15 Best Workbooks for Kids

15 Best Workbooks for Kids

With school closings still in effect, parents are looking to supplement home education with home textbooks – and they’re selling out quickly. The New York Times reports that sales of children’s educational books increased 40% overall in March, with some publishers reporting to the newspaper that sales of their binder series had increased by 70%.

With summer on the horizon, there will surely be a second wave of binder purchases from parents who seek either to avoid the dreaded learning loss of the “summer slide” or to fill the time that otherwise would have been taken by the summer camp. (After all, there are only so many DIY activities and hands-on science projects you can do in one day, especially if you’re trying to work at home at the same time.)

15 Best Workbooks for Kids
15 Best Workbooks for Kids

So which workbooks are worth it? ? Of course, it depends on the age and predilection of the students. Some offer targeted activities to develop a specific skill where a student may need additional help, while others include and touch on all topics in a given class. There are even some that are designed to “move from one level to another” during the summer. Here are our favorites for each type of filing cabinet child.

First pupils in school / Academic success with

Scholastic Inc.
amazon.com$ 7.32

Scholastic Early Learners starts even before pre-kindergarten, preparing children for school with different activities such as sorting, counting and learning letters. Many Scholastic workbooks have erasable pages, so you can reuse them. Then, as the children get older, the Scholastic Success With series takes over, deepening the topics for students from grades one through eight.

Workman’s Star Wars Workbooks

Workman Publishing Company

If you want children to really learn something, you have to – in the words of 30 Rock‘s Tracy Jordan – “tell them in Star Wars“The worker Star Wars The workbook series uses characters from a very distant galaxy to teach children about academic concepts. Notebooks start for preschoolers (with activities for numbers, letters, and shapes) and move up to fourth grade (for math and reading / writing).

Learning Highlights

Strong points
amazon.com$ 11.69

Highlights offers age-appropriate workbooks that complement year-round learning, focusing on math, reading and writing from preschool to high school. (You can buy them in lots on the Highlights website.) The Summer Big Fun Workbooks are the perfect way to go from one school year to the next, with weekly activities to do during the school holidays.

Carson Dellosa Education Home Workbooks

Carson Dellosa Education
amazon.com$ 3.49

If you’re just looking for a few activities to do when you have extra time, these workbooks are short (the Phonics Kindergarten is only 64 pages), but have an impact. Amazon critics say their kids enjoy the colorful photos and the variety of activities. Carson Dellosa’s home exercise books cover different areas – reading, math, level skills – from pre-kindergarten to third grade.

Modern Kid Press binders

CreateSpace Classics
amazon.com$ 5.99

This black and white number tracking book has over 1,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, with critics praising the way it helps kids form their numbers. If your preschooler likes it, Modern Kid Press also has workbooks for preschool math, letter tracing and even scissor skills.

BIG school area workbooks

School area
amazon.com$ 8.99

If your child is a binder kid – the kind who tears things up and wants more – you will need one of the GREAT books from School Zone. A book covers multiple topics and offers hundreds of activities, and there are notes for each section to help you focus on what’s key for each lesson. You can get the BIG Workbooks from School Zone for Kindergarten to Grade 3.

Summer bridge activities

Summer bridge activities

The activity folders on the summer deck are specially designed to combat the summer slide. The activities are supposed to be done in just 15 minutes a day, so they are perfect for those who just want to cool off between school years. They go up to eighth grade, and you can also get sets that include reading books and flash cards.

Brain Quest / Summer Brain Quest

Workman Publishing Company

Brain Quest is a popular Common Core-aligned series that complements children’s learning during the year (the publisher claims more than 45 million have been sold), and Summer Brain Quest offers thinner volumes that take the children from year to year. For goal-oriented kids motivated by sticker boards, Summer Brain Quest comes with an illustrated card that kids can use to mark their progress. The two series go from pre-kindergarten to sixth grade.

Mad Libs Workbooks

Mad Libs
amazon.com$ 8.99

This year, for the first time, Mad Libs is offering its own series of binders. Currently, they have only first and second grade reading books, and they plan to launch books for third and fourth grade students in the fall. They are aligned with Common Core standards, but still filled with the madness that children expect from Mad Libs.

Complete exercise books

Flash Kids
amazon.com$ 17.96

If you want to take a book that covers everything – language arts, reading, writing, math and test preparation – all in one book, Complete Curriculum is the series you are looking for. Each comes with hundreds of activity pages. It is perfect for parents who want to have a huge set of lessons to choose from. The series goes from kindergarten to sixth grade.

Spectrum binders

amazon.com$ 15.29

Spectrum binders are closely aligned with state standards, making it a success with parents who attend school full time. The workbooks are specific to each subject, so for each level, you can focus on the areas where your student needs help the most, including test preparation. The series runs from kindergarten to eighth grade.

Teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons

jet.com$ 18.03

If you want your child to master the basics of reading before they start kindergarten, this book uses the DISTAR method to master these phonic skills. It starts with just two sounds for children to learn, then adds more letters, words, sentences and short stories. It even offers a word-for-word script for parents to use, so there is no confusion about how to teach lessons or correct children when they make a mistake. This one is currently a hot seller, so if it’s sold out, try Walmart, Barnes & Noble or Bookshop.

Bob Books for Beginning Readers


Another way to connect with novice readers is the Bob Books series from Scholastic. The series begins with a book that contains only four letters, so once the children have mastered these sounds, they can read an entire book by themselves. As the series progresses, new letters and sounds are added gradually.

Impressive science experiments for children

Rockridge press

If you want to learn how to jump from the page, this book is filled with ideas from home science experiments that break down STEM concepts for kids. If they spark interest in your budding scientist, you can switch to related books with engineering, physics, and robotics projects.

Cursive writing notebook for children

amazon.com$ 8.99

Cursive writing becomes a lost art, which may have consequences in the future. (I heard of a postgraduate class whose teacher had to teach cursive because students had trouble reading historical manuscripts.) This book teaches children how to form cursive letters, how to connect letters for make words and how to write sentences. If it’s not enough of an incentive to write in the script, try the Pokémon cursive binder.

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