20 Best Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas for Every Style

Bathroom Wallpaper Designs to Fit Any Style

It is simple and cost-effective way to transform any bathroom space with wallpaper installation. Choose a bold graphic accent wallpaper, subtle patterns for texture or cover all walls with vibrant patterns depending on what effect you desire to achieve in your space.

Wallpaper can enhance any bathroom – from powder rooms and hall bathrooms, children’s, guest, primary and other secondary bathrooms – by giving an otherwise utilitarian space an exciting makeover. Statement wallpaper offers you an opportunity to take risks that would otherwise be too intimidating in larger rooms.

Small rooms benefit from adding large floral patterns or horizontal stripes; graphic patterns add rhythm and harmony in cramped environments; in larger bathrooms where there is more breathing room for designs to flourish, try landscape or abstract themes such as wallpapering all walls – even ceiling! – for added depth.

Take inspiration from this selection of bathroom wallpaper designs suitable for every taste and size.

Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas
Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas. Image source

Elevate Your Bathroom with Wallpaper: A Guide to Stunning Transformations

In the world of home decor, the bathroom often serves as a canvas for bold experimentation and personal expression. Gone are the days of viewing this space as merely functional. Today, the incorporation of wallpaper in bathroom design stands as a testament to creativity and style, promising to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. This guide delves into the myriad ways wallpaper can elevate your bathroom, catering to every aesthetic from the understated to the avant-garde.

The Magic of Wallpaper in Small Spaces

Small bathrooms, in particular, benefit immensely from the strategic use of wallpaper. A well-chosen pattern can blur the boundaries of the space, making it appear larger and more inviting. Whether it’s a vibrant, oversized floral design that breathes life into the room or bold stripes that elongate the walls, wallpaper acts as an optical illusion, expanding the perception of space.

Tailoring Wallpaper to Your Bathroom

Each bathroom presents a unique opportunity to reflect the homeowner’s taste and style. From the intimate powder room to the bustling family bathroom, the choice of wallpaper can complement the room’s function while making a stylish statement. Dare to be bold with graphic prints in a guest bathroom, or opt for serene botanicals in a spa-like master suite. The key is to align the wallpaper with the mood you wish to create, ensuring it complements both the space and its users.

Creative Applications That Transform

Wallpaper offers versatility not just in design but in application. While traditionalists might favor covering all four walls for a cohesive look, the modern innovator might choose a single accent wall or even the ceiling to inject personality into the space. Such creative applications can define the bathroom’s ambiance, turning an often overlooked room into a focal point of home design.

Wallpaper with Oversized Florals

Lisa Gilmore Design chose dramatic, large-scale floral wallpaper inspired by Dutch Masters designed by Ellie Cash to transform this simple bathroom into a magical garden. The dark wood vanity works wonderfully against this dark background while polished brass and fluted glass sconces add brightness.

Mary Patton Design added an eye-catching wallpaper of painted lilypads and swans in soft gray hue to give this classic bathroom an invitingly colorful accent. Vintage details like wall sconces and beveled mirror add vintage character.

Storm Cloud Wallpaper:

Studio installed the Fornasetti Storm Cloud Wallpaper on the upper portion of this neutral-toned, clean-lined bathroom for added drama and movement.

Bathroom Wallpaper from Vintage Interior Design can provide the ideal decor solution.

Kara Mann of interior designer Kara Mann created this bathroom featuring black wallpaper with exquisitely illustrated patterns that contrast beautifully against dark flooring, frameless mirrors and bright white vintage sinks.

Wallpaper in a bathroom can help make an otherwise disparate space come together cohesively, especially if it sits at the end of a hall. Studio used multicolored wallpaper featuring paint-splatter patterns as an eye-catcher against their yellow sink vanity in order to create an environment conducive to child play and relaxation.

Deep Sea Bathroom Wallpaper.

Kristin Kostamo-McNeil from Anne Rae Design added an eye-catching splash of fun and imagination to an otherwise simple bathroom with subtle fish wallpaper and porthole that add a marine aesthetic.

Bold Floral Wallpaper

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