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15 Coolest Viking Hairstyles to Rock in 2022

Best Viking Hairstyles for Men

They may have lived a thousand years ago, but the Vikings were certainly ahead of their time when it came to their hair, or so the hit History Channel show would have you believe. Epic braids, killer disconnected undercuts and manly ponytails come to mind when picturing one of these historic warriors, and we love it. After all, what man doesn’t want an incredibly fierce yet stylish haircut? Of course, these bold and daring actions are definitely not for the faint-hearted. But, if you can handle the massive amount of attitude that comes with a battle-ready cut, then you’ve come to the right place. We have all the coolest viking hairstyles for men to inspire your next look.

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1. Temple shaving

Viking hairstyles are often characterized by long, thick hair on the top and back of the head and shaved sides. The result is an eye-catching, attitude-filled look that’s perfect for tough guys. To rock the style, all you have to do is apply a few modern updates. A temple shave can be a great way to achieve the same bold look as an authentic Viking hairstyle while maintaining a modern appeal.

shaving of temples

2. Shaved Head + Beard

Not all Viking hairstyles require a long mane that can be brushed, braided, or rolled into a bun. For a look that has the same sense of personality without the follicle requirement, you should consider a shaved head. After all, it’s not just disconnected undercuts that look stylish and daring with a scalp flash. To rock the look, don’t forget to add a beard, and don’t be afraid to let it grow. While short hair may look good on many modern men, an authentic Viking appearance calls for larger, fuller facial hair.

Milan Street Style Man Spring Summer 2017-74

3. Braided part

To really take the Viking style into the future, try a braided part this year. The hairstyle is perfect for modern men who want an edgy warrior look without the rough finish on the edges. The look also works exceptionally well with an undercut and can be styled in a number of ways, including a trendy pompadour. Of course, the braid will always grab attention and keep the look rooted in Viking history.

Braided part

4. Loose Braid

Long hair can create truly impressive Viking looks. So, if you’ve ever taken the time to grow your locks to considerable length, you should reward yourself with an amazing warrior style. The loose braid is one such style and one that you should try. Don’t be discouraged if you’ve never braided hair before. The process is surprisingly simple, and it doesn’t matter if it’s not perfect.

loose braid

5. Top knot + undercut

Do you want a hairstyle that is both Viking and hipster? Look no further than a top knot and undercut combination. The unique style can easily fall into either category and be styled according to your preference. For a decidedly more Viking look, maintain lots of texture on top and keep the bun messy. For a more hipster style, carefully comb and straighten your hair for a sleek look. Best of all, both work perfectly with a cool beard.

Top knot with undercut

6. Long Hair + Beard

Although loose and long hair can create a very elegant look, it is not always seen as a Viking style. To make the long cut look a bit tougher and sturdier, try pairing it with a beard. Plus, keep your hair a little messy and full of texture, either naturally or by using a sea salt spray. 12 Best Sea Salt Sprays to Get That Beach Hair Look. The combination of beard and messy mane will easily take you back to the time of the Vikings.

Long hair and beard

7. Mohawk

Vikings and punks may have more in common than you think. Along with a healthy dose of attitude, the two groups also apparently shared an appreciation for the Mohawks. Although they could have worn the look in different ways, the fit was essentially the same. Shaved sides with a noticeably longer band of hair running down the middle of the head from the hairline to the back. Today, the hairstyle is still a great choice for men and a top look to try if you can handle its intensity.


8. Slick Back + Undercut

Rocking a Viking hairstyle is all about finding the right cut with just the right amount of intensity that works for you. So if you like a funky and edgy haircut that is also easy to wear every day, consider trying a slicked back with an undercut. The look is both rugged and sophisticated and can be adjusted to suit your needs. For a more conservative style, just leave the sides a little longer and the top a little shorter.

Smoothed undercut

9. Messy Half Pony

Long and glorious locks are also characteristic of the Viking style and can be a great way to channel the look. The key to pulling off long hair like a Viking is to keep your hair messy and textured. You don’t want your mane to get too out of control. As such, a messy half pony is an ideal solution. Not only does the look give you the rough and rugged look of a Viking, but it’s also practical and keeps the locks off your face in style.

Messy half pony

10. Half bun

Don’t worry if you don’t feel like shaving your hair and haven’t grown your locks to epic length yet. You can still achieve an amazing Viking-inspired hairstyle with what you have. A simple half updo is all you need to take your straight, shoulder-length hair into warrior territory. Don’t forget to complete the look with a beard or at least a lot of attitude.

Half bun

11. Man bun

The man bun is an awesome style that looks modern but has a killer Viking feel to it. It’s also easy to style and can be worn with any hair type, including curly, wavy, and straight. To rock the look, all you need is medium or long locks and a hair tie. Then all you have to do is use your hands to pull all your hair back and secure it in a small bun. Although you can use a comb or a brush, your hands will offer a more authentic and slightly tousled look.

Good man

12. Man Braid

Braids are also commonly associated with Vikings and can create a unique and stylish look. Even better, the man braid is currently in fashion and a trendy hairstyle to try. For a standard style, try creating a single braid down the center of your head. Although it’s easier to do on long hair, the look can also work on short cuts with the help of certain styling products.

Man Braid

13. Half Pony + Undercut

When rocking a Viking look, don’t be afraid to mix up a few iconic styles. One way to do this is to combine a half pony with an undercut. The powerful partnership will project some serious warrior vibes and are sure to get you noticed. To become a triple threat, you can also try adding a man braid on top of your head before finishing with the ponytail.

Half Pony with Undercut

14. Low Fade

For a very subtle way to infuse your hair with Viking flair, opt for a low fade haircut. The hairstyle, which transitions from a longer length on top of the head to a short, shaved length near the ears, is the perfect way to experiment with Viking hairstyles without the commitment. To completely nail the look, just be sure to leave your hair long and thick on top and flip it to one side.

Low taper fade

15. Half-Bun + Undercut

Like the half pony and undercut, the half updo and undercut can also make a great Viking hairstyle. Although the look is bold and masculine, it also offers a contemporary and sophisticated touch. Before asking your hairdresser for the cut, think about how high or low you want the undercut to start. A simple height adjustment can completely alter the outcome of this haircut, so it’s best to consider your options first.

Half updo with undercut


What hairstyle did the Vikings have?

There is actually not much historical information to back up the hairstyles the Vikings wore. Ancient texts and Norman memoirs mention styles that resemble inverted mullets and partially shaved heads, as well as neat beards. There is also evidence that only slaves wore their hair cut short, while freemen had it longer, around shoulder length. However, many Viking-inspired hairstyles seen these days mimic those worn on the TV show Vikings on the History Channel. Show creator Michael Hirst allegedly came up with the styles because they didn’t really know what Vikings looked like.

Why didn’t the Vikings cut their hair?

Viking freemen are likely to have worn their hair long as a form of class separation from slaves who would have short hair. Archaeological finds have also shown that the Vikings regularly used grooming tools such as combs in their daily lives.

How to do a Viking hairstyle?

1. Look at ponytails, buns and shaved styles for a great Viking haircut.
2. Try a braided look for an assertive Viking style.
3. Undercut styles are a great way to rock a Viking look with modern appeal.
4. Consider growing out a beard to add an extra Viking touch to your look.
5. For an authentic Viking hairstyle, keep your locks messy and retain lots of texture in your locks.
6. To achieve a subtle Viking style, skip the edgy cuts and select a tapered fade instead.

Did the Vikings have mohawks?

Currently, there is no evidence to suggest that the Vikings actually wore Mohawk styles. It is more likely that they could have braided their hair, as shown by the women. The Mohawk idea comes down to stylistic choice and interpretation by the creators of the Vikings show.


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