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15 Must-Read Books on Personal Growth That Are Recently Published

Walking around the world of self-improvement, you will find many great books on personal development. Over the years, there are talented minds talking about all kinds of different topics.

With thousands of books available, we have decided to pick up some books that were recently published to help you become a smarter person.

1. Emotional First Aid

The basis of this book is to help you learn how to stop chewing on everything. While there are some benefits to thinking deeply, sometimes it does not help you. Cudding causes an eyelid to band in some cases, it makes the problems worse for you and can negatively affect your life.

Emotional first aid is a book that will help by providing direct and readable advice on a variety of topics – which can bring feelings or a lot of shame. Many good lines can be found, and understanding yourself on an emotional level can help you become a sensible person.

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2. How to be alone

On the note of emotional intelligence, being alone is another sad thing for people. There are many people who struggle with being alone or think that being alone is dangerous. This book states that being alone is not bad for you.

No matter what phase of loneliness you are in, this book suggests that it is okay to feel the way you feel during those moments. It is okay to yearn for better relationships or you are all alone.

While this book is largely not a self-help book, being alone and dealing with difficult situations (such as having a relationship with someone who makes you feel insecure or anxious) is helpful. Having strong emotional intelligence is one aspect of a wise man.

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3. Leader Mind

This is a book published by the Harvard Business Review, and is a powerful one – a truly inspiring piece that allows you to enter the head of a manager, specifically how a manager should work. All in all, this is a great book that teaches you how to manage with compassion, selflessness and self-interest.

Even if you are not in a management position, there is an understanding of how modern leaders and managers should work. This year the working environment has changed a lot but is also changing earlier. You want to create a new strategy.

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4. Artist’s Way

Published in 1992, the book revolves around creativity, and is still a keeper. Despite the title’s suggestion it is only for creatives, it is still recommended for those who are out of that loop. Funnyly, these are writer-professional creators – some of which struggle most with implementing strategy. If you are out of that loop, you may find it easy to use and beneficial.

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5. Crush It!

It is the most recent of Gary Vaynechuk’s published books at the time of writing. It has been out for some time, however, this book provides a strong blueprint for how you can grow business in this day and age. The book provides plenty of examples of creative ideas and is Gary’s own up-and-coming inspiration.

Whether you run a business or are thinking of running one, it can make you a smarter person. Nevertheless, Gary Vaynerchuk gives you some great books on personal development and business to help you succeed.

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6. How to get sh * t

Another common struggle for people is to mark things off a large to-do list or bucket list. There are tons of productivity books that you can see, however, this is one of the best that is out there.

As the title suggests, this book provides a helpful guide in achieving the best of things. Even though the advice may be awkward – such as the first step that suggests you give yourself a pause – there are tons of research on this. All the advice will help you remove anything non-cumbersome and focus your attention on the things that mean the most to you.

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7. Tribe of Mentors

Tim Ferriss, famous for his work “The 4 Hour Workweek”, recently published a book that seeks to provide various tips, strategies and habits in your life. The information he shares stems from conversations with more than 130 of the world’s top artists at the time. In it, he writes about his personal stories and how it can help him make better decisions, achieve his goals faster, and achieve greater results in your life.

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8. Becoming: A Guided Journal for Discovering Your Voice

In 2018, former First Lady Michelle Obama published a memoir of her life and what it was like to live in the White House. It is a book that talks about how she is able to find her voice and who she is today.

Even if you haven’t had a chance to read that book, you don’t have to worry too much about it. Recently, another book was published which may provide similar benefits. Republishing the same title as the previously published book, this book is more than a magazine as the title suggests.

In short, this book can provide a transformational tool to help you discover values, passion, and overall purpose. This is important because many people who want to grab some of the best books on personal development often do not know what they want in life. This book provides direction.

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9. Burned

For those feeling overwhelmed by everything, this book can provide an amount of relief. Sister duo of Amelia Nagosky DMA and Emily Nagosky PhD. Going into great detail about dealing with burnout — an event that both men and women struggle with a lot.

Inside, you’ll find strategies on stumbling blocks, overcoming external challenges, and advancing back burnout. This strategy is not only applicable to professional life but also to personal life.

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10. Can’t Hurt Me

Written by David Goggins — a man who recovered from depression, became part of the American Armed Forces, and has great athletic achievement — this inspiring book will help you overcome mental and physical obstacles.

The overall message of this book is clear: Mindset is everything. If you have the right attitude, then you have a better chance of overcoming the odds against you.

Even if your mindset is not a defeated mindset, we often put ourselves back at various points in time. According to Goggins, most people tap into only 40% of their capacity. This book can be a gateway for you to unlock other missing pieces and help you strive for something higher.

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11. Squirt

Among the people who have made it a big hurdle, the first question that people ask is, how was it possible? Whats the secret? Those questions arise especially when you are comparing yourself to others and think what you lack.

Instead of thinking about it, it would be wise to look at this book as it provides lots of answers. The truth is that the people who created it are not perfect people, and we can never be like them. Rather, it is the same people who have seen adversity in their lives and taken advantage of it. Thanks to this book, you can do the same.

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12. This picture is worthy

It is unusual to run into difficulties or challenges that determine how much success and happiness you can achieve from them. For many people, whenever there is an obstacle, we protect ourselves in various ways – whether it is victimizing ourselves, blaming others, or giving in completely.

To avoid those types of scenarios, this book provides personal stories from the author, Mary Forlow, and other readers. The goal is that through these stories and actionable insights, you will realize that everything in life is a “figure”.

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13. Peace is the key

One great thing about Ryan Holiday is that his work incorporates philosophy. Since he gives it to his readers, you can get a good dose of philosophy in your daily life with one of his best books on personal development.

The book is based on Buddhism and Stoic philosophy as the holiday introduces readers to a standstill in times of conflict and chaos. The Holiday Concept is called “stillness” and points to many historical figures who maintain stillness.

Overall, this is a book to help rescue you and to be prepared for more emotional turmoil around you.

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14. Value compass

The two big questions in life are “what are your values?” And “Are you living in a way that reflects them?” These are two big questions that people might not know the answer to upon careful reflection. This book specifically brings those questions to the surface, but does so in a unique way – by traveling to 101 countries that coincide with its values ​​and telling you how they live their lives.

It takes you on a journey to many types of places and from those places, Dr. Mandeep Rai takes insights and explains them in such a way that you can apply them in your life. Considering the extensive journey, these chapters are very short which is one of the more easily digestible books on personal development.

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15. Tiny Habits

Change is an essential part of life, but most people oppose it, especially when change happens on a large scale and on your face all the time. Whether it is something that is forced on you or you have done it yourself, this book allows you to see those big changes – or the desire to change them and make them a reality.

The book does how to encourage you to focus on smaller habits and break goals into smaller and more manageable stages.

Even if this is something that you do, you may still find this book useful because the book teaches you how to identify small adjustments that you can make to develop them further from your existing habits. can do.

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final thoughts

The list of best books on personal development is being published every day with more books all the time. This industry is filled with all kinds of insights and ideas to help you grow and become an individual person. There is no doubt, if you choose any of the books in this list, you are in for a healing and enlightening experience.

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