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15 HIIT Workouts That Will Get You Shredded (2022)

Hiit Workouts


High-intensity interval training, or HIIT, is a method of exercise that combines bouts of intense movement, with periods of rest. There are many benefits to this kind of workout. First, it’s great for beginners. The workouts often include a small number of exercises that are repeated multiple times. This means you don’t need to worry about learning intricate choreography. Plus, many of these moves can be modified to be easier. Secondly, while some workouts do require equipment, many options don’t. Thirdly, HIIT can be low impact, with no jumping, making it perfect for exercising in an apartment. Finally, it’s also incredibly efficient for raising your heart rate and burning calories in a short amount of time. As such, 20 to 30-minute sessions, two to three times a week is sufficient for fat loss, as well as maintaining your general health and fitness.


HIIT Workouts

1. HIIT Treadmill Sprints Workout

If you love working out on the treadmill, then up the ante by turning your regular run into a HIIT session. Jeremy Ethier provides excellent instructions to create your own workout for all levels of fitness. He includes suggested interval times, speed, and incline settings that will get your blood pumping and heart rate elevated. Additionally, he provides a guide for an excellent warm-up to ensure you perform at your best and avoid injury. Regular sessions of treadmill sprints are great for fat loss and cardiovascular fitness. However, remember to increase the difficulty every two to three weeks, so you’re continually challenging yourself, and you don’t end up on a plateau.



2. 20 Minute HIIT Intense Fat Burner

Discover a simple, 20-minute at-home HIIT workout that doesn’t require any equipment. Joe Wicks, who created The Body Coach to move people away from restrictive dieting and into healthy lifestyle choices, has devised this straightforward routine. There are four exercises, of which you’ll do as many as possible in 30 seconds. Then you get to rest for 30 seconds before repeating for a total of five times for each move. The first exercise is ten high knees with two press-ups. The second is four lunge jumps with two burpees. Next, do six mountain climbers with four jumping jacks. Finally, you’ll complete four dips, with four crab toes touches. Joe’s high level of energy is infectious, while his bouncy mop of curly hair is a welcome distraction while you’re sweating your butt off.



3. HIIT Workout at Home

THENX incorporates basic calisthenics with interval training to give you improved results. Adding HIIT sessions a few times a week to your regular fitness routine will promote a healthy heart, burn more calories, and improve your endurance and athleticism. You can also download the THENX app and follow this workout there. There are eight exercises in this session, which you’ll do for 45 seconds, followed by a 15-second rest. The first is in and outs, followed by star crunches for your abs. Next are burpees to really get the blood pumping, while the fourth exercise is bicycles that target your core again. Fifth and sixth are high knee taps, then leg raises, while number seven is switching mountain climbers, which is a great compound move. Finally, a plank with knees to elbows give you one final ab burn. Repeat this circuit three times in total to complete your workout.



4. V Shred 12 Minute Fat Burning Cardio Workout

If you’re short on time but still want to smash out a decent workout, this 12-minute shred is perfect. The team at V shred create fitness programs that are as efficient as possible, with the least amount of invested time. Therefore, high-intensity interval training plays a big role. It’s a lot of bang for a little buck. All you need for this session is yourself and some peak energy. This workout has a grand total of six exercises, so you don’t need to learn a lot of different moves. There are three sets of two exercises, with 15 seconds of each, followed by 30 seconds rest. Plus, the moves are straightforward. There are high knees, jumping lunges, mountain climbers, crab toe touches, pushup side planks, and plank hip rolls. The mix of these targets most areas, including arms, shoulders, core, and legs, for a full-body result.



5. 20 Minute HIIT Bodyweight Workout

Join DOG POUND trainer Rhys Athayde and SELF magazine’s Amy Eisinger for 20-minutes of energetic HIIT. It’s a full-body workout that’s great for home as you don’t require any equipment, other than an exercise mat. Plus, the convenient on-screen timer keeps the time for you. After starting with a warm-up, this circuit will ensure you feel the burn everywhere. The five moves include skaters to jump squats, triple climbers, alternating reverse lunges, single-leg glute bridges to sit-ups, and squat thrusts with wide squats. You’ll work as hard as you can for 45-seconds, before taking a 15-second break between moves. Then, there’s also a 60-second breather between each of the three rounds. Finally, finish with one last killer set to focus on your core, completing as many bicycle crunches, Russian twists, and scorpion twists as you can before the cool down.



6. Total Body Resistance Band HIIT Workout

Ladies and gents who prefer lifting weights to doing cardio will enjoy this HITT workout with James Grage. Unlike regular weight sessions, it combines anaerobic activity, or resistance training, with intense intervals and short periods of rest. For these exercises, you’ll use resistance bands rather than free weights or weight machines, so you can move more quickly throughout to maintain your high heart rate. The sets are 60 seconds long, with 30 seconds rest, so make sure you choose the right resistance, because you’ll certainly feel the effects quickly. This workout is not for the faint of heart. The resistance bands combined with moves like split squats, pushups, bicep curls, and squat hold pull-aparts are going to work your muscles and create an incredible burn. However, you will see brilliant muscle-building results. Just don’t forget to cool down and stretch after such a full-on session.



7. 35 Minute Extreme 500 Calorie HIIT Workout

If you need some serious hype as you workout, then Millionaire Hoy is the HIIT trainer for you. This particular session is day one of 28 in the PRO500 home workout challenge. There’s no equipment required, it works your whole body with four circuits, and you could burn up to 500 calories. As such, it’s a great place to start if you’re new to interval training or working out. There are four circuits, with nine exercises and no repeats. Therefore, there’s plenty of variety to keep you mentally and physically stimulated. The video format is also very sophisticated. There’s a countdown bar for each exercise, as well as an overall countdown, and a calorie counter. Plus, the video inset shows the low impact and easier options, so you don’t overdo it, as well as previews on the next move, so you know that to expect.



8. 20 Minute HIIT FAT BURNING HOME Workout

Take just 20 minutes to elevate your heart rate and feel the burn in your abs with this Body Coach HITT workout. You’ll alternate between a cardio exercise, and an abs move to get the most out of both aspects of this sweat session. The intervals are 35 seconds on, then 25 seconds of rest, which gives you plenty of opportunities to work as hard as you can, before recovery. Additionally, this workout is great if you do prefer a little bit more variety. Unlike other HIIT sessions, each exercise is only repeated for one interval. As such, you get to do a lot of different activities, which is great for mixing things up and alleviating boredom. Trainer Joe also demonstrates low impact versions so that you can adapt to your level of fitness. Finally, the on-screen timer keeps you up to date with how much burn time you have left.



9. 30-Minute HIIT Cardio Workout with Warm-Up

SELF magazine brings another at-home HIIT workout to you. This time, LA-based trainer Lita Lewis, with the help of Rhys Athayde, leads you through three rounds of two circuits that don’t require any equipment. However, you’ll start with an invigorating warm-up that gets your blood pumping. First, you’ll do a circuit of star jumps, fast feet, high knees, power jacks, and toe taps. Meanwhile, the second circuit has star jumps, walkouts, squats, jumping lunges, and London bridges. The combination of these moves ensures a full-body workout. You’ll complete one each of these sets in each round, spending 45 seconds on each step. Then, you’ll get to rest and catch your breath for 45 seconds between sets. End your session with a calming stretch and cool off that brings your heart rate down and improves muscle recovery.



10. 10-minute Interval Sprint HIIT Workout

Pack as much as you can into a 10-minute workout with high-intensity interval running sprints. This session is better suited for runners and people who do track training regularly, as it’s strenuous and requires proper technique. However, it’s something you can work up to if you’re just starting. To begin, you’ll warm up gently for four-minutes, which will start to stretch your muscles out, and fire them up, ready for the main event. Do this with a combination of butt-kickers, high knees, walking lunges, forward leg swings, high skips, hip openers, and bounding. Then, you’ll complete 13 lots of 100-meter sprints, with a 25-second rest in between. Depending on what track length you have access to, this can be up and back laps. Sprints like these are excellent for fat loss, as well as building endurance, especially for existing runners.



11. Cirque du Soleil 30 Min Extreme HIIT Workout

Follow along with this extreme HIIT workout featuring Elizabeth and Guilhem, who are Cirque du Soleil artists. This is an advanced session, so it’s best suited to people who have relatively good fitness levels already. Plus, it helps to be familiar with different exercises, as there’s not much technique explanation. However, for anyone who’s already fit, it’s a great way to incorporate alternative cardio or add something different to your regular regime. Each exercise lasts for 1 minute, with no breaks. As such, it’s 30 minutes of grueling work. While Elizabeth and Guilhem make it look a breeze, there are two levels to choose from that they demonstrate — advanced or hardcore. Therefore, if you’re not quite professional-circus -fit, you can turn it down a notch.



12. Brutal Home Bodyweight HIIT Workout

When a workout is called the “Metabolic Tornado Circuit,” you know you’re going to be looking shredded. This full-body session requires no equipment by making use of just your bodyweight. There are four rounds of five exercises. Each round gets increasingly harder as the intervals change to include more work and less rest. Round one has 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off. Then, the second round is a 40/20 second split, while the third bumps up slightly to 45 seconds work, 15 seconds rest. Finally, the last, most punishing round is 50 seconds hardcore movement, and only 10 seconds rest to catch your breath. Funk Roberts, who designed and demonstrates this workout, is 51-years-old and is ridiculously ripped. As such, he’s living proof of the success of this workout for rocking a lean, hard physique.



13. Intense at Home HIIT Routine

Don’t forget leg day! This lower body routine from FitnessBlender is an intense workout that includes a warm-up and cool-down, as well as low impact modifications. As such, no matter your current fitness level, you can join in and achieve good results. The interval format is 20 seconds of intense work and 10 seconds of rest — just enough to catch your breath. Each of the moves is straightforward, meaning it’s very approachable. However, just because the moves are simple doesn’t mean the session is easy. You’ll still elevate your heart rate and enjoy a decent burn. Additionally, there’s a lot of variety of movements, so you’re sure not to get bored with excessive repetition.



14. 45 Minute Intense Low Impact Full Body HIIT Workout

Low impact doesn’t have to be low intensity. This HIIT workout from hype legend Millionaire Hoy is perfect if you live in an apartment, or have painful joints. There’s no jumping so that you won’t annoy your downstairs neighbors, and it won’t jar your limbs and increase your discomfort. All the equipment you need is a workout mat, a set of dumbbells, and yourself. It targets your whole body, with a variety of exercises over four circuits, followed by a burnout session and a set of ab-specific exercises. As such, you break a sweat without getting bored. Plus, if you enjoy this workout, it’s part of a 28-day low impact challenge, so there are more options like it.



15. 35 Min Home HIIT Workout for Fat Loss

Everyone from beginners to experts can follow along with this HIIT workout from HASFit. You will need some dumbbells for this session, so make sure you choose a weight appropriate for your fitness level. Coach Claudia demonstrates the beginner level exercises, while Coach Josh Kozak performs the more advanced option. Plus, there’s a lot of commentary and tips along the way, which makes it a great learning resource. Additionally, you can supplement this workout with other fitness sessions available on the HASFit app, which is free on both Apple and Android devices. HASFit stands for Heart and Soul Fit, which comes across in the coaches’ friendly demeanor as they share this part of your fitness journey.



What is HIIT? 

HIIT is the term used to describe high-intensity interval training. It has gained popularity in recent years thanks to fitness chains. These are short bursts of incredibly intense exercise, alternated by recovery periods. These workouts can involve several different things and can be as simple as sprinting for one minute and walking for two. Your recovery time should be around double the length of the exercise. The workouts typically last approximately 20 to 30 minutes; however, this can vary. HIIT is incredibly beneficial for fat-burning, increasing your metabolic rate for hours after exercise, and lowering your heart rate and blood pressure. Other benefits include that they can be done anywhere and without equipment.


How Do HIIT Exercises Work? 

When doing a HIIT exercise workout, you engage in very-high intensity bursts of cardio exercise, followed by periods of rest. You need to push for full intensity during these active sessions for it to work correctly. The body uses its anaerobic pathways to produce the energy you need for your workout, but this can only be sustained for a short amount of time. Although your training will be shorter than traditional approaches, it is also more efficient. This means you do not have to spend as long working out. You will burn calories and fat while preserving your muscles, and it could even improve your oxygen consumption.


Benefits of HIIT 

Fat Loss

Of the many benefits of HIIT, most people are drawn to it because of the fat loss. Research has shown that regular HIIT workouts can result in a loss of body fat without dietary changes and reduced visceral fat. You will also continue to burn more fat and calories even after your workout. This can be especially effective for those who are overweight or obese.


Metabolic Rate

Another thing that HIIT can aid is your metabolic rate. Even after exercising, you will continue to burn calories and fat because these intense workouts can help increase your metabolic rate for hours. It can also help the body to burn fat stores rather than carbs. This is incredibly beneficial because you will still be burning calories even though you are no longer working out.


No Equipment Needed

You do not need to join a gym or fitness organization to do HIIT because there is no equipment required. This also makes the workouts more flexible because you can do them anywhere, including parks, airports, hotel rooms, and your home.


HIIT Workouts FAQs

What are some good HIIT exercises?

There are many HIIT exercises to try, and you can change it up. These include sit-ups, lunges, crunches, high-knees, and jumping jacks. High-intensity interval training is important because you do short bursts of incredibly intense exercise, followed by periods of rest. 

How many times per week should you do HIIT training?

HIIT is a very high-intensity workout and is not something that you need to do every day. A good amount is around two to three workouts a week, and use the other days as rest days. If you want to work out more than this, you can opt for a different type of training. It is also essential to do a proper warmup beforehand. 

Can I do a 10 minute HIIT every day?

It is important not to overdo your HIIT workout; this includes not opting for a very long session or doing it too often. It is recommended to do a high-intensity exercise, where your body is going all-out, around two to three times a week, more than this is hard to sustain. That said, 10 minutes of regular cardio exercise every day can be beneficial. 

Are HIIT workouts good for weight loss?

One of the many benefits of HIIT workouts is how effective they are at weight loss. If you are trying to lose weight or build lean muscle, this is a great way to do so. Research has shown that regular HIIT workouts can result in a loss of body fat without dietary changes. It can also help with a reduction in visceral fat. 


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