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15 Cool Face Tattoos for Ballsy Men in 2022

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There’s no denying that face tattoos are for bold men, as they’re considered one of the most controversial types of body art. This is because face tattoos were once associated with gangs and prisoners. Today they are becoming more and more popular thanks to celebrities like Post Malone, Offset and Justin Bieber. If you’re ready to commit to a face tattoo, they can be surprisingly versatile – from small, subtle designs to oversized artistic pieces.

1. Word face tattoo

One of the biggest recent trends is word face tattoos. Whether you choose a short quote or a slogan, a word face tattoo makes a bold statement about who you are. Many guys ask for a one-word description — like “in love,” “misunderstood,” or “lonely” — for simplicity and maximum impact.

word face tattoo

2. Heart face tattoo

Hearts have been popular inking for men since the earliest sailor tattoos. They can be a subtle tribute to a loved one like a friend or family member. Alternatively, hearts can symbolize romance, heartbreak, or the love of life itself. In general, heart face tattoos are smaller and simpler because the artist has less space to draw.

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heart face tattoo

3. Cross tattoo

A very popular tattoo for religious men is a cross. Having the cross inked on your face lets everyone around you know you’re a Christian and take your faith seriously. It is an ever present reminder of God as you will see each time you look in the mirror. A meaningful placement for a cross face tattoo is at the corner of your eye – to represent God opening your eyes – or at your temple, to symbolize God guiding your thoughts and decisions.

Cross Face Tattoo

4. Anchor face tattoo

Another classic tattoo design that has been adapted for the face is the anchor. Traditionally, anchors symbolize safety, hope and salvation. They can also represent Christianity, so they are a popular choice for men of faith. Other men choose the anchor tattoo after traveling as it represents crossing oceans.

Anchor face tattoo

5. Skull face tattoo

For very daring and extravagant guys, a full face skull tattoo is amazing and daring. Made famous by artist Rick Genest – known as “Zombie Boy” – the skull tattoo is not for the faint-hearted. It’s a real commitment and suits those who are obsessed with tattoos while having a gothic aesthetic.

Skull Tattoo

6. Number face tattoo

Numbers are an ever popular choice when it comes to tattoos all over the body, but especially on the face. They can serve as a tribute to a particular year or age in your life, to your children, or simply to your lucky numbers. Number tattoos look best on your cheek where you can scale them to be large or small.

number face tattoo

7. Initial face tattoo

If you want a meaningful face tattoo that takes up little space, then a face tattoo with initials might be ideal for you. A simple letter can honor a loved one. Some guys also choose the letter X to represent themselves. This is because an X is what men have written in the past instead of a signature.

Initial Face Tattoo

8. Name face tattoo

One of the most popular ways to honor a loved one is to get their name tattooed – and it’s even more meaningful when that tattoo is on your face! Daring men might consider getting this type of tattoo to show their confidence and loyalty. Name face tattoos can be placed horizontally or vertically, depending on the length and style of the text.

Name Face Tattoo

9. Diamond face tattoo

Diamonds are the strongest natural material on Earth, which is why men often choose them to represent invincibility, integrity and survival. Diamonds are also a well-known symbol of wealth and power. A diamond face tattoo shows that you appreciate yourself and lets others know that you are a strong person.

Diamond face tattoo

10. Tribal face tattoo

Face tattoos are traditional in many cultures around the world, including Native American and Samoan tribes. Some of the most iconic tribal tattoos on the face are from Maori His tattoo tradition. Maori face tattoos communicate specific details about the wearer, including family, social status, and accomplishments.

Tribal Face Tattoo

11. Tear Face Tattoo

Teardrop face tattoos are some of the most well-known prison inks. In some gangs, a tear means a person is a killer. Because of this meaning, tear face tattoos can often look intimidating, mysterious, and edgy. For men who are bold enough to choose a tattoo with a bad reputation, a ripped face tattoo is a great option.

tear face tattoo

12. Sword face tattoo

A sword is a great option for a vertical face tattoo. It represents bravery, authority, strength, protection and power. When placed on the temple, a sword tattoo symbolizes a strong mind and intelligence. A flaming sword can represent Christianity due to its biblical reference.

sword face tattoo

13. Moon Tattoo

Moon tattoos represent transformation and change as they rise and fall over time. Men who have gone through complicated situations in life might choose a moon face tattoo to show how they have evolved. The crescent moons also symbolize letting go and self-reflection, adding to the powerful message of this bold tattoo.

moon face tattoo

14. Star Tattoo

Stars are a subtle and simple choice for a tattoo design. Because they are only visible at night, many people see the stars as a symbol of guidance and hope in times of darkness. While you can choose a classic star tattoo shape, a four pointed star has a more masculine look.

star face tattoo

15. Small face tattoos

Are you considering your first face tattoo? Try a small, pure black ink tattoo. Sleek and understated yet masculine, small face tattoos look sophisticated and cool. Small face tattoos look great at the corner of the eye or temple and make a subtle statement.

small face tattoo


Are face tattoos a good idea?

Face tattoos require significant thought before committing. It is one of the less common and socially accepted varieties of ink. Face tattoos can limit your career depending on your industry and career goals. They can also lead to a lot of judgment and preconceptions about who you are from others – many people judge a book by its cover. Finally, the skin on your face is very different from the rest of your body. As such, face tattoos are prone to premature aging, increased sun damage, and faster loss of integrity.

Why do people get face tattoos?

Generally, the biggest motivation for getting a face tattoo is to make a statement. It could be a personal statement for yourself, an act of rebellion, or an image issue. Another reason for heavily tattooed people is that it’s the only blank canvas left. Finally, facial tattoos play an important role in some cultures, especially in the Pacific. For example, in the Maori tradition, a ta moko face is the ultimate statement of your identity as a Maori and tells your life story.

What occupations allow face tattoos?

Industries that don’t shy away from face tattoos tend to fall with the arts, hospitality, and blue-collar jobs. There are plenty of artists, musicians, filmmakers, models, chefs, bartenders, and venue managers rocking the ink with no problem. Plus, labor-intensive jobs from electricians, builders, and mechanics to fishermen, truckers, and rig workers usually don’t care as much about your appearance, as long as you’re willing to work hard and to do the job. . However, there are plenty of other roles and industries that won’t have a problem either, as long as you’re skilled and good at your job.

Do face tattoos hurt?

Yes, but not as much as the skull. There is still some padding around the face which may make it less painful. Also, generally, tattoos are smaller, with less detail, so the duration is short. However, the eye area is particularly high on the pain scale, both for physical pain and the apprehension of a needle puncturing the skin near your eye 1000 times per minute. Expect there to be tears in your eyes.


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