15 Stylish Longer Haircuts for Boys in 2022

Longer haircuts for boys

Longer hairstyles have become very popular among boys of all ages. Some are inspired by trends, while others prefer more classic and timeless looks. Long locks suit all hair types and don’t require as much maintenance as you might think. Moreover, these haircuts are cool and allow boys to show their personality.

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1. Long wavy hair

While straight hair looks great when it’s grown out, wavy locks look even better. Because long hair is not as common in boys as it is in women, boys with long hair always stand out from the crowd. It’s a low-maintenance look in that you don’t have to go to the hairdresser as often, but it can take longer to wash and dry. However, having a naturally wavy texture means you don’t need to add a lot of styling product.

Long Wavy Boy Hairstyle

2. Thick Medium Length Hairstyle

Thick hair can be harder to style when it’s short. If your boy has a buzz cut or a short back and sides, he may look too spiky or shapeless. However, a medium length textured style is perfect for thick hair type. This is a classic boys haircut that was popular in the 70s and 80s. Make sure the cut has choppy bits and texture so that his thick hair doesn’t look like a solid mass.

Medium length chunky style

3. Bob with bangs

One of the cutest boy haircuts is the bob. It is suitable for round faces and especially suitable for children with naturally straight hair. A timeless cut that’s been popular for generations, the bob with bangs is a classic choice your son will love. Make sure the bangs are cut choppy and textured to prevent the style from looking too dated.

Bob with bangs

4. Chin Length Cut with Long Bangs

If your son loves the skater style, try a cool, casual look like chin-length hair with long bangs. It goes well with streetwear-inspired clothing and is designed to look messy, so you won’t need to spend time styling it. For this same reason, it is also an ideal choice for boys who hate going to the hairdresser and who like to be outside in nature.

Chin length cut with long bangs

5. Curly Bob with Center Part

A really long style can be hard to manage for guys with naturally thick, curly hair. However, a curly bob makes a great middle point between mid-length and cropped haircuts. Try parting her hair down the center for a fun 70s style look perfect for school or weekend activities.

Curly Bob with middle part


For black boys, growing an Afro takes several months, but the results are worth it. It’s a timeless style that looks cool and flattering while making the most of your boy’s natural hair texture. To maintain the Afro, be sure to switch to a wide tooth comb for detangling.

afro boy haircut

7. Medium Length Layered Cut

Layered haircuts can make fine hair look thicker and take some of the “weight” out of already thick hair. This makes them ideal for all hair types. Plus, layered cuts look messy and textured, so they’re perfect for guys who hate brushing their hair. A medium length layered cut is equally suitable for casual and formal wear.

Layered midi cut

8. Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks are one of the trendiest hairstyles for boys. Versatile and eye-catching, dreads can be styled in different ways to show off your personality. From mid-length asymmetrical dreads to a dread bun or loc ponytail — even high dreads with a fade — you can tailor your dreads to your style.

Dreadlocks Boy Hairstyle

9. Messy Waves

Messy wavy hair looks its best when it’s longer. It is very low maintenance and all you have to do is trim it every few months. Boys with this hairstyle will appreciate having less visits to the barber.

Messy Wavy Hairstyle for Boys

10. Medium length natural hair

Let your son’s hair run wild and free with a medium length natural cut. Cute and messy, the style doesn’t require a brush, making it ideal for guys with curly or wavy hair. These hair types also have more natural volume, giving the medium length style a fun, bouncy look.

Natural medium length

11. Textured Shag with Bangs

Shag haircuts are choppy, sketchy, textured, and a bit messy. These cool cuts became popular in the 70s and still have a rock ‘n’ roll vibe. If your son loves the messy look and wants to stand out from the crowd, a shag cut could be a great choice for his hair. Give him a sense of independence and let him choose his style of bangs – blunt, choppy or side swept – because the shag goes well with all of them.

Textured shag with bangs

12. Medium Length Wavy Hair

If your boy’s hair is naturally wavy, consider growing it to a medium length. Shoulder-length hair sits below your ears but is slightly shorter than chin length. The style looks best when there is volume at the crown, as it makes your face look longer and slimmer. To achieve this effect, add mousse to the top before drying your hair; it also makes your locks thicker. Finally, use a styling paste or clay in the rest of your hair, so it looks textured, but not messy.

Medium Length Wavy Hair Boy Hairstyle

13. Top Knot

Fashionable and stylish, a top knot looks just as good with a t-shirt and jeans as it does with a smart outfit. Guys who want a unique touch on top should consider faded sides.

man bun boy

14. Twists

Twists take less time than braids and are another great way to style Afro-textured hair. Although suitable for hair of all lengths, medium to long hair looks fantastic with this style. This is because there is enough hair to define the twists and make them stand out. Try a classic two-strand style or a twist.

Boy Hairstyle Twists

15. Man bun

The man bun has been a trend for years now, and there’s a good reason why guys all over the world love this style. It’s an effortless, cool and masculine look. Trendy and stylish, a man bun can be worn with a t-shirt and jeans as well as with a formal outfit. Guys who want a unique twist on the man bun should consider adding side braids.

Man bun haircut boy


How to cut long hair for boys?

Gather sharp scissors, alligator clips (or something to cut), and a spray bottle of water. It’s also good to have reference images as a guide. Start with the hair at the nape of your neck, cutting the rest of the hair up and out. Dampen the hair, comb it, then, holding the hair between two fingers, cut it to the desired length. You can either cut straight or cut in a point using the tips of the scissors pointing towards the head. Continue working through the hair, using the previous section as a guide for the next.

Is long hair fashionable for boys?

Long hair is always in style for boys because it’s versatile, low-maintenance, and lets them show off their personality. Most looks have a hip, cool vibe, and it’s a great way to play with texture and movement, embracing a young guy’s messy side.


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