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17 Best Puzzles for Adults

In our increasingly digital frenzied world, puzzles challenge your brain and calm you down, while giving your mind something specific to focus on that has nothing to do with work, the real world or any accompanying challenges. And puzzles are not just fun games and games: a 2014 study found that working on games like puzzles can improve spatial skills.

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Another study by Yale University found that building a puzzle together can help people improve their skills for collaboration and cooperation. Even more studies have shown that doing puzzles can increase memory retention and reduce the likelihood of developing dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. If these are not all good reasons to pick up a puzzle, we do not know how much more conviction you need.

So if you are looking for a new hobby, want to challenge your mind or need some indoor activity for kids, we’ve put together some of the best puzzles online, so you’re just a few clicks away from taking advantage of these incredible brain benefits. While you’re at it, be sure to also check out our favorite board games, puzzles and road trip games.

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Underwater floor puzzle

melissa & doug
kohls.com$ 12.99

For a relatively easy puzzle to complete with children, this 48 piece puzzle adds a cute touch to your child’s room. The manufacturer recommends the puzzle for children 3 years and older.


Notre Dame puzzle

The manufacturers say this big 3D puzzle will take more than 10 hours to complete, so settle in for a solid, confusing session. It’s as beautiful inside as it is outside – because this puzzle actually opens. It is perfect for puzzle fans and architecture enthusiasts.


500 piece summer puzzle at the amusement park

barnesandnoble.com$ 13.99

We won’t blame you if you start craving a hot dog while working on this adorable seasonal puzzle. One reviewer said that this puzzle works very well to introduce children to the world of adult puzzles. Even young children can work on the characters on the beach, while adults approach the section of the amusement park.


Harry Potter Ollivander’s Wand Shop Puzzle 3D

Good news for Harry Potter fans: HSN has a good collection of Harry Potter puzzles made by Wrebbit, like this beautiful display of quality Quidditch supplies.


Flora Cat Puzzle

calendars.com$ 15.99

Watch out for cat lovers: this 1,000 piece puzzle will challenge you with slightly different variations of yellow, blue and cream – but the finished picture will be worth your time.


3D crystal pirate ship puzzle

amazon.com$ 12.92

Ahoy matey! No need to step on the plank if your brain twists trying to understand this 3D crystal pirate ship puzzle. This makes a good change from flat puzzles and can even attract children who think they don’t like puzzles. This is designed for children 12 and older, but young children can enjoy it with the help of an adult.


3D crystal elephant puzzle

macys.com$ 10.99

This puzzle contains only 46 pieces, but 46 pieces nested like crystals. You actually receive two puzzles in one set, one of baby elephant and his mother.


500 pieces degraded puzzle

Are aware
urbanoutfitters.com$ 25.00

Do you think it’s easy? Think again. If you are looking for a difficult puzzle in which you can really dig, try this gradient piece. It has a two-tone finish, available in blue and purple. He makes a nice work of art when finished.


Central Park Paradise puzzle

calendars.com$ 14.99

Connect 500 pieces to build the famous New York cityscape and park, captured in beautiful fall colors.


Puzzle 1000 pieces Dogs Galore

macys.com$ 21.99

So you are crazy about dogs – prove it by mastering this puzzle. Gather images of dogs and puppies galore, from golden shepherds to huskies and dalmations. Pro tip: jump on a dog movie like Marley & me to make the experience even more fun.


750 piece Sweetheart Campfire puzzle

When the weather is bad outside or you just want to spend your date inside, this puzzle brings you back to one of the first romantic couples you saw (apart from your parents of course) next door a precious campfire site. If you have children, they can help bring Minnie, Mickey, and Pluto together.


Jiffpom puzzle 1000 pieces

macys.com$ 39.00

Late legend Jiffpom has been a YouTube and social media superstar for years. Assemble adorable pictures of the puppy posing with delicious food, like fries, pizza, and a cereal fritter. It’s a puzzle too cute not to finish!


Puzzle 4 pieces Ancient Egypt 650 pieces

national geographic
bedbathandbeyond.com$ 32.99

This creative and historic puzzle is a collaborative product of National Geographic and the toy brand 4D Cityscape. It includes 4D pieces that can be used to teach history for all ages, alongside the National Geographic interactive app (instructions included).


550 piece puzzle for traffic signs

White mountain
macys.com$ 23.00

This puzzle will test your memory of the road signs you pass and see every day: parking signs, stop signs, danger zones – you name it. What makes this particularly difficult are the standard colors shared between the signs, such as red, blue, yellow and green. And because it’s a White Mountain product, you know it will be a high quality puzzle designed to last.


216 pieces puzzle 3D Empire State Building

bedbathandbeyond.com$ 46.99

Build your own mini replica of the Empire State Building – night edition! The colored blocks reproduce the appearance of the honorary monument at night, shining with bright lights. Easy-to-click technology guarantees when a part fits properly in place, saving you a lot of time.


DC Comics Superman puzzle of 600 pieces

macys.com$ 19.99

For DC Comic lovers, you get twice the entertainment with this double-sided Superman puzzle set. One side features a collage of classic Superman comic book covers, and the other has the iconic logo.


Marmaduke puzzle 1000 pieces

Cobble Hill Puzzle Company
macys.com$ 17.99

This puzzle perfectly captures a cozy night, with scattered books, flowers and a cheeky smiling cat named Marmaduke. British artist Geoffrey Tristram used a variety of colors to create various textures that vividly paint a real image.

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