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20 Angel Tattoos for Men of Faith (2022)

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When deciding on body art, there are so many different designs to choose from, but few are as meaningful as an angel tattoo. The celestial beings represent the balance between heaven and earth and are often associated with guidance, innocence, and hope. They are thought to protect humankind and help us make good decisions, but this can change depending on your chosen imagery. For example, you can opt for a remembrance piece of angel wings and a halo to honor a loved one who has impacted your life. Alternatively, you could celebrate your relationship with God by choosing a guardian angel. Each option is rich in symbolic value and makes an important statement for the wearer, so it is not hard to see why someone would be inspired to ink an angel on their body. If you want inspiration for your next tattoo, keep reading to make your decision easier.


1. Guardian Angel Tattoo

If you feel you are not alone in this world and someone is looking out for you, it could be your guardian angel. A man who is passionate about his faith, and wants to portray that, will be drawn to this design. It represents God’s presence in your life and the vital role that your belief plays in the decisions you make. The angelic being can also guide and protect the wearer, helping to safeguard him from harm.


Guardian Angel Tattoo


2. Baby Angel Tattoo

One of the cutest options for a tattoo is a baby angel. The image is often of a healthy child, with wings and sometimes a halo. It represents innocence and is the link between heaven and earth. It can also be a symbol of god’s love and protection. Some individuals even choose this option to honor a child’s birth or, sadly, their untimely passing.


Baby Angel Tattoo


3. Angel Wings Tattoo

Angel tattoos are rich in symbolism, and each design means something different. If you believe in freedom and spirituality, then getting tattooed with angel wings will be an appealing option for your next piece. They are also inked as a remembrance tattoo to honor the death of a loved one. These tattoos tend to look more realistic when inked in a single shade, and favorable placement options include the back or shoulder.


Angel Wings Tattoo


4. Small Angel Tattoo

You don’t need to get a large design to make an impact or have significant meaning. Small angel tattoos are great because they can be inked almost anywhere on the body, whether that is behind your neck or on your chest. The beauty of tiny ink is that it is incredibly versatile, easy to cover up when needed, and it tends to be cheaper as it takes less time to complete.


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Small Angel Tattoo


5. Angel and Demon Tattoo

An angel and demon tattoo represents the clash between good and evil and right and wrong. It is a popular choice for men struggling with temptation, negative thoughts, or perceived weakness of his character. The imagery makes a powerful statement, as it clearly shows that there are two conflicting sides. It can also take on a more positive meaning if you choose to use the demon as a reminder of the things you have overcome in the past, while the angel represents the hope and light that your future holds.


Angel And Demon Tattoo (1)


6. Angel of Death Tattoo

Life is uncertain, but one thing we do know is that no one lives forever. The angel of death, as the name suggests, is a symbol of death and fear. He is believed to fetch the soul of the dying during their final moments on earth. The grim reaper may not be a happy tattoo to get inked, but it is a thought-provoking one; a man who contemplates his mortality may be drawn to this design. It could also serve as a reminder of how temporary our existence is and how it is important to live life to the fullest.


Angel Of Death Tattoo


7. Fallen Angel Tattoo

Angel tattoos can make powerful statements about the wearer and give a glimpse into the inner workings of their mind. For example, a fallen angel typically represents a loss of innocence. The celestial beings have been exiled from heaven and forced to live among mortals on earth. It can also be associated with an inner struggle between the good and bad aspects of an individual’s personality. With this in mind, it makes sense that the design would often feature an angel in despair, with a sad look upon his face and his head turned towards the ground.


Fallen Angel Tattoo


8. Warrior Angel Tattoo

Not all angels represent innocence; some are mighty warriors. These celestial beings are dedicated to conquering evil and are ready to fight to uphold their convictions. Body art is often open to interpretation, which makes it so unique to the wearer, and there are several meanings associated with this tattoo. A man who is passionate about his beliefs may want to show that with a design like this, or his decision could represent a side of himself that is ready to battle any negative thoughts or harmful energies.


Warrior Angel Tattoo


9. Praying Angel Tattoo

One of the best things about deciding on an angel tattoo is that there is so much variation in the design and accompanying symbolism. A praying angel is an appealing option for an individual who wishes to become closer to God. This piece can also be associated with guidance and hope and can serve as a symbol for the all-encompassing love of God, who has sent his celestial beings to offer protection.


Praying Angel Tattoo


10. Dark Angel Tattoo

Angels often represent happiness, love, guidance, and protection, but they can also have a more somber meaning. Take the dark angel as an example, which could be seen as the opposite of the angel of light. These beings have been banished from heaven and can represent negative thoughts or bring darkness into an individual’s life. If you are struggling with inner conflict or have a clash in your personality, this tattoo could be a way to acknowledge that. It could also be connected to a man’s fall from grace.


Dark Angel Tattoo


11. Memorial Angel Tattoo

Angel tattoos are often linked to memorial pieces. The idea that a loved one has passed and could be watching over you from heaven is a comforting thought to many people. Body art is a beautiful way to honor those who are important in your life, and many individuals like to include the names of the person they have lost and even significant dates or times. In some way, a remembrance piece can bring solace, as it is a reminder that the deceased continue to live on in your memory.


Memorial Angel Tattoo


12. Angel Gabriel Tattoo

Gabriel is an archangel and one of the most powerful and important messengers for God. The mention of his existence can be found in the Bible, and he is named specifically. This celestial being holds great significance for individuals of the Christian faith, and tattooing his image is an acknowledgment of this. The appeal of body art is that there are many different understandings of its meaning, and what Gabriel means to you may differ slightly from what he means to someone else. The beauty of body art is that there are no right or wrong interpretations.


Angel Gabriel Tattoo


13. Angel Michael Tattoo

The archangel Michael serves as a symbol of strength and courage, as he is dedicated to destroying evil. He is considered by some as the leader of all the angels and is associated with protection and guidance. When deciding on body art that includes Michael, you may want your inking to portray heroism or motivational qualities. His image has also served as inspiration for famous artists, including Italian High Renaissance artist Raphael. There are many interpretations of his appearance and the symbolism attached to his being.


Angel Michael Tattoo


14. Angel Halo Tattoo

Angels are often depicted wearing halos, a crown of light rays, which indicates that they are sacred beings. In tattoo form, the combination is often a memorial inking used to represent a loved one’s passing. It is a simple design but can be incredibly impactful. If you keep this in mind, your design placement is also important and would be great in an area you can see every day.


Angel Halo Tattoo


15. Angel Rose Tattoo

Angels have significant meaning on their own, often representing guidance, innocence, and God’s love, but they can take on different symbolism when combined with other images. A rose tattoo is a bloom that is often associated with the balance of pleasure and pain. It is also representative of love and passion. Not only is the flower-filled with rich symbolism, but it also makes your body art more interesting to look at and works exceptionally well if you are creating a sleeve tattoo.


Angel Rose Tattoo


16. Angel Whispering in the Ear Tattoo

If you want a design that gets noticed, you need an angel whispering in the ear tattoo. The inking is connected with wisdom and goodness, as the angel is believed to give good advice. It is a way to remind the wearer that their decisions are ethical and will help them not stray from the path of righteousness. The image is often accompanied by a demon, who wants to encourage you to make poor choices. Some individuals opt to get this piece inked around their ear, which adds to the symbolism and overall impact.


Angel Whispering In The Ear Tattoo


17. Cross with Angel Wings Tattoo

The cross and angel wings are symbols that can often be found together and are popular for those of the Christian faith. It could represent religious beliefs and the freedom to choose them. It could also be for someone who has suffered an illness and is on the road to recovery. Additionally, it can be inked as a remembrance piece to honor someone who has significantly impacted your life. Regardless of how you choose to interpret this design, we can all agree that it makes a powerful statement and is visually interesting.


Cross With Angel Wings Tattoo


18. Crying Angel Tattoo

A crying angel is a sad image to get tattooed, but it is also a beautiful one because of the deep meaning. It could represent the loss of a family member or friend or could have a more abstract symbolism. For some, this design’s focus is on the tears themselves, and they feel that angels weep for us when we cannot cry for ourselves.


Crying Angel Tattoo


19. Simple Angel Tattoo

Do you have a laid-back personality? Perhaps you find beauty in the simpler things in life? If so, then a minimalistic approach to body art is for you. Simple tattoos are not designed with intricate detail or completed on a large scale; instead, they focus on the piece’s essential elements. These understated inkings often forgo shading, making the piece uncomplicated while still retaining its powerful symbolism.


Simple Angel Tattoo


20. Angel Statue Tattoo

Angels can guide and protect us. They are also associated with having a strong moral compass and keeping us safe from evil. As well as from harming others. The celestial beings have inspired many works of art, including paintings and sculptures. If you are a creative individual, you may want to honor your artistic flair by choosing a design of a statue of an angel. If the winged creature is crafted made out of stone, it could also depict a lack of feelings and unawareness.


Angel Statue Tattoo



What does an angel tattoo mean?

Angel tattoos can represent many things, depending on the images that you choose to get inked. That said, in general, they tend to be associated with goodness, innocence, hope, and guidance.

What does an angel wing tattoo symbolize?

Deciding to get tattooed with an angel wing is deeply symbolic. They represent rebirth, but also protection and faith. Individuals who have lost a loved one often choose to honor them with a winged design, which may include a halo or the deceased person’s name.

What does a baby angel tattoo mean?

A tattoo of a baby angel creates a very wholesome image. It usually depicts a young, healthy, and happy child. Some parents choose to get inked with a cherub to represent their children and pay tribute to the impact that they have had on their lives. For others, it can be a symbol of god’s love and protection, or an indication of innocence.

How much are angel tattoos?

The price of your body art depends on several factors. These include the size and detail of the design, your chosen tattoo artist, and whether you intend to use color or opt for classic black ink. You are likely to spend at least $150 on your chosen design, but this can vary again.


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