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15 Cool Drop Fade Haircuts for Men in 2022

If you love faded hairstyles, you will love this stylish twist on the original faded haircut; the crossfade is the new way to go if you’re looking for a way to up the ante on your signature look. This precision taper cut lets you wear any style you want while adding alluring details and new textures to your hair. The crossfade will up your style game without looking too edgy. To see how you can spruce up your hair game, we’ve rounded up the coolest haircuts.
Drop Fade Haircuts for Men

1. Drop Fade Disconnected Undercut

The strong length contrast between the sides and the top of the hair defines the fade of the fall and the disconnected undercut. While the crown hair is significantly longer, the sides are only a few millimeters long, creating a clean line between the two layers. When you style your hair, blow dry it to show off the haircut in all its glory.

Medium Drop Fade Side Part

2. Drop Fade Pompadour

If you prefer styles that add height and volume to your look, try the pompadour fade. This polished look channels the best part of the ultra-cool vintage hairstyles that were popular during the Elvis days, while still maintaining a modern style thanks to the refined low fade. The drop fade pompadour is a fashionable versatile accessory that will make you look good on any occasion, whether it’s casual or business attire.

Pompadour Drop Fade

3. Drop Fade with Curls

A cross fade is a great way to tame and define your natural curls without disrupting the original integrity of your hair. You can either let them go wild by simply letting them air dry, or refine your look with a bit of light styling product. Simply spread some paste on your fingertips and tuck the strands into place if necessary. By carefully combing your hair after washing it, your curls will naturally fall into place as they dry.

Drop Fade with curls

4. Drop Fade Slick Back

The slick back is a chic look for busy nine-to-five or dressy social occasions. Adding a faded cut, like the fade, will instantly up the style factor of this look while simultaneously adding a more laid-back edge to it. Facial hair lovers can take this look a step further by incorporating the fade into their beards. Just keep dropping the fade lower in your legs and let it scale down the length of your bun.

Drop Fade with Slick Back

5. Faux Hawk Drop Fade

As if a faux hawk wasn’t stylish enough on its own, a cross fade will take this favorite hairstyle to the next level. While you can go for a low fall fade for this haircut, a medium to high fall fade will have an even bigger effect on this style. Let your stylist gradually blend out your sides, creating a more dramatic contrast to the long, high top. Finally, create your faux hawk by drying your hair overhead and setting it in place with styling paste and hairspray.

Fohawk Drop Fade

6. French Crop Drop Fade

The French Crop drop fade haircut will dramatically shorten your morning routine. This polished look goes well with both, a low or medium fade, while graduating seamlessly in length from the back of your head to the front. Although back hair is usually no longer than an inch, it can be up to twice as long in the front. The blunt bangs are short and end well above the eyebrows. A comb is all you need to brush your hair into place when it’s wet.

Drop Fade French Culture

7. Drop Fade Afro

Afro hair and a cross fade are a heavenly marriage. The precision of this fade revives some of your hair’s density while retaining its original glory on your crown. Combine the fade with your unrefined tight curls for a natural look, or try twists for more defined spirals on top. One of the coolest styles of the season is the “men’s mohawk” (also known as the South of France haircut), which has been endorsed by male celebrities like “King of Cool” Usher.

Drop fade with Afro

8. Drop Fade with Textured Top

For a bolder style, ask your stylist to add extra layers on top of your hair. If your chop is naturally straight, it will visually increase the volume of your hair while creating interesting textures. Although this haircut is low maintenance, it does require you to get used to a daily styling routine. Simply rub some styling product between your hands and start setting your locks in place. Flatten your sides with your palms for a polished look while using your fingers to create the desired volume on top.

Drop Fade with textured top

9. Drop Fade with Bangs

Try something different by putting your bangs in the spotlight. For this look, go for a low fade around your ear as your hair gradually lengthens on top. On your crown, your hair will be shortest in the back and longest in the front. You can then let your bangs hang freely over your eyebrows or comb them back to create a little (or a lot) of height. This casual style is the perfect accessory for a casual look outside of work hours.

Drop Fade with bangs

10. Drop Fade Flat Top

The 90s revival is real with this teardrop fade style. With the addition of the arched fade, this flat haircut gets a makeover. Depending on your hair texture, shape your natural curls or brush them lightly to create a higher shape. This will result in a fuller and denser appearance. And after all, height is key to this look.

Teardrop Fade

11. Mid-fall fade

The cross fade is one of the trendiest and coolest hairstyles for men. It is expressive and fun and easy to notice as it falls low and behind the ear, creating an arch-like appearance. The appeal of the drip fade is that it can be tailored to your preference, allowing you to play with proportions. It can also be paired with other fades, like the half fade haircut. The medium fade, as the name suggests, is between the low and high fade and is tapered, ending between the temple and the ears. The combination will give more subtlety to the fade, making it look fantastic for a modern twist on classic haircuts.

Mid-fall fade

12. Bleaching curly hair

The bleach will complement hair of all textures, including curly hair. Curly hair is great when paired with a fade because it gives structure to the hair while creating contrast. The drop fade focuses attention around the ear creating an arc-like appearance. It can also make the hair on top look thicker and fuller and add sharpness to the softness of your curls. Curly hair can also be difficult to style and prone to tangling. Bleaching can remove some of the hair’s weight and volume.

Curly hair loss

13. High Fall Fade

The high drop fade is a look that falls between the classic drop fade and the high fade. The result is a bold haircut that is perfect for men who want an expressive hairstyle. The fade fades high, on or above the temples, and gradually gets shorter. The hair on top is kept longer, creating contrast. You can experiment with how dramatic you want this contrast to be by experimenting with different hair lengths. The combination of these fades is fresh and modern but also surprisingly versatile as they can be adapted to all hair textures and lengths.

High Drop Fade

14. Drop Fade Dreads

Fading creates more volume around the crown and can draw attention to the hairline. It can be paired with hair of different textures and you can experiment with how you choose to style the hair on top. This includes wearing it with dreadlocks. Dreadlocks are a braided style that takes time and patience to develop, but can be worn in many ways and styled to different lengths. They are great for creating an interesting textured finish and should be worn with pride. The fade will keep the hair on the back and sides shorter, giving the hair structure and creating contrast.

Drop Fade Dreads

15. Bald Fade

The bald fade is defined by shaving the hair on the back and sides. The hair on top is kept longer and you can experiment with the length you want, depending on how much contrast you want to create. This is one of the most adventurous and visible fades and looks great with all hair textures. It can also make the hair on top look bulkier and thicker because of the contrast. You can combine the crossfade with a bald fade for a bold and cool look that will demand attention.

Bald fade

Crossfade FAQ

What is a crossfade?

A fade is a type of fade haircut that curves downward toward the back of the head. Viewed from the side, the fade appears to “fall” behind your ear, creating an “arch” effect.

What is a low dropout fade?

A low crossfade is one of the most common types of crossfade. The hairstylist will begin to fade the hair just above your ear – lower on your head than a medium fade, temporary fade, or high fade.

Do fades look good on me?

Because there are so many types of fades, your stylist can tailor the cut to your liking. However, as a general rule, fades look best if you have thicker hair and an oval face shape, and consistent skin tone between your scalp and neck.

How to make a drop fade?

Like most haircuts, a drop is best left to the professionals. Your stylist will use an electric clipper to gradually shave your hair from the sides, blending it into an even arc. Then they will cut and style the longer top section to balance out your facial shape and features.

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