19 Designer Wallet Brands for Men With Good Taste

Designer wallet brands for men

Buying a new wallet is one of the most important decisions you can make. Not only should it be high quality and durable to keep your credit cards, cash and ID safe day in and day out, but it should also look stylish and reflect your personality. On top of that, a good wallet will offer all of these in one compact and slim package. So when it comes time to choose your next wallet, don’t get caught buying the wrong one. Instead, stick to this list of designer wallet brands and you’ll soon feel proud of the new purchase in your pocket.

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Montblanc is a brand synonymous with luxury and quality. While the brand is well known for its beautiful writing instruments and elegant timepieces, its Montblanc wallets really stand out. Combining a sharp, classic design with exceptional genuine leather, these wallets are as sophisticated as an accessory can be.

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Montblanc Designer Wallet Brands for Men

2.Tom Ford

Tom Ford is a man who knows style and his line of wallets and small leather goods is testament to that. Not only does the range offer plenty of functional bifold wallets and cardholders to suit your needs, each piece offers a lesson in sleek, masculine minimalism.

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Tom-Ford Designer Wallet Brands for Men

3. Givenchy

Givenchy’s creations have long succeeded in creating a magical blend of sobriety and audacity. Blending traditional charm with a healthy injection of modern attitude, the brand’s wallets follow this design aesthetic. Bold enough to be cool but classic enough to be used on a daily basis, Givenchy’s wallets know how to combine function and fashion.

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Givenchy designer wallet brands for men

4. Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta is a fashion house with a rich history and this rich history has permeated the brand’s collection of wallets. Not only does this mean high-quality leather goods, but it also means a signature design aesthetic that never goes out of style, like the brand’s Intrecciato woven pattern.

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Bottega-Veneta Designer Wallet Brands for Men

5. Balenciaga

Creating quality leather goods is not an easy task, but some brands make it look easy. Balenciaga is one such brand and its range of perfectly created wallets proves it. Despite being almost 100 years old, Balenciaga’s designs have remained current and contemporary, making them a fantastic brand in every way.

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Balenciaga Designer Wallet Brands for Men

6. Paul Smith

Paul Smith’s eclectic aesthetic stems from a blend of humor and mischief combined with a love of tradition and the classics. The result is a fun and lively timeless design. From bright colors to playful prints, Paul Smith wallets are timeless and always on trend.

SHOP: Paul Smith

Paul-Smith Designer Wallet Brands for Men

7. Louis Vuitton

Of course, we couldn’t create a list of the best men’s wallet brands without including Louis Vuitton. The luxury brand has been a go-to name in leather goods for decades, whether it’s luggage, bags or wallets. Today, the brand offers countless options in its range of wallets but never compromises on its signature style.

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Louis-Vuitton Designer Wallet Brands for Men


Since being named creative director of Gucci a year ago, Alessandro Michele has seen nothing but praise for his work. It even won the Fashion Award International Accessories Designer Award in 2016. So when you see its iconic prints and design aesthetic spanning a new wallet, you know you have to buy it.


Gucci Designer Wallet Brands for Men

9. Christian Louboutin

Like its shoes, Christian Louboutin leather goods are made to stand out. So if you are looking for a plain black wallet, this is not the brand for you. If you’re looking for something a little more exciting, this label will provide you with all the flair you need. Choose between studded, metallic, multi-tone and camouflage designs for a serious touch of style.

SHOP: Christian Louboutin

Christian-Louboutin Designer Wallet Brands for Men

10. Berluti

A menswear brand, Berluti doesn’t produce your average leather goods. While other brands struggle within the design department to look unique, Berluti uses its choice of leather to stand out. The brand’s signature Venezia leather was developed in the early 1990s by Olga Berluti and features incredible transparency for an unusual yet exquisite appearance.

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Berluti designer wallet brands for men

11. Like Boys

While Comme des Garçons doesn’t have the same impressive heritage and long history as some of the other brands on this list, it’s still worth your attention. The brand started in the 70s and since then has proven itself capable of both incredible quality and high fashion design. Its unique and stylish men’s wallets are just one example of the brand’s distinctive contemporary style.

SHOP: Like Boys

Comme-de-Garcons Designer Wallet Brands for Men

12. Armani

One of the best things about buying Armani products is that you know exactly what you’re getting. There is no problem with this well-known brand. If you’re expecting a quality wallet with a modern, sharp design, then this is exactly what you’ll be getting.

SHOP: Armani

Armani Designer Wallet Brands for Men

13. Dolce and Gabbana

The world of Dolce and Gabbana is made up of feelings, traditions, culture and Mediterranean nature. This translates into a dynamic and lively brand that knows when to go all out and when to show a little restraint.

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Dolce-and-Gabbana Designer Wallet Brands for Men

14. Alexander McQueen

Despite his death, the dark and wonderful world of Alexander McQueen has endured with his eponymous brand. Her signature gritty style continued through the designs of her label, now run by Sarah Burton. The brand’s men’s wallets are no exception to this theme with this season’s range featuring embossed skulls, camos and even ribcages.

SHOP: Alexander McQueen

Alexander-McQueen Designer Wallet Brands for Men


Burberry’s clean British style makes it an ideal brand to buy wallets from. His designs are timeless and classic, but there are plenty of options for the individualistic man. From the brand’s signature checks to unique patchwork and embossed patterns, its range of wallets has something for every man.

SHOP: Burberry

Burberry Designer Wallet Brands for Men


If the Swiss brand Bally is best known for its shoes, the brand’s other leather accessories are not to be overlooked. While the brand’s wallets are understandably crafted to the highest standards, it’s the clean yet laid-back aesthetic that makes these models truly worth your money.

SHOP: Bally

Bally Designer Wallet Brands for Men


What are the best wallet brands?

The best wallet brands produce quality, stylish products that keep your money, cards and ID safe, every day. Check out Montblanc, Tom Ford and Givenchy for some of the best men’s wallets available.

Is a designer wallet worth it?

Whether or not a designer wallet is worth it depends on a few factors. Most of the time, the high price is a reflection of the name, the designer, and the creative inspiration. If you’re particularly loyal to one brand, it might be worth it. Components and manufacturing techniques can also be superior or unique with designer brands, as can the actual aesthetic. If you have the money to spend, why not treat yourself. However, you can get superb quality products from other companies, without the exorbitant price tag.

Why are Gucci wallets so expensive?

The high price of Gucci wallets reflects the name of the brand, as well as the creative and design process. Houses like Gucci have a long and distinguished history as fashion leaders, experimenting with unique innovation and couture techniques. Designs can be like works of art, and production cycles are limited, creating exclusivity, aspiration and rarity, which also drives up prices. When you buy a Gucci wallet, it’s more than the product; it is the idea, the art and the status too.

Is it worth buying an expensive wallet?

Buying an expensive wallet depends on your priorities. If owning a luxury brand is important or if you really like a particular designer, it may be worth it. Quality may be better with expensive wallets, especially if the company uses high-end components such as fine leather or gold, or makes items by hand. Remember that a wallet is also a functional item, so make sure it ticks the boxes for use as well as style!


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