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15 unbeatable places for a King’s breakfast in India

15 unbeatable places for a King’s breakfast in India

15 unbeatable places: Since breakfast is your first meal of the day, it has to be really very special. Never underestimate the power of a good breakfast. If you have an incomplete breakfast, the full day is spoil it. Yes during travelling it is really difficult. But where there is a will there’s a way.

Usually for dieting the dietitian say one should eat breakfast and lunch, skip supper, avoid snacks, make breakfast the largest meal of the day and fast for up to 18 hours a night. Eating a large breakfast reduces hunger cravings, especially for sweets and fats thus counteracting weight gain.

15 unbeatable places
15 unbeatable places

Eating breakfast like a king

Eating breakfast like a king with fresh and vibrant foods offers the best nutrients to kick off the new day. A good mix of colours, flavours and savours are the pillars of a healthy breakfast, helping to wake up our body. There are two things why one must eat a good breakfast the first is purely biological and the second one is Behavioral.


In the morning after a long fast our body needs new fuel. If you want to reach the top of your physical and professional performance choose to have breakfast.


Leaving home without having eaten your breakfast, will make you eat more during the day. Therefore eating breakfast one must maintain a balanced relationship with food across the day.

Here are some places where breakfast is served to the fullest.


A full plate has two big bhatura the curry made with channa, annanar dhana ki chutney with pickled carrots and green chillies. This one plate will fill your stomach enough to help drive you through the day.

Bored of eating samosa made of potatoes, why not try of moong dal. Hot crispy and fresh when you rip the samosa into the two parts you can smell the cooked yellow lightly spiced dal. The samosa is served with spicy potato and cholle curry.


It is not only that Delhi is famous for bhatura or kachori it also provides you a with a healthy fancy fruit sandwiches. It is a delight to our eyes as much as it is dimly lit and is away from the chaos of the chandni chowk despite being centrally located.


This café is famous for its sukhi bhakri and puri. It serves the best vegetarian breakfast meal in Matgoas and Pan Jim. You also have sheero which is a sweet banana sheers.


Breakfast won’t be complete if you are sipping your tea overlooking the misty lake pichola and capturing the best sunrise from Jaiwana Haveli roof top restaurant. The roof top offers a Namaste Breakfast which comprises fruit platter, farm fresh eggs and parathas it also has delectable French toast and omelettes.


Sometime a breakfast is incomplete without eggs for some people. In that case then plan your trip to egg factory art JP Nagar Bangalore. You will see a variation in egg dishes from bhurjee to shakshuka. Your egg carvings will be perfectly taken care of.

A-1 bakery Bandra:

This place is called the morning drunkards worst kept secret. The fans come over here to cure their hangover, the place open at 5 am with delicious kebabs, cutlers’ biscuits and puffs waiting to disappear within minutes.


Grab mouth-watering sausages, ham, bacon, eggs and toast at Keventer’s. This has a lovely open air seating, you will find more tourist having the time of their lives here.

Flury’s Kolkata:

People wait in queue outside this restaurant. Flury’s patisserie is best for a cup of tea, served in a sparking bone china cup, which will make you feel like a character from the Victorian era. Their splendid eggs with baked beans will make you want to take a trip to Kolkata for these sole reasons.


From creamy milkshakes to fluffy pancakes this place serves the breakfast of champions. This place will take you back to 50s America where cafes were adorned with check board tiles, re booths and classic jukebox.

These entire restaurant will help you have a good breakfast especially when you are on a vacation to these places.

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