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Taking notes with a pen that has a comfortable grip and an ink that flows smoothly like melted butter on hot bread just makes you want to take more notes. And that’s, my friends, how you make your child become an A right this year. Jokes aside, there is a huge demand for finding the best pens for writing, drawing and beyond, so to accompany your daily planners we looked at the famous brands, the reviews of the reviews, and the real comments from the consumers to choose the best pens of the year. .

When you judge the performance of a pen, you are probably judging the ink drying time, whether or not the ink drips into the paper, the level of comfort when holding the pen and the price. Before shopping, it may be helpful to learn about the basic types of pens to better understand exactly what you are looking for:

  • Ballpoint pen: If you’re looking for an everyday carrying pen, that’s it. These reliable oil-based ink pens dry faster and dispense less ink while you write.
  • Ballpoint pen: These pens use water-based ink and are best for long writing. They write more gently and produce dark, clean lines.
  • Gel pen: A popular pen choice for middle schoolers due to the variety of colors, thanks to the pigment formula of the pen. These pens use a water-based gel ink that writes gently but takes longer to dry. But once completely dry, the ink will not move.
  • Marker pen: For ultimate and dark lines, markers are the way to go. They use water, oil, pigments and alcohol-based inks and often promise a permanent or waterproof finish. Because they are darker, they might be more likely to bleed through thin paper.

Whether you’re a parent trying to tick off your child’s school supplies shopping list or you’re a professional, here are the best pens of 2020:

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Best value for money pen

Round Stic Xtra Life Ballpoint Pen

If you just need a working pen and want a lot, BIC is a household name for affordable pens that students and professionals can count on. This object is an Amazon best seller and a great affordable option – you get 60 light and medium ballpoint pens in a box, so it’s not the biggest problem if you lose one or two. In addition, you will never be surprised when you run out of ink thanks to the translucent barrel which indicates the ink level.


Best Pen for Bullet Journaling

Gel InkJoy pens

Paper Mate

$ 15.46

This is the set to buy if your daughter has been talking about bullet journaling all summer. he has a range of bright colors that critics say dry quickly – which is convenient for writers or fast doodlers. Note that if several critics agree on the comfortable grip, some disagree on the claims that the pens do not stain. The set includes colors like Pure Blue Joy and Luscious Green, but also has a black pen for more regular use.


Best gel pen

Gel ink ballpoint pen

Muji is a Japanese brand that sells minimalist, high-quality home products like this best-selling gel pen. Unlike traditional gel pens, critics say the ink on this Muji pen will not stain. They like that the gel pen dries while you write, plus the fact that it has a finer point point than competing models. The brand offers a few pen sizes, but 0.38 millimeters, the size shown here, is the most popular.


Best pen for handwriting

PIX Black Rollerball

Mont Blanc

$ 260.00

Montblanc is a luxury choice for sure, but it is a most sought after brand and known for producing an ultra-clean finish and optimal sharpness. The brand has a lot of history behind its name (its first fountain pens date back to the early 1900s), in addition the design has a signature silhouette, real gold trim and diamond accents on certain styles. In terms of writing performance, online critics have called it “the Rolex” of the pen world, while some users say that the cheaper pens work just as well. Yet when it comes to creating a clean, blank script, Montblanc is generally considered the cream of the crop.


Best pen for note taking

Dr.Grip ballpoint pen

Thanks to the double layer of this pen fluffy handle, users feel less pressure on their hands when writing. According to Pilot, Dr. Grip is recommended by the Arthritis Foundation, and according to online reviews, it’s the best “writing solution for those with hand problems”. One reviewer says that although his hands usually experience fatigue when writing, this pen gives him much easier time.


Best marker

Fine point pen

It is as if Sharpie takes the qualities of his classic permanent marker and makes a pen. The brand claims that the quality ink on the pen will not stain or discolour. Several critics agree with the brand’s main claim that the ink will not bleed through the paper. A critic explains, “It looks like you are writing with a felt-tip pen, but much thinner.” The results are dark, crisp and clean.


Best left-handed pen

Precise V5 RT

The Pilot Precise V5 RT is a popular choice on the Web, probably because it lives up to its name of making its own brands with its precise 0.5 mm needle tip technology. Depending on the brand, the retractable pen is designed to withstand high air pressures during flight use and writes on a steady stream of ink. Almost 2,000 Amazon buyers gave the pen a perfect five-star rating, with critics say they see “little to no burr” and mark it as a great choice for lefties.


Best roller pen

G2 Rolling Ball Gel Pen

Amazon critics love the “soft, clean writing”, the comfortable grip and the fact that this pen can be used for drawing and writing. The brand claims that the G2 is “turned out to be the longest gel pen among the best brands“, and online reviewers agree that this is a pen that can be used for any purpose. This 12 pack costs around $ 1 per unit, but note that one reviewer says that refills cost as much than the pens.


Best ballpoint pen

Jetstream ballpoint pen


$ 8.04

Online reviewers love this pen for its clean writing and long ink life. The brand says it writes just as neat and clean as a gel pen, but dries instantly. A reviewer says he carries the Jetstream like his everyday pen and appreciates the cap to prevent leaks. Other reviewers agree with the brand’s claims that the pen is stain-free and say that even left-handed users would have no smearing problem.


Best pens for drawing

Micron Blister Card ink pen set

This set of 6 pieces includes a pen of each size, from 0.20 millimeters to 0.50 millimeters, ideal for artists and illustrators who want to perfect every fine detail. The special Pigma ink is apparently waterproof and does not bleed if liquids spill on it. According to the reviewer, the pens last a long time before running out of ink and can be used to draw and write on paper or fabric. Be careful, however, to be gentle with pens because the tips of the pens are fragile – although this can create cool artistic effects, excessive pressure can cause leakage or damage.


Best Executive Pen

Jotter special edition ballpoint pen

Parker pens have been known for delivering quality writing performance for decades, but the brand has released this special edition ballpoint pen which is the perfect gift for a posh pen. Even though it is constructed of stainless steel, the retractable pen is ultra light and easy to carry. It has what Parker calls QuinkFlow technology for a smooth, clean look. The ballpoint pen is engraved with famous British landmarks, which critics say helps a comfortable grip.


Best pen for planners and calendars

EnerGel Gel Ink Pen

If you need ink that dries in seconds, online reviewers swear by this pack of pens. The set comes in black, red, blue, green and purple, so it can be used for everything from taking notes to quickly filling up a planner. Keep in mind that some reviewers report slight bleeding when used on thinner notebook paper, but several reviews agree that the pen has little or no smearing.


Best pen for exams

F-301 ballpoint pen

Fast writers give this pen a high rating because it dries quickly and doesn’t leak. Plus, stainless steel offers a nice “unique luxury feel” – even when you get 12 pens for under $ 20. The design of the pen too includes a non-slip handle that is convenient for taking notes or speeding up an exam. Critics note that the pen does not deliver the thickest ink, so keep that in mind if the quality of the ink is an issue for you.


Best pens for coloring books

Point 88 Fineliner Pens Color wallet set

Many articles point to Stabilo to find the best-in-class pens for coloring books, especially adult coloring pages with narrower spaces. Online critics say the 0.4 millimeter tip provides more control and precision. They also note that, since the markers are water-based, overuse in smaller areas can cause the paper to tear. This particular set offers a wide range of colors of 30 shades, but you can also buy the pack of 40 for more variation.


Best pen for calligraphy

Fudenosuke brush pens (pack of 2)

This set is preferred by calligraphy artists because it includes a soft and hard point pen – flexibility allows for various lettering techniques. Critics love that you can create extra fine or medium lines with just a change of pressure, and that the ink provides the darkest output. A couple of critics have also pointed out that the ink will not bleed even when encountered with liquids.

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