15 trendy blouse back neck designs to try in 2021

As a fashion designer tasked with creating a modern and stylish blouse design for 2021, I am excited to introduce 15 trendy blouse back neck designs that are perfect for any fashion-forward woman. These blouse designs have been tailored to suit any occasion while keeping up with the current fashion trends. Whether you’re a working woman with a busy schedule or a stay-at-home mom, these trendy blouse back neck designs will suit your unique style and needs.

Target Audience

My target audience for this collection of blouse back neck designs is any woman who prioritizes style, comfort, versatility, and practicality when it comes to their fashion choices. It’s designed for the woman who wants to make a statement wherever she goes, yet still feels comfortable and confident enough to wear the blouse to work, social events, or on her day-to-day activities.

Fashion Trends

When designing these blouse back neck designs, I ensured that they are in line with the current fashion trends and even incorporated a few unique elements that sets these designs apart from others in the market. This collection features a perfect blend of classic and modern elements with a touch of elegance.

Materials Used and Silhouette

The blouses are designed with beautiful fabrics carefully selected to provide maximum comfort, durability, and versatility while still exhibiting the necessary sophistication and elegance. The blouses come in different materials, including cotton, silk, and linen, depending on the occasion and purpose.

The silhouettes are versatile and flattering, with a variety of cuts to suit different body types. The styles range from peplum to A-line, wrap, and button-down to accommodate every personality, and the colors are diverse enough to suit an array of skin tones.

Design Elements

To ensure that each blouse stands out in its unique way, I have incorporated intricate design elements that make each blouse stand out. Here are some of the design elements you can expect from this collection:

1. High Neck Collar Design: A high neck collar is a unique feature, adding an extra sophistication and elegance to the blouse.

2. Frill and Flounced Neck: Flounced necklines add an intriguing and playful touch to any blouse, with ruffles flowing and bouncing along the neckline.

3. Knotty Tie Neck: This design element uses a tortoise shell buckle or knot with a sliding feature to allow for fitting and adjustability.

4. Halter Blouse Design: This design is perfect for anyone who wants to flaunt their curves. It features a high collar or carefully placed straps with cutouts and open backs.

5. Buttoned Up Back: This adds a playful and fashionable twist to any blouse by incorporating buttons on the back.

6. Cut-Out Neckline: Cut-outs are a daring and provocative design element, adding a touch of sexuality and sophistication to any blouse.

7. Shoulder-Bared Back Design: A shoulder-bared back design adds an extra oomph and flirty sensation, guaranteed to make any outfit pop.

8. Asymmetric Cold Sleeve Back Design: The asymmetric cold sleeve back design adds edginess and character to any blouse by showcasing either one or both shoulders.


My main focus when designing these blouses was to ensure that they could be worn in various settings and occasions. These blouses are not only trendy and stylish but they are also functional. They are easy to dress up for formal events and can also be dressed down for casual settings. Additionally, the blouses pair well with various clothing items ranging from pants, skirts, and shorts. Any woman who wants a versatile wardrobe will relish these blouses.


When it comes to fashion, being innovative and unique is essential, and these 15 trendy blouse back neck designs offer just that. The designs are beautiful, comfortable, versatile, and practical. They stand out from the average and will make any woman feel confident, comfortable, and stylish.

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