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15 Easy Makeup Looks You Need to Copy in 2022

Easy Makeup Looks

If you’re looking for some easy makeup inspiration, check out our pick of the best makeup looks that are trending this year. With a wide variety of styles, suitable for weddings, casual occasions, work or the red carpet, there’s a look for everyone. Follow gorgeous YouTubers who educate and inspire you.

1. Natural look without makeup

Embrace your natural beauty with this easy no-makeup look. It’s perfect for lazy days, brisk mornings, and laid-back weekends. Plus, it takes less than 10 minutes to perfect. All you need are a few makeup essentials, and you’ll look fresh and pretty, with minimal effort. Plus, Emily Jean’s instructions in the video are easy to follow.


2. Wedding makeup

Recreate this beautiful classic bridal makeup for your wedding day. The neutral colors of this stunning eyeshadow, lipstick and blush will suit many skin tones including cool and warm undertones. Therefore, it’s a universal style that isn’t too dramatic, making it the perfect pick for your special day. It will stand the test of time as you remember your wedding day. Plus, this video goes into great detail with tips and tricks on how to achieve this look, making it the perfect guide even for beginners.


3. E-Girl Makeup

Create one of the most recognizable and fun looks on the internet – the E-Girl style. This trend has been made famous on platforms such as Twitch, TikTok, and Instagram. When it comes to makeup, hallmarks of the E-Girl look include thick winged eyeliner, colorful eyeshadow, rosy highlights, and full, glossy lips. Sometimes it can also feature hand painted flowers, hearts or teardrops along the cheekbones. Moreover, these ladies usually wear iconic hairstyles and E-Girl outfits. It’s a fun look and an easy way to play around with your makeup colors.


4. Pink makeup

Denitslava kills with this tutorial by creating a half-cut pleat with pretty pink hues. Perfect for a date night, this makeup style is dramatic and romantic. By using both neutral and darker shades of pink eyeshadow, depth and dimension are created. Complete with kiss-proof matte pink lipstick and glamorous false lashes, this look is irresistible.


5. Red makeup

Turn up the heat with this hot red makeup. Sonjdra Deluxe was inspired by Blac Chyna. It keeps the color concentrated on the eyes, which will highlight your pretty peepers. The nude colored lips perfectly balance the eyeshadow.


6. Blue makeup

Accentuate your eyes with this smoky blue makeup. Melissa Samways shows you how to recreate this stunning and dramatic style, using vibrant cobalt, deep blacks and shimmering golds. Because it’s so smoky and sultry, it’s ideal for a glamorous ball or a night out on the town.


7. Purple Makeup

Purple is a color that suits a range of skin tones. Because it can be cool or warm, you can modify this Shanny Stephens tutorial to suit your undertones. Purple is also fun and regal, all at the same time. Plus, you can add a touch of shine for a glamorous evening look or leave it matte for a fierce style during the day.


8. Green Makeup

Create a stunning look with this neon green makeup look from Esmeralda Gudino. Bright and bold, it might not be an everyday choice, but for something edgy and different, it’s sure to make a statement. Plus, you can easily switch up this look by replacing the neon green with another bright color, like neon pink or orange.


9. Gold Makeup

Golden makeup is always glamorous. Plus, depending on the shade of gold you choose, it can be beautifully subtle or make a bold statement. Carli Bybel combines warm golds with bronzes and browns in this tutorial to create the perfect look for a balmy summer evening.


10. Glamorous makeup

Channel old Hollywood glamor with this classic makeup look. Follow Carli Bybel as she walks you through all the tips and tricks in this tutorial. She keeps her eyes neutral, with a subtly winged liner and accentuated lashes. Next, nothing says glam like a bright red lip. Use a long-wearing lipstick with a matte finish to make sure your lipstick doesn’t smudge or fade too easily throughout the day.


11. 70s Inspired Makeup

Take a trip back in time with this 70s-inspired makeup look. Go through the full prep and makeup routine with Joanna Marie, from lip brightening and exfoliating serums, to the final look. This makeup aims to keep you looking natural and glowing. The look uses simple eyeshadow, subtle contouring, a touch of blush, and a nude lip for the finishing touch.


12. 80s Inspired Makeup

Lisa Eldridge is an expert makeup artist with years of experience in the industry. She has written for Elle, Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar magazines and worked with dozens of celebrities. Moreover, she has held influential positions in many makeup companies and has a website and Youtube channel. Here she creates a fun retro 80s look, complete with blue eyeshadow and bright red lips.


13. 90s Inspired Makeup

The 90s was the era of supermodels, dark lipsticks, scarves and brown makeup looks. Take a modern take on the ’90s look with Ashley Quiroz. Contouring might not have been as popular back then as it is now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate it into this look. Pair it with brown and maroon eye shadow, plus a dark vampy lip, and you’ll be making Cindy Crawford proud in no time.

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14. Summer Makeup

Get that summery glow all year round with this makeup look from Joanna Marie. It’s glamorous, bronzed and rosy. The key to a summer glow is not getting a sunburn, so be sure to start with a good sunscreen. Use a lightweight foundation and highlighter to let your skin breathe and glow.


15. Winter Makeup

This cozy winter look from Jessica Vu is perfect for sitting by the fire with a nice glass of red wine or tea. It is simple, natural and beautiful. However, the key to healthy winter makeup is proper skincare. Cold weather and icy winds can be drying, so keep your skin hydrated throughout the winter months.



What are the different makeup looks?

There are dozens of makeup looks that take inspiration from different places. If you’re looking for something classic, go for natural no-makeup, glamorous styling, or wedding makeup for special occasions. Take inspiration from the seasons with a winter or summer look, or channel your inner e-girl for something fun and colorful. Speaking of colors, customize your makeup for the day with different shades – try pink, red, blue, purple, green or gold. Finally, look at the decades for ideas, like the 70s, 80s, or 90s.

What makeup makes you prettier?

Choosing a makeup style that accentuates your best features will make you feel prettier. Start by finding the best shades for your skin tone and using them to your advantage. If you have full lips, show them off with a bold lipstick or bring out your peepers with the right shade of eyeshadow. Makeup is also great for covering blemishes such as dark circles, pimples or an oily T-zone. Of course, the most important factor is that you need to be comfortable with your chosen look to feel confident and stunning.

What is classic makeup?

Classic makeup channels a bit of Hollywood glamour. Start with a smooth finish foundation and a warm blush to show off your cheekbones. Then, use neutral tones, subtle eyeliner and mascara to highlight your eyes without overdoing it. Finish with a bold red lipstick for a glam touch, or tone it down with a neutral pink that suits your undertones. Other classic looks include “no makeup,” a tanned goddess, and smokey eyes with bare lips.

How to be pretty with simple makeup?

Embrace your natural beauty with a “no makeup” look that highlights your best features. Choose foundations and lightweight coverage products to let your inner goddess shine. Even better, these looks often take less than 10 minutes.


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