18 Top Australian Shoe Brands You Should Know

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Australia may have a relatively small population, but that doesn’t mean the country isn’t full of great shoe brands. From old favorites you’ve loved for years, to new names offering the latest must-haves, the Australian footwear industry is full of amazing brands. So why buy abroad when you are spoiled for choice at home? It doesn’t matter if you’re a stickler for quality, need serious comfort, or love the latest trends, you can find your perfect “bottom-up” shoes. All you have to do is stick with the best shoe brands in the country and you’ll have fashionable feet for years to come.

1. Another Mae

Since its inception in 2011, Alias ​​Mae has grown into an impressive company with highly coveted products. The Australian shoe brand prides itself on exceptional quality with handmade leather designs and exclusive small series. Stocked in stores in Australia and the US and also available online.

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Australian shoe brands

2. Tony Blanco

Tony Bianco is Australia’s leading fashion footwear brand and a favorite of many women. The brand’s contemporary shoe designs embody London’s High Street attitude and New York’s Soho spirit for creative, chic style.

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Tony Blanco

3. Wittner

For more than a century, Wittner has helped women walk higher with its unique brand of stylish shoes. Over this period, the Australian footwear favorite has grown from one retail store in Melbourne to over 75 across Australia.



4. Lana Wilkinson Shoes

Lana Wilkinson Shoes is a must-have brand for lovers of stylish footwear. The brand was launched in 2019 by stylist and fashion guru Lana Wilkinson. She is one of Australia’s top stylists with an impressive list of celebrity clients including Megan Gale, Whitney Port, Rachel Zoe, Ruby Rose, Elyse Knowles, Rebecca Judd and many more. The brand offers fashionable women’s shoes for all occasions. From cute boots and high heels to comfy flats and more. They are created from premium materials including quality leather; the focus is on comfortable, high-quality shoes. There is also a “How to Wear” section on the website that can inspire you with Lana’s style.

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Lana Wilkinson Shoes

5. Jaggar Shoes

Jaggar Footwear is the premier accessories brand of Australian Fashion Labels, which is the driving force behind C/MEO Collective, Finders Keepers and The Fifth Label. As you’d expect, the brand offers some truly gorgeous shoe styles, which are made from a luxurious blend of materials, such as neoprene, wool, suede, leather, and faux fur.

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Jaggar Shoes

6. Wanted Shoes

From high heels to classic ballet flats, Wanted Shoes offers a diverse range of fashionable shoe designs. Although varied, they all have in common high-quality craftsmanship, fun and eclectic styling, and affordability.

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Wanted shoes

7. Smith of Windsor

Windsor Smith, which started in 1946 as a men’s shoe brand and expanded into women’s shoes in 2009, is loved by Australian men and women today. In 2017, the brand continues to be at the forefront of footwear fashion, creating styles inspired by the latest global fashion trends.

Windsor Smith

Windsor blacksmith

8. Adornments Department

Department of Finery (DOF) prides itself on creating ambitious casual footwear for the urban woman using premium materials and the finest craftsmanship. Thus, the brand, launched in 2013, designs shoes that you will love for seasons to come.

BOUTIQUE Adornment Department

adornment department

9. Left You

Want shoes that combine high fashion style, comfort and wearability? Look no further than Sol Sana. The Australian women’s shoe brand, run by Sara Caverley, creates value-priced leather shoes with sleek, fashion-forward designs.

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Leave you

10. Novo Shoes

Inspired by global trends, Novo offers affordable and fast fashion for your feet. So you can shop all the latest shoe looks every season without breaking the budget. From slipper socks to mules, you’ll find all of 2017’s best shoe styles at Novo at a great price.

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Novo Shoes

11. Beautiful cooperatives

Offering fashionable footwear with a masculine twist, Beau Coops is the epitome of ‘boyfriend chic’. Made in Italy and inspired by East London, the brand’s designs represent a lifestyle of comfort, quality and style.

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Beautiful Co-ops

12. Mimco

Mimco has long been an Australian favorite for accessories, and the brand’s shoes are no exception. The brand’s fun, unique and fashionable shoes project personality and are perfect for daring people who are drawn to something different.



13.Jo Mercer

Jo Mercer was established in 1998 and has flourished in recent years with a new creative vision. Today, the brand draws on its experience with exceptional quality and superior craftsmanship while infusing its designs with a contemporary, on-trend aesthetic.

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Jo Mercer

14. Mollini

Whether you’re looking for a wardrobe staple or a striking design, Mollini has a pair of shoes for you. The Melbourne-based shoe brand offers comfortable, high-quality designs that are uniquely stylish and in tune with global fashion trends.

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15. Nude Shoes

Thanks to Bared Footwear, you can own stylish shoes that look good and feel good. With each pair designed by a podiatrist and a range of fit options, you’ll no longer have to sacrifice function for fashion.

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Nude shoes

16. Habbot Studios

Habbot Studio’s distinctive blend of French-inspired details and fresh styling is what makes this Australian brand a winner. Founded by entrepreneur and shoe enthusiast Annie Abbott, the brand offers shoes with personality and incredible quality.

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Habbot Studios

17. Diana Ferrari

From a small leather shoe factory to an iconic Australian brand, Diana Ferrari has become one of the most beloved and recognized brands in the country. The success of the brand undoubtedly comes from its unwavering commitment to creating fashionable and feminine products of high quality and comfort.

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diana ferrari

18. Mermaid shoes

Boasting a huge range of super stylish shoes, Siren Shoes has everything you need to keep your feet looking fashionable. Whether you’re looking for basic ballet flats, spring sandals, killer boots or bridal heels, this premium Australian brand has the perfect design to complete your look.

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Mermaid shoes

19. Hush the Puppies

Since 1958, Hush Puppies has been a go-to casual shoe brand with a laid-back attitude. In 2017, the brand continues to convey these same values ​​by offering comfortable shoes with a fun character.

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Hush the puppies


SENSO is an Australian company that has become one of the most sought after shoe brands in the world. He has a list of famous fans, including Gigi Hadid and Chiara Ferragni, and an impressive social media following. You can find them at high-end boutiques including Harvey Nichols, David Jones, Hudson’s Bay and The Iconic, but their story begins decades earlier. It was created in the 80s by husband and wife Scarlett and Kim Meller. The couple noticed a need for high quality, stylish and affordable shoes, and so their brand was born. Over the years it evolved into a family business, their three daughters joined and added their youthful touch to the business.




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