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15 Elegant and Classy Nail Designs for 2022

Stylish nail designs

So, you’re about to get a manicure, but you don’t know what you want? Depending on the season, the occasion and your style, there is a myriad of nail art to choose from. If you’re looking for delicate, timeless and stunning nail inspiration, look no further than these elegant nail designs for all occasions.

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1. Alice + Olivia Nails

For fans of minimalist nail art, this subtle and elegant design will be a beautiful addition to any hand. Featuring a dusty pink and white color combination, the style wraps around the fingers and will make any outfit look sleek and polished. The different shades give your nail bed an elongated and delicate look. This is the perfect option for a night out or in the spring.

Elegant Nails Alice + Oliva

2. Almond Nails

An almond shape is a great choice if you want to create the illusion of longer fingers. For those who prefer a natural style, you cannot skip a nude color. Add a sharp white tip for a sophisticated and modern French manicure update. These are suitable for a myriad of events, from the office to a fancy night out with your friends. Switch up the shades on your nail tips for a fresh twist – try red, baby pink or even something sparkly!

Elegant Almond Nails

3. Aqua Nails

For those who love soft colors, this aqua manicure is a stylish option for every occasion. With a bit of a retro touch and a modern touch, you can add a series of rhinestones in the center of the nail. To bring out the sparkles more, opt for shades like yellow, gold or orange. It’s a great choice if you like to keep it minimal with a feminine touch.

Stylish Aqua Nails

4. Astrology nails

Are you proud to be Libra or Leo? Show off your sign and spark amazing conversations with these astrology nails. The delicate design looks funky from afar and elegant in detail – the celestial designs are simple enough to wear to any event. Choose shades such as pink, nude or gray – it will look great on all skin tones and suit a myriad of occasions. Whatever your astrological sign, this beautiful manicure will perfectly reflect your personality!

stylish astrology nails

5. Floral nail design

Take the garden with you wherever you go with this delicate floral design. The delicate little flowers at the edge of the manicure are a fantastic option for a day at the park, a picnic or a spring get-together. Paint the bottom of your nails a pale pink shade, or even a light blue or gold – let the flora stand out from the rest of the space on your manicure.

Elegant floral nail design

6. Geometric Nails

Who said plain nails had to be boring? These geometric designs are a stylish alternative to a one-tone manicure and a modern update for those who love nail art. Trending colors for this season include pink and red – add a single square at the top of the nail and leave the rest of the space clean. It is a timeless choice for those who prefer simple and delicate styles.

Stylish geometric nails

7. Glitter Nails

Get ready for a party night with these polished sparkly nails. Sparkling as it catches the light, it’s a classic manicure that looks traditional with a subtle twist. Just like the French style, paint the tip of the nail in an alternate shade, in this case, with glitter. Choose from gold, silver or even white – show off your true shine with this beautiful design!

Stylish Glitter Nails

8. Golden nails

Feel elegant and sophisticated in every outfit with this gold manicure. Create a modern pattern with tiny gold adhesive dots. Choose from a design that covers the entire finger or keep it simple with a spotty dusting along the cuticle. For those who love designer brands, why not form a series of spots in the Chanel logo? There are so many options to choose from, so you can mix and match to find your perfect fit.

elegant golden nails

9. Green and gold nails

Step back to the ’20s with this Art Deco-inspired manicure. With crisp, clean crescent-shaped lines, the green and gold add an extra touch of sophistication. Swap the shades to your liking – you can even alternate the patterns on each finger for an updated look. Perfect for a date or even a girls’ lunch, it’s a timeless option for modern nails.

elegant green and gold nails

10. Hearts Nails

Whether you’re going on a romantic date for Valentine’s Day or just love this beautiful design, this is a stylish update to the classic French manicure. Replace the white tint at the tip with cherry red and let the color reach the middle of the nail bed. It works best with an almond nail shape, as it gives the appearance of a heart on your fingers. Watch as you add a little extra love to everything you touch with these beautiful designs!

Elegant Hearts Nails

11. Matte nails

While glossy manicures are a great choice, sometimes it’s better to go matte. Subtle and refined, it still offers an avant-garde effect without overdoing it. Choose pastel colors like peach, pink or lavender for a soft and elegant look. If you want to achieve a modern style, take the classic French manicure and replace the white with a nice shade.

stylish matte nails

12. Oscar de la Renta Nails

Why have regular nails when you could have something inspired by Oscar de la Renta? This subtle and intriguing design is a stylish choice for any occasion, on and off the track. Shades of peach and baby pink look best in spring or summer – and like many other designs, this is an updated take on the Fench manicure. Use the negative space on your nail bed by adding a few dots of the same shade as the tip, and you’ll have the best fingers ever!

Oscar De La Renta's Stylish Nails

13. Pearly nails

Pearls aren’t just for jewelry; they also do beautiful manicures. Align the small jewels in two lines along your nail, which instantly makes them appear longer. You can add them to just one finger or place them all over your hand – there are no rules with this one. It’s a stylish addition to a clean and simple manicure, and it elevates your look no matter where you go.

elegant pearly nails

14. Striped nails

Take your manicure to the next level with this striped design. Although simplistic, it offers a stylish alternative to classic polish. With a thick and thin line placed one under the other, it gives the appearance of longer nails with a designer touch. If Gucci inspires you, choose shades like cherry red, bottle green or navy blue. Opt for a nude shade for the base coat, which makes the opposing shades stand out more.

stylish striped nail design

15. Simple Nails

Simple and elegant, these manicures do all the work for you. By sticking to a pearlescent hue as your base coat, you can create centerpiece art with a single holographic stripe. It may seem simple to some, but it elevates your outfit without overdoing it. If you’re not a fan of multi-faceted colors, you can substitute them with a bold hue like black, blue, or even red. The key to this nail art is to keep it simple – less is more!

Simple and elegant nails


What is the most stylish nail color?

The most stylish nail color for your manicure depends on several things; the season, the setting and your style. If you keep that in mind, it’s hard to choose just one shade, but many people consider the classic French manicure or pastel shades to be among the most stylish and versatile choices.

What are the different nail art designs?

The beauty of nail art is that the limit is your creativity or that of your nail technician, and there is a wide range of options to choose from. You can choose soft, elegant colors or make a bold statement by displaying jeweled nails or beautifully painted talons. A few popular options include floral nail designs, geometric, glitter, and striped nails.

What is the color nail trend?

Nail color trends you can expect to see everywhere in 2022 include mint green, mulberry, mint green, candy shades, and natural hues. There are also bolder options like coral red or bright yellow, one of the brightest shades and often associated with happiness, hope and enlightenment.

What is the nail color for 2022?

Several fantastic colors are trending for 2022 that are eye-catching and fun. These include bright yellow, white, gray, shades of blue, jacaranda and orange. Or, if you can’t choose a color, you can go with the all-in-one trend, which will have you painting each nail a different shade.


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