15 HIIT Workouts That Will Get You Shredded (2022)

High-intensity interval training (HIIT), is a form of exercise which combines bouts of intense physical movement with periods of rest. There are multiple advantages associated with HIIT training – not least its accessibility for beginners: these workouts often incorporate just a handful of exercises repeated multiple times over. So you won’t have to learn any intricate choreography; many moves can even be modified for easier. Additionally, although some workouts do require equipment, many don’t. Finally, high intensity interval training (HIIT) offers low impact exercises without jumping and is ideal for exercising in apartments. Finally, cardio is also highly effective at raising your heart rate and burning calories quickly – just 20 to 30-minute sessions two or three times each week are sufficient to achieve both fat loss and general fitness maintenance.

1.HIIT Treadmill Sprints Workout (50-60 Minutes).

If you enjoy working out on the treadmill, try upgrading to high intensity interval training (HIIT). Jeremy Ethier provides detailed instructions to create your own custom workout for all fitness levels – suggesting interval times, speed settings and inclines that will get your blood pumping and heart rate pumping! In addition, his guide for an ideal warm up allows for peak performance without risk of injury and ensures optimal warm-up sessions are undertaken regularly to achieve peak results – perfect for fat loss and cardiovascular fitness alike! Keep increasing difficulty every two to three weeks so as not to plateau with yourself or else risk losing motivation altogether! Regular sprint sessions on treadmill sprints is great way of engaging both fat loss and cardiovascular fitness benefits without plateauing in one’s fitness gains; in particular.

2. 20 Minute HIIT Intense Fat Burner

Discover a straightforward 20-minute at-home HIIT workout without equipment from Joe Wicks’ The Body Coach program that doesn’t entail restrictive dieting – yet still provides results! He designed this straightforward routine. There are four exercises, of which you’ll complete as many in 30 seconds before resting for another 30 seconds before repeating five times per move – such as 10 high knees with 2 press ups; four lunge jumps; and 2 burpees (lunge jumping with two burpees). Next, do six mountain climbers with four jumping jacks before moving onto four dips with crab toe touches and four dips (joined together by Joe’s infectious high energy and his playful mop of curly locks as an add-on). Joe offers great motivation while offering welcome distractions when your butt gets sweating profusely!

3. Home Based High Intensity Interval Training
With THENX’s innovative combination of calisthenics and interval training, you can achieve amazing results at home! Just adding some HIIT sessions twice each week into your regular fitness regime can promote heart health while burning more calories while building endurance and athleticism. Download and follow this workout via THENX App if desired. It includes eight exercises which should take 45 seconds each before resting 15 seconds between exercises – starting from in and outs, followed by star crunches for your abs! Burpees can get your blood pumping, while cycling targets your core again. Fifth and sixth exercises include high knee taps followed by leg raises. Seven is switching mountain climbers; to finish your workout off a plank with knees to elbows will give an added abburn! Repeat this circuit three times total for maximum results!

4. V Shred 12 Minute Fat Burning Cardio Workout

For when time is short but still want a great workout, V Shred provides this 12-minute shred workout plan as the answer. Their team creates fitness programs designed to maximize efficiency with minimal time investment – high intensity interval training plays an instrumental role here! Just you and some energy are required for this workout session! With six exercises total and three sets of two done for 15 seconds each followed by 30 second rest periods, this workout should leave you with maximum efficiency for minimal cost. As for moves, these exercises are straightforward – think high knees, jumping lunges, mountain climbers, crab toe touches, pushup side planks and plank hip rolls for example – targeting most areas including arms, shoulders, core and legs for an all-over body workout!

5. 20 Minute HIIT Bodyweight Workout

Join DOG POUND trainer Rhys Athayde and Amy Eisinger of SELF magazine for 20 minutes of energetic HIIT! It is ideal for home use since no equipment other than an exercise mat is necessary – plus an on-screen timer keeps time easily! Starting off with a warm-up, this circuit will leave your muscles burning! With five moves such as skaters to jump squats, triple climbers, alternating reverse lunges, single leg glute bridges to sit-ups, squat thrusts with wide squats, you are bound to feel it all across. Your 45-second workouts will include intense 45-second efforts with 15 second breaks between moves and 60 second rest periods between each round, before finishing up with one last intense set to focus on your core muscles by performing as many bicycle crunches, Russian twists and scorpion twists as possible before transitioning back into cool down exercises.

6. Total Body Resistance Band HIIT Workout

Women and men who prefer lifting weights over cardio will love this high intensity training (HITT) workout with James Grage. Instead of just working through regular weight sessions, this HITT session combines resistance training (anaerobic activity), with intense intervals followed by short rest intervals for an invigorating experience. These exercises involve resistance bands rather than free weights or weight machines so you can move more swiftly throughout the exercises to maintain an elevated heart rate. Sets typically last 60 seconds with 30 second rest between sets; make sure that your resistance choice suits quickly so that the effects can be felt quickly! This workout should not be underestimated! Resistance bands used with moves such as split squats, pushups, bicep curls and squat hold pull-aparts are sure to challenge and develop your muscles, leaving a tremendous muscle-building result behind! Just don’t forget to cool down after such an intensive training session by cooling down with stretching exercises afterwards!

7. 35 Minute Extreme 500 Calorie HIIT Workout

Millionaire Hoy is your go-to trainer when it comes to high intensity interval training (HIIT). In this session from Day One of 28 in the PRO500 home workout challenge, there’s no equipment necessary and four circuits work your entire body – which could potentially burn 500+ calories! As such, this program offers an ideal introduction to interval training or working out. With four circuits offering nine exercises with no repeats in between each circuit and no video format being repeats for convenience; there’s plenty of variety here to keep both mind and body stimulated! There’s a countdown bar for each exercise as well as an overall countdown and calorie counter, plus video insets showing easier options so as not to overdo things; also providing previews on future moves so you know exactly what awaits.

8. 20 Minute HIIT FAT BURNING Home Workout

Just 20 minutes of this Body Coach HITT workout should be enough to elevate your heart rate and feel a burn in your abs. Alternating between cardio exercises and abdominal moves, you will get maximum benefit out of this sweat session. Intervals consisting of 35 seconds on and 25 seconds off are designed to challenge you while also giving ample recovery time between each bout of exercise. Furthermore, this workout offers more variety as each exercise only remains on for one interval period unlike with other HIIT workouts. As such, this program features many activities designed to keep things interesting and relieve boredom. Trainer Joe offers low impact variations so that everyone can adapt according to their level of fitness; and an on-screen timer provides accurate calculations as to your remaining burn time.

9. 30-Minute HIIT Cardio Workout with Warm-Up

Self magazine brings another at-home HIIT workout your way! LA trainer Lita Lewis with help from Rhys Athayde leads three rounds of two circuits that require no equipment – though you will begin with an engaging warm-up to start. First, perform a circuit of star jumps, fast feet, high knees, power jacks, toe taps and toe taps. In the second circuit you will include walkouts, squats, jumping lunges and London bridges for an invigorating full body workout. The combination of moves ensures maximum results! Each round, you’ll complete one set in each round for 45 seconds each step and rest between them for 45 seconds to catch your breath and recover between sets. Finally, end each session with an invigorating stretch-cool off that lowers heart rates while improving muscle recovery.

10. 10-minute Interval Sprint HIIT Workout

Focus your 10-minute workout around high-intensity interval running sprints for maximum efficiency in just 10 minutes! This session may be best for experienced runners or those regularly engaged in track training, since its intensity requires proper technique; but even beginners can gradually build up to it over time. Start off slowly for four-minutes to give yourself time for stretching out and engaging your muscles; prepare them for action by doing butt-kickers, high knees, walking lunges, forward leg swings, high skips, hip openers and bounding moves. Following, you will complete 13 sets of 100-meter sprints, with 25 second breaks between. Depending on what track length is available to you, sprinting can include both up-and-back laps – great for fat loss while increasing endurance levels for existing runners! Sprints such as these provide great workouts to enhance running fitness.

11. Cirque du Soleil 30 Min Extreme HIIT Workout

Follow along with this advanced HIIT workout from Cirque du Soleil artists Elizabeth and Guilhem for a challenging session suitable for people who already possess relatively good fitness levels. This advanced class requires those looking for something challenging but realistic in terms of pace/repetition to sign up! Familiarizing yourself with different exercises helps, since there’s limited technique explanation. But for anyone already fit, this app offers an exciting alternative cardio or alternative fitness regime option with each exercise lasting only 1 minute without breaks in between sets. As such, this 30-minute workout will put forth considerable effort. While Elizabeth and Guilhem make it appear effortless, you have two levels to select — either advanced or hardcore — so if professional circus is too intimidating an endeavor for you – take note! You may still benefit!

12. An Exhausting Home Bodyweight HIIT Workout

“Metabolic Tornado Circuit” workouts promise results! No equipment is necessary as your own bodyweight provides all of the resistance. There are four rounds of five exercises. Each round becomes increasingly challenging as intervals shift between more work and less rest; round one includes 30 seconds on/30 seconds off; the second involves 40/20 split; finally the third bumps it up further with 45 second work/15 second rest intervals. Funk Roberts designed and demonstrated this challenging workout at 51 years old; as evidence of its effectiveness for creating leaner bodies. Funk stands as living proof that this routine works.

13. At-Home Intense High Intensity Interval Training Routine

FitnessBlender’s leg workout routine provides an intense lower body routine with warm-up and cool-down components as well as low impact modifications, designed for any fitness level and all skill sets. Each move is approachable despite their apparent simplicity; there’s even an interval format of 20 seconds of intense work followed by 10 seconds of rest — providing just enough opportunity to catch your breath between bouts of hard work. All moves follow an interval format featuring 20 second bouts followed by 10 second breaks between efforts — perfect to catch breath between intense work! Although each move seems straightforward enough that everyone can join this session while challenging your heart rate significantly while elevating it substantially while offering variety of movements so as not get bogged down too quickly by excessive repetitions of movements!

14. 45 Minute Intense Low Impact Full Body HIIT Workout

Low impact doesn’t have to mean low intensity! Millionaire Hoy’s high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout is designed for people living in apartments or experiencing joint discomfort; no jumping will disturb downstairs neighbors and it won’t jar your limbs further, only using dumbbells for resistance exercises over four circuits followed by burnout session and set of ab-specific exercises; thus providing you with enough work out options in 28 day low impact challenge! Should this workout prove popular there’s plenty more options just like it!

15. 35 Minute Home HIIT Workout to Accelerate Fat Loss

People of all fitness levels can participate in this HASFit HIIT workout session. You’ll need some dumbbells for this, so select an appropriate weight depending on your fitness level. Coach Claudia shows beginner exercises while Coach Josh Kozak shows advanced ones – with plenty of commentary and tips along the way for maximum learning potential! Additionally, supplement this workout with others available through this free app on both Apple and Android devices: Heart & Soul Fit represents heartfelt coaching!

What Is High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
High-intensity Interval Training, commonly referred to by fitness chains, has grown increasingly popular over time. These workouts involve short bursts of intense physical exercise followed by recovery periods lasting two times the length of each exercise session; an example being sprinting for one minute then walking two. Recovery should last twice the length of any given exercise session with workouts typically lasting from 20 to 30 minutes each time; recovery should last double its duration too – although variations on this may occur depending on individual conditions & time available! HIIT offers numerous health advantages; benefits include increasing metabolic rate over time while simultaneously decreasing heart rate/blood pressure simultaneously while being easily accessible everywhere and without equipment!

How Can High Intensity Interval Training Exercise Work?

As part of an HIIT exercise workout, participants engage in periods of very-high-intensity cardio exercise followed by short rest periods. You must exert maximum effort during active sessions for it to work correctly – the body uses its anaerobic pathways for energy production but this only lasts so long before needing replenished through oxygen consumption or depleted energy reserves. Although your training session will likely be shorter compared with traditional approaches, HIIT may actually save time overall because you spend less time working out while burning more calories while simultaneously protecting muscles while increasing oxygen consumption overall!

Benefits of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).
Fat Loss
Many are drawn to HIIT for its potential to aid fat loss. Studies have proven that regular HIIT workouts can result in the reduction of body fat without diet changes and visceral fat, plus you continue burning more fat after each session; especially beneficial for people who are overweight or obese.

Metabolic Rate
High intensity interval training can aid your metabolic rate as a way of burning off calories and fat after exercise has concluded, because its intense workouts help increase metabolic rates for hours to come – even after you stop working out! You will still continue burning off fat instead of just carbs which is hugely advantageous as this will ensure that even after you stop training you still remain burning calories! This makes HIIT an incredibly useful way of staying fit – still burning off those extra pounds even after it’s no longer beneficial!

No Equipment Is Needed
Doing HIIT doesn’t require joining a gym or fitness organization as there’s no equipment needed; making workouts more flexible as you can perform them anywhere from parks, airports and hotel rooms all the way back home!

What Are Some Good HIIT Exercise? – [FAQs of Hiit Workouts /HIIT] Whilst performing high intensity interval training (HIIT), what exercises would I find beneficial to include as part of my regimen? (Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).)

Exercise options available, and can mix it up. Some examples are sit-ups, lunges, crunches, high knees and jumping jacks. High intensity interval training (HIIT) involves short bursts of intense physical exercise followed by periods of rest.

How often should you engage in high intensity interval training (HIIT) each week?

HIIT (high intensity interval training) should not be done daily and is best done two to three times each week as part of your fitness regime. You could opt for other forms of training instead; just make sure that a warmup takes place prior to engaging in any HIIT exercises.

Can I do 10 minutes of high intensity interval training every day?

Attaining optimal results when performing high intensity interval training exercises requires not overdoing it and opting for too long or frequent HIIT workout sessions; two to three HIIT exercises each week is advised for best results, however 10 minutes of cardio exercise every day can also prove invaluable.

Are HIIT workouts effective for weight loss?

One of the key advantages of high intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts is how effective they are at weight loss and muscle building. Regular HIIT workouts have been found to lead to significant drops in visceral fat as well as reductions in body fat without changing diet alone!

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