15 Cool Beard Fade & Hairstyle Combinations To Try

Getting a sexy, stylish beard takes more work than just growing the fuzz on your chin. Take your facial hair game to the next level with a beard fade. It’s sophisticated, versatile and ensures your entire look is tidy and put together. Plus, it works with a variety of hairstyles, so whatever you have on top can be complemented with a beard fade. Check out some of our favorite hairstyle combinations for the dapper men.

What is a Beard Fade?

A beard fade is a grooming technique that smoothly transitions your beard from a thick, bushy shave to a close shave. It creates a graduation from longer hairs on your chin and lower jaw to a closer shave on your cheeks and sideburns. In doing so, your beard then smoothly joins your hairline, without appearing disconnected. It’s incredibly stylish, versatile and suits multiple beard types, hairstyles and face shapes. The key to getting a great beard fade is to choose a shape that suits your face and trim the hairs regularly, so they maintain both their fade and shape. Additionally, you can create this look at home, but for a clean cut or more specialized styles,

Beard Fade Styles

1. Buzz Cut + Beard Fade

One of the easiest beard fade looks to achieve is the buzz cut and beard fade. Because the entire look is completed with a trimmer, it’s easy to move between different lengths of attachments to achieve the perfect look. You’ll want to leave it a little longer on the top of your head and go down to about a number one on the sides. Then use the number one setting on your sideburns again, moving up to about a number four on your chin. The buzz cut and beard fade is easy and low maintenance.

2. Mohawk + barbe fondue

This style is for bolder men who want to make a statement. Mohawks are no longer the exclusive hairstyle of punk rockers and metalheads. Modern mohawks are sleek and bold and can be styled in many ways. The nature of the style, with its short sides and length on top, lends itself well to a beard fade. Therefore, a beard looks fantastic when faded with a mohawk. However, it is good to keep your beard on the shorter side, to avoid elongating the face too much with height at the top and length at the bottom.

3. Slick Back Waves + Beard Fade

Channel a vintage vibe with slicked back waves and a beard fade. Reminiscent of 1920s Hollywood and the Clark Gable era, it’s a modern take on a distinguished look. If you don’t already have wavy hair, try styling waves with your fingers, which can be done with just a comb and hair gel or pomade. Then, pair the look with a full or medium beard for balance. Additionally, make sure to keep your edges sharp around the cheeks, to maintain the elegance of this refined look.

4. Disconnected Undercut + Beard Fade

A disconnected undercut is edgy and innovative. As such, it is ideal for pairing with any beard length and style. It works well with a full beard, a short beard or even a chin bar. Combining your beard and a disconnected cut with a beard fade is a great way to tie everything together. If you have short sides and then suddenly a full beard, your aesthetic can end up looking a little directionless. This is why the beard fade is brilliant. You’ll look polished, suave and bold – it’s the best of both worlds.

5. Hard Part + Fade Beard

Another style for bold men, a harsh part is cut into your hair with clippers or a razor. As such it provides a clear definition and makes a big statement. Traditionally worn on the side, most hair lengths and styles can sport a hard part. These styles could include pompadours, comb-overs and quiffs. Join the hair to your beard with a beard fade for the ultimate style. This ties together the elements of the clean and strong part, with perfect grooming and clean lines of the beard. Depending on how you wear your harsh part, choose a beard style that suits your face.

6. Faux Hawk + Beard Fade

Faux hawks with a beard fade are a more subdued version of the mohawk-beard fade combo. Therefore, it is perfect for men who want the flexibility of having fun hair on the weekends and a more professional look for work. The beauty of the faux hawk is that you can style it and make it fun and bold whenever you want. However, you can also comb it for a more subtle look. Either way, it looks great with a beard fade. The transition between the short sides of the style and any groomed beard looks flawless. Pair it with a short beard or allow some length, just be sure to keep the shape trimmed and maintained, so you don’t end up looking scruffy.

7. Mid Fade et Beard Fade

Any type of taper fade will look great with a beard fade. Mid fades are a great all-rounder that suits most men. Traditionally, the mid fade uses the area between your temple and ear for the fade. As such, continuing this fade into the beard is a very smooth and easy transition. It is versatile and easy to maintain, which is perfect for men who prefer a low-maintenance style, but still want a refined and sophisticated look. Because of the versatility of the style, it goes well with most beard styles, whether you choose short mustaches or a full beard.

8. Low Fade + Beard Fade

Low fades are clean and structured and a great way to keep your hair around your neck and ears tidy. This type of taper fade starts at the ear and extends to the nape of the neck. Therefore, matching a beard fade to this type of hairstyle will start the fade in roughly the same place, right at the ear. Because this look is more subtle, it looks great with a shorter or mid-length beard. It’s perfect for men who are looking for something less edgy in the hair department, or who want something easy and low maintenance.

9. Undercut + Barbe Fade

Similar to the disconnected undercut, the regular undercut looks great with a beard fade. This trendy style is versatile and works well with straight or curly hair. Plus, depending on how long you have on top, it can be styled in different ways. Although it needs regular trims, it is a very stylish option for men wanting to give it the care it needs. Choose a beard that suits your face shape and blend it from sideburns to complete the style.

10. Quiff + Barbe Fade

A beard tuft and fade is a great way to style your look for special occasions. The quiff is less of a haircut and more of a styling option, as it can be done with any hairstyle that has length on top. It is a timeless and refined look that suits different age groups and occasions. A classic carrot has balanced proportions, while longer hair can be styled to one side. Famous faces who have sported the quiff include the ever-sharp David Beckham, the original bad boy James Dean and, of course, the king himself, Elvis Presley. Ideally, to pair it with a beard fade, you will need a style that has shorter sides, which can then blend into the beard of your choice.

11. Skin Fade + Beard Fade

Take your fade to another level with a skin fade. This hairstyle is the most extreme of the fade variations, as it takes the fade all the way to the skin. Although this is the extreme version of the look, it is far from extravagant and can actually be very stylish. Like other fades, you can take it from a high, mid, or low position; however, it works best with a high fade. Again, like many of the styles on this list, a skin fade will work well with any beard style. However, keep in mind that because you are fading from skin level, you need more room to move up into the beard.

12. Spiky Hair + Beard Fade

Spiky hair is playful and fun and has come a long, long way since the boy band days of the early 2000s. The evolution of hair products has also helped this look become much more natural and much sexier . Additionally, spiky hair can be low maintenance, as long as you keep your back and sides clean. The versatility of the length on top also means that if you want to change your look, you can try a tuft or straighten it all out. Combine spiky hair with a beard fade for a more distinguished look. Keep in mind that because the ends have a lot of texture and visual movement, you’ll want to keep your beard on the cleaner side.

13. Drop Fade + Beard Fade

Try a variation of the fade hairstyle – the undercut fade. While regular fades start at the same height all around, the drop fade goes down around the back of the head. This makes it ideal for adding more depth to the back of the hair and framing your profile well. It is a tailored look that is popular among stylish and fashion-forward men. Because it’s so on trend, it looks great with a beard fade, which creates a polished look all over. Additionally, because it creates depth at the back of the head, a beard is a great way to create visual balance on your side profile.

14. Shape Up + Beard Fade

Sharp edges for sharp men are the way to go with a shape cut and beard fade. The shape cut, also known as an undercut or undercut, involves creating very clean, very straight edges around the hairline. It is traditionally a black hairstyle and best suits the hair texture and color of black men, however, the style can also work well on other men of color. Unless you’re super confident and have a steady hand, a professional barber is the best person to create this precision cut. A very sharp fade of tight hair often accompanies the style, as does the occasional shaved design. As such,

15. Caesar Cut + Fade Beard

Named after the Roman Emperor Tiberius Julius Caesar, this is a hairstyle that has stood the test of time. A Caesar cut is distinguished by its short, blunt bangs, which are styled forward. It’s a fashionable choice, but it’s easy to style. You can choose to wear it with one length everywhere. Alternatively, opt for a short back and sides, perhaps with a taper, for a more modern interpretation. If you choose the short back as the sides, it’s perfect for wearing a beard fade as well. The length on top is well balanced with a mid-length beard, which is well maintained around the edges with a good beard balm.

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