent the wearer’s ability to overcome a struggle. If you want to add even more meaning to your ink, then you could include a clock in your lion tattoo design. The combination of these two elements is rich in symbolism and makes for a thought-provoking and interesting piece. Perhaps you want to highlight the importance of having direction in your life or honor a moment where you have acted bravely; the choice is yours.


Lion And Clock Tattoo


9. Skull Clock Tattoo

The great thing about clock tattoos is that they work well with different elements, and individuals often choose to add designs such as skulls tattoos to make them more personal and meaningful. The focus of this particular design is on death. It could be an appealing option for a man who contemplates his mortality and wants to remind himself to live each day to the fullest. Or it could be a way to pay tribute to the passing of a loved one, using the hands of the timepiece to mark the time of their death.


Skull And Clock Tattoo


10. Clock Gears Tattoo

Traditional clocks are complicated and beautiful, requiring a series of little gears for them to work. If you keep this in mind, it is not hard to see why a tattoo like this would be appealing. It shows the importance of cooperation and focuses on how various elements are needed to make your timepiece work. You could remind yourself of how you need the people in your life to function or the effect you have on those around you. Regardless of your interpretation of this ink, we can probably all agree that it is an overwhelming positive design that will be a fantastic addition to your body art.


Clock Gears Tattoo


11. Digital Clock Tattoo

Clock tattoos are a fantastic way to honor important times in your life. Most designs focus on the more traditional appearance of timepieces, perhaps because they are more visually interesting or a tribute to the past. If you want something a little different, then why not get a digital clock tattoo? This piece’s beauty is that you can clearly show the date and time, placing special importance on it. This could be when your child was born or could be a beautiful memorial ink for a grandparent who has passed away. If you want to make it truly special, you could even get tattooed with the exact model of watch your loved one used to wear.


Digital Clock Tattoo


12. Eye Clock Tattoo

The combination of an eye tattoo and a clock tattoo may seem odd, but it is incredibly symbolic. The eye can represent many things: these include protection and guidance, or it could be seen as a god, or a loved one, watching over you. The clock, on the other hand, is often linked to ideas of life and death. A design that combines these two elements would have great importance for the wearer.


Eye Clock Tattoo


13. Hourglass Clock Tattoo

Clock tattoos are associated with the balance between life and death, but there is no better representation for this than an hourglass tattoo. The image shows exactly how much time you have left before the sand grains run out, which creates a powerful visual. It is a fantastic way to portray the life cycle. Depending on your chosen design, you can indicate when a loved one passed away or add various images to make your body art more personal and impactful.


Sand Clock Tattoo


14. Owl Clock Tattoo

Owls are associated with wisdom and intelligence. The nocturnal birds represent many things, including luck, transition, and mystery. They work well with a combination of different designs by adding to the symbolism associated with them. It is not hard to see why an owl and clock’s body art would be appealing to a man who finds these qualities important or impactful on his life. There are many interpretations of this piece; you can add as many elements as you wish that make your body art unique and meaningful to you.


Owl Clock Tattoo


15. Forearm Clock Tattoo

Forearm tattoos are great if you want to see your design every day and remind yourself of the powerful meaning behind it and why you chose it in the first place. It is also a versatile location, allowing for enough space to create detailed ink. You can also cover up your artwork if you wish or flaunt it. Another pro is that both small and simple or large and intricate pieces would look good in this area.


Forearm Tattoo


16. Arm Clock Tattoo

Tattoos can be a great way to show off your personality or things that are meaningful to you. Your placement is often just as important as your design, and an arm tattoo is an excellent spot for men who want to show off their body art, but it is also not hard to hide. The combination makes this a sought-after location and one that is popular for men and women. It is also not considered high on the tattoo pain chart scale because of the thick skin and muscle.


Clock Arm Tattoo


17. Hand Clock Tattoo

When deciding on body art, many people consider a few things; will it work with their lifestyle, will it cause a lot of pain, and visibility. The hand is a fantastic option for tattoos for individuals who want to show off their design and who are not afraid of the discomfort involved in the inking process; the thin skin and nerve endings in this spot make it hurt. It will also fade faster because of exposure to the elements and the frequency in which we use our hands. You should choose something particularly meaningful, as a hand tattoo demands attention.


Hand Clock Tattoo


18. Sleeve Clock Tattoo

Sleeve tattoos take a lot of time and money to complete, but the finished effect is incredibly impactful and eye-catching. As the name suggests, these pieces typically cover your whole arm, like a sleeve on your clothing would. It is a great way to build upon a meaningful design, and you can include various elements; for example, a clock can be combined with roses, doves, and a date. These additions will make it clear that this is a design meant to honor a loved one who has passed. Your creativity, and perhaps the amount of money you are willing to spend, is your limit.


Clock Sleeve Tattoo


19. Half Sleeve Clock Tattoo

If you want to show off your tattoo or pick a place that you can see every day, a half sleeve tattoo is a fantastic location. It is also a place where you can add multiple designs, creating a full sleeve later on. Men who want to incorporate various elements into their body art will be drawn to this option, which typically starts at the shoulder and ends at the elbow — or covers half your arm.


Clock Half Sleeve Tattoo20. Chest Clock Tattoo

If you want to get inked in a large enough place for a detailed design that is also discreet, then the chest tattoo is a fantastic option. Many men prefer to have their tattoos covered up and can decide when they show them off. This means that their lifestyle is not affected by their chosen design; for example, if you work in a corporate environment, it may be frowned upon for you to flaunt your body art. The placement is a popular choice among both men and women, but you should be warned that it will hurt. This is because of the lack of fat and muscle in the area. That said, you will probably find that the discomfort is worth it!


Clock Chest Tattoo



What does a clock tattoo symbolize?

Clock tattoos are incredibly meaningful and represent life and death. It is a way to show the passing of time and the importance of living each moment to the fullest. They can also be inked as a tribute to a loved one.ee

What time should a clock tattoo be?

Every individual’s clock tattoo should be unique to them, so there is no right time to display. To make your piece extra special, you can choose a time that has impacted your life. For example, the birth of your child or the passing of a loved one.

What does a clock and compass tattoo mean?

A clock and compass is an interesting combination and one that represents a direction and good luck. It is an excellent choice for men who want to remind themselves to focus on their future and choose the right path.


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