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20 Best Beard Grooming Kits for Men in 2022


There are a few things every true gentleman should own, and a good beard grooming kit is definitely one of them. A beard can absolutely up your masculine look, but if it’s not well kept, clean, and tidy, you could end up looking more disheveled than dapper. So to keep your dashing aesthetic in check, you shouldn’t be afraid to give yourself a manly manicure once in a while using one of these beard grooming kits for men.


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1. Rapid Beard Grooming & Trimming Kit

From long, short, thick, thin, coarse, and even tangled facial hair, Rapid Beard’s grooming kit is ideal for every man. The extra-sharp barber scissors will make trimming and shaping your mane as easy as the balm, wax and oil make styling. Containing soothing argan oil, jojoba oil, and Vitamin E oil, your skin will also receive a nourishing and revitalizing treatment. All products in this set are also fragrance-free and are gentle enough that they won’t cause any adverse reactions.



Rapid Beard


2. Fullight Tech Beard Grooming Kit

Give your facial hair the ultimate treatment with this six-piece bread grooming kit by Fulllight. The perfect gift for the guy in your life, it comes in a premium box including all the brand’s best products. From beard oil to scissors, you will have everything you need to keep your whiskers neat and tidy. All the products in the set are completely fragrance-free with the growth oil containing soothing vitamin E and tea tree oil providing your mustache with natural shine and hydration. The nourishing balm will also have your beard looking lush and healthy.

Beard Kit As Men's Gift Set


3. Viking Revolution Beard Grooming Kit 

Detangle your beard and keep it looking full and luscious with a beard grooming kit from Viking. This set includes a 100% boar bristle brush, a comb, and scissors so that you can shape and define the length of your facial hair any day of the week. The entire grooming process is taken care of with this pack – the beard oil and balm will keep the ends soft and detangled every day. What’s more, it comes in a neat little tin – which is perfect as a gift – it gives them everything they need in one spot.



Viking Revolution Beard Grooming Kit


4. Lokdlawen Beard Grooming Gift Set

Give them the beard of their dreams with this grooming set from Lokdwalen. Ideal for curly hair, this kit includes everything to keep their beard looking neat and tidy. Complete with beard wash, conditioner, oil, and balm, this will tame the facial hair every day of the week. With ingredients like Vitamin E, Jojoba oil, and shea butter, it will hydrate and nourish his whiskers. Plus, it comes with scissors, a boar bristle brush, a comb, and an E-Book – what more could you want?



Lokdlawen Beard Grooming Gift Set


5. GoldWorld Beard Grooming Kit

For the guy who takes his beard seriously, the GoldWorld grooming kit will tick every box. The orange-scented oil nourishes the ends and promotes hair growth, including a series of natural ingredients such as Vitamin E, almond oil, and Argan oil. This set also includes two packs of cleanser, a balm to prevent dry spots and remove dandruff, a dual-sided comb, scissors, and a shaping brush. This is the best place to turn for seriously good facial hair, whether it’s a gift or for yourself.



Goldworld Beard Grooming Kit


6. Dovich 12-in-1 Beard Grooming Kit

Why just have one tool for your beard when you can have 12? The Dovich beard kit features organic oil, wash, balm, and a plethora of grooming tools. This kit lets you shape your facial hair to perfection, thanks to its professional straight razor, which features two blades and folds for easy storage. Stop leaving hair everywhere after a touch-up, thanks to its apron bib, which sticks to the mirror and acts as a trimmings catcher. Now you can keep both your beard and bathroom tidy!



Dovich 12 In 1 Beard Grooming Kit


7. GoldWorld Beard Growth Grooming Kit

Here is another great grooming kit from GoldWorld to promote and encourage beard growth the natural way. Start with the aftershave and shampoo blend, which cleans the hair and prevents itchy skin – it features natural ingredients which are kind to your face. The growth serum uses natural ingredients like argan oil, Vitamin E, and rosemary to stimulate the follicles. Then use the oil to prevent hair loss, and moisturize your whiskers. This kit includes everything you need to make your facial hair look its best year-round.



Goldworld Beard Growth Grooming Kit


8. Fullight Tech Beard Grooming Kit

If you want to maintain a full beard and grab a great value kit, the Fullight grooming kit is perfect for you. This inclusive set features a great bristle brush to shape and define your whiskers, plus a comb to detangle and scissors to keep everything neat and tidy. The beard oil and balm moisturize your skin to prevent dandruff and itchiness – it features natural ingredients like Jojoba oil and shea butter for an extra soft touch. You can keep it all in one place, too, thanks to the stylish carry bag – bonus!




Fullight Tech Beard Grooming Kit


9. Naturenics Beard Grooming Kit

This grooming kit features a natural and organic ingredients list and includes everything you need for a luscious and stylish beard and mustache. With Aloe vera, Vitamin E, and other nourishing components, your facial air will feel softer and more hydrated while preventing itching and taking the wild locks. Plus, the Japanese steel scissors are of professional quality to give yourself a trim in between barber visits. The whole kit comes in a neat bamboo box, which looks great on display in the bathroom.



Naturenics Beard Grooming Kit


10. Raffin Beard Grooming Kit

For the guy who needs a bit of help evening out a patchy beard, this kit uses natural ingredients to encourage and stimulate growth. The fragrance-free formula will nourish and tame your whiskers while softening and moisturizing your skin. The boar bristle brush can help shape the hair, and you can detangle the tresses with the dual-sided bamboo brush. Whether this is a gift for someone or you’re treating yourself, it’s the best way to secure a top-notch beard.



Raffin Beard Grooming Kit


11. Jurgen K Beard Grooming Kit

After years of research, the team at Jurgen K has developed a beard grooming kit worth trying. This set includes all of the maintenance tools you need for neat and tidy whiskers, such as a pair of scissors, boar bristle brush, and dual-sided comb. It also includes a fragrance-free balm and oil, which will keep your facial hair soft and nourished. Perfect for the guy after curl control, it will keep your face under control and ultra-styled. 



Jurgen K Beard Grooming Kit


12. Zennut Beard Grooming Kit

Grow a full and fashionable beard in no time with this grooming kit from Zennut. It features everything you need for well-trimmed and maintained facial hair, such as a cleanser, conditioner, growth oil, and balm. These include nourishing ingredients, such as Vitamin E and Argan oil to encourage growth. There are added tools in this kit, too, including a brush, comb, and scissors for a perfect trim. There’s also a straightener tool for the perfect finishing touch.



Zennut Beard Grooming Kit


13. Vetyon Premium Beard Grooming Kit

Vetyon is so confident that this will be the best beard kit you ever used they are offering a 100% money-back guarantee. So, you really do have nothing to lose by giving this set a go. Their grooming tools are made from 100% natural ingredients and are ergonomically designed with a grip that allows for just the right amount of firmness. This means you can effectively remove, trim, and style hair without causing any irritations. It is also specially designed to fit in your pocket; this means you can meet all your grooming needs on the go.



Vetyon premium Beard Kit


14. Maison Lambert Ultimate Beard Grooming Kit 

Firstly, this comes in a super classy wooden cigar box which not only means there’s no extra wrapping required, but it will also make for a stylish storage box when it’s unpacked. Or, if you want to keep your products in it, it will look great on your basin or bathroom shelf. This fancy box includes organic beard balm, organic beard shampoo, and a wooden beard comb. They also throw in a natural body soap, free of charge. Completely hypoallergenic and artificial fragrance-free, pure essential oils are used to create a subtle, yet pleasing scent that isn’t too overpowering. All Maison Lambert products are also cruelty-free and contain no parabens, sulfates, dyes, or toxins.

Maison Lambert Delux Beard Care Kit Buy


15. Alpha Vikings Complete Beard Grooming Kit  

From 5 0’clock shadow to a sleek moustache or a full-on Viking beard, this grooming kit will get the job done. Its complete range of grooming tools and accessories will have you trimming, shaping, and styling your beard like a professional barber. In fact, the kit comes complete with a pair of ergonomic barber’s scissors to help you cut your facial hair with perfect symmetry. The comb and durable bristle brush will also help to swiftly remove knots, keeping your mane smooth and tangle-free. It also features a nifty beard bib to help minimize the mess, making cleaning up as easy as the trim.

Complete Beard Grooming Kit For Men Care With Canvas Bag


16. Fullight Tech Essential Beard Grooming Kit

With 100% natural ingredients, Fulllight’s products are perfect for all skin and hair types. Style and soften your locks with the leave-in conditioner, while the luxurious beard wash will leave your facial hair clean, fresh, and strong. Add some shine with the mustache oil and keep your mane in place using the balm. From softening, nourishing, moisturizing, cleansing, conditioning, combing, and styling, this has all you need to get that dapper and clean-cut look.
Fulllight Tech Essential Beard Grooming Kit


17. Isner Mile Beard Grooming Kit

Containing natural and organic ingredients this seven-piece bread grooming kit has all the tools and products to fulfill your daily styling and beard care needs. The luxury premium gift box contains beard conditioner balm, a revitalizing beard conditioner oil, a beard brush, a comb, and mustache scissors. Each accessory and product work together to keep your beard hydrated, moisturized, silky soft, healthy and groomed all day long. The organic and natural ingredients make products suitable for all skin and hair types, no matter how sensitive.



Isner Mile Beard Kit


18. XIKEZAN Grooming & Trimming Kit 

Tame your mane with Xikenzan’s bread grooming kit, containing a wood palm brush, scissors, comb, balm and beard care oil. The ultimate set to keep your beard polished and well maintained, this also contains products with ingredients that will hydrate and nourish your skin. This will prevent any irritations and rashes caused by your facial hair or shaving. All products are 100% natural and contain no harmful ingredients, so it is perfect if you have sensitive skin or just prefer kinder brands.

Xikezan Mens Gifts For Men Beard Care Grooming & Trimming Kit


19. DapperGanger Beard Grooming Kit

DapperGanger has become particularly popular in the beard grooming kit market. This is because of their stellar reputation for creating practical and functional products. What’s even more impressive about this range is that all of the products are 100% vegan and organic. This comprehensive kit comes with full-sized organic bottles for beard oil, beard balm, and beard wash. It also includes a metal beard comb that doubles as a bottle opener and a pair of stainless steel grooming scissors that will give you a clean, true cut every time. It also comes with a handy canvas travel bag which alone would set you back around $30.

Beard Kit Grooming For Men By dapper Ganger


20.  Mountaineer Brand Beard Grooming Kit

Mountaineer Brand’s beard grooming kit contains all you need to keep your facial hair smooth, clean-cut, and healthy. Although the name suggests a rugged or unkempt look, we assure you that Mountaineer’s grooming range will give you a lush and refined beard, while also being decidedly masculine. Their beard grooming kit includes beard oil, beard balm, beard wash, and a military-style (oval) beard brush and comes in a cool burlap bag. All products are also 100% natural containing zero nasty chemicals. While not fragrance-free, the scents are subtle and fresh including grapefruit, lime, and fir needle.



Beard Grooming Kit By Mountaineer



What is the best beard grooming kit?

The best beard grooming kits include Rapid Beard Grooming & Trimming Kit, Fullight Tech Beard Grooming Kit, and Vetyon Premium Beard Grooming Kit.

Do beard kits actually work?

Beard kits are great because they come with all the essentials for a perfectly groomed beard. Mostly they include a brush, comb, scissors, oil, and balm or wax for styling. That way, you can brush, cut, and style your beard with ease.

How do I start grooming my beard?

There are a few key steps to a well-groomed beard. First, you need to keep it clean, washing it regularly. Then when it’s dry, use a brush or comb to detangle it and get out any knots. Ideally, you should trim your beard every couple of weeks, depending on the length. If you’re new to beard grooming, it’s best to head to a trusted barber the first few times to see how a professional does it. Alternatively, there are lots of great YouTube tutorials for trimming different shapes and lengths. Finally, finish with beard oil or balm for moisture and hold if using the balm.

Do beard softeners work?

Beard softeners like oils and balms do work by adding moisture to both the hair and skin on your face. Nourishing ingredients such as argan oil, vitamin E, lanolin, and shea butter hydrate the hair shaft, as well as your face, which in turn helps reduce itchiness and irritation. You just need to remember to use them daily for the best results.


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