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19 Adult Craft Ideas – DIY Crafts for Adults

19 Adult Craft Ideas – DIY Crafts for Adults

Why should children have all the fun when it comes to craft projects? Adults can benefit from crafting as a relaxing way to express creativity and channel emotions. (Coloring books for adults have become increasingly popular for these very good reasons.) In addition, adult crafts can lead to incredible home-made results – for gifts, wardrobes, home decor, party and entertainment items, and so on. You don’t have to be an experienced handyman either: we’ve put together 19 craft ideas for adults from bloggers on the Internet to inspire your creativity, whether you’re a beginner or a very experienced handyman.

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Paperchain wall hanging

This project has its roots in a simple idea for making paper chains that you may remember from your childhood. But every centimeter is a sophisticated interpretation of the concept, which can be designed and enjoyed as a color-blocked wall hanging for adults

Colorful coupe cocktail glasses

Make these eye-catching cocktail glasses with just a bit of scrap vinyl and cheap glasses from Ikea or the Dollar Store. This project is super simple, but will achieve a stunning result that your cocktail party guests will surely admire.

DIY lavender soap

Give yourself permission to use the chic soap … by making it yourself. You only need a few supplies: melt goat’s milk and pour base, dried lavender, lavender oil and silicone soap molds. The result is pretty, forgiving and also worth a gift.

Graphic string art

This simple graphic string art tutorial is a step chic with an ombre effect achieved with different colors of embroidery thread. Complete this idea in just an hour to get a project with a message that we all need to hear now: “Relax.”

Balloon garland

If you’re the hostess with the most, you’ll need to learn how to do one of the hottest decor trends: balloon gardens. With just a few consumables, they are relatively easy to manufacture and they pack a wall or an entrance area with a great decor. Make them your own by using the sizes, shapes and colors that match your theme.

DIY hanging shelf

You can always use a different shelf for functionality, and this little hanging DIY shelf has many uses around the house: in a bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, or hallway above a small console table. All you need is a piece of poplar wood, a macrame, and a drill. Change it to any sizes and specifications.

Flower butterfly frame

Give an aging wooden frame a whole new life with this cute craft project. Add a light coat of paint and then apply artificial flowers and inexpensive feather butterflies. With their colorful look and uplifting motif, they are also ideal as gifts or party items.

DIY circular mirror

This simple mirror project has a chic, anthropological result – but it’s actually very easy to do. All you need is a circular piece of unfinished wood, a round mirror, a rope, and yarn. Customize it in any color – from earthy and rustic to lively and eye-catching.

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Nesting Desk Organizer

This is the perfect functional project to get your desk, craft room, or other small items in order: start with a wooden tray in the dollar store and transform it with bespoke nesting boxes to keep everything in good shape.

Wrapped vase with flowers

Cane webbing provides a bright, happy look when wrapped around a used or dollar vase in this simple DIY. Dried grass and flowers complete the project for such a pretty, feminine effect.

No-sew rag quilt

If you are not a sewing type but would like to make a cozy quilt, this is for you. No sewing machine required, but bring your patience and creativity to this quilting project without sewing. Choose your fabrics to personalize and personalize this quilt, to keep it or to give as a special heirloom gift.

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Paper pennant

Open a set of paper pennants for a super simple and versatile project. Decorate your desk, child’s room or your child’s room or add them to your next party or shower decoration. For this you need a sewing machine.

Paper poppies

Inspired by the seasonal super bloom? Make your own from paper for a happy look at home. These huge paper poppies are super easy to make with just a few supplies – cardboard, floral wire, hot glue and scissors – and make a great impression on the decor.

Pom pom paper clips

It only takes a few minutes to put together a set of these adorable, oversized paper clips with pompoms. All you need is acrylic yarn in at least three colors, giant paper clips, a pom pom maker and scissors. Then voila: create a stack to cheer up your workspace or give it as a teacher gift.

Golden crown

Whether you’re a bride (or know someone) or celebrating New Year’s Eve (or Coachella), craft an incredible gold crown to complete your look. This flower crown project contains gold foil stars for a simple but breathtaking atmosphere.

Simple yarn garlands

This modern variant of a vintage yarn look is versatile for use throughout the home – not to mention gifts or party decorations. It couldn’t be easier to make these pretty threads: just cut a bundle of yarn into pieces of about the same size and tie each piece around a piece of string. Yes, you can do this pointlessly while watching Netflix.

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DIY yarn fringe throw pillow

The pillow foam filling is the basis for the striking throw pillow with DIY yarn fringes. Super easy to create and customize, you can do this with any color yarn to complement the look of your home. You may even want to put together an entire set in matching colors and designs to liven up a bed or sofa.

Embroidered denim jacket

Noting is cooler than a tailored denim jacket – whether new or vintage. Take the look to the next level by embroidering a bunch of happy flowers on the back.

Glitter stationery

This is a great craft idea for adults if you don’t have a lot of time or patience but want to create something nice and functional. Customize any handmade or in-store cards with a glittering design element to enhance the effect. All you need is fine glitter, scissors, double-sided tape – and about six minutes per envelope.

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