15 Best Homemade Face Washes/ Face Cleansers for Different Skin Types

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Best Homemade Face Wash/ Face Cleansers Recipes for Different Skin Types

When we get up in the morning. The first step that we do for our skin is to wash it. Yes, face cleansing is the first step that everyone does for their skin care. Even if you are a man who does not pay attention to the skin care as such but still face washing is one thing that you do. By this it is clear that face cleansing is an important step at everyone of us do.  Facial cleansing helps to make the skin clean and get rid of the dust, dirt etc that we have accumulated throughout the day or the oils, sebum, dead skin during the night. To cleanse the face, we use face wash, soaps etc. There are many facial wash available in the market for different skin types, like face wash for oily skin, dry skin, acne prone skin etc but there is something called homemade face wash. For people who like everything to be herbal and organic they know the important of homemade face washes. So, here we have the recipes of some of the best homemade face washes for various skin types that you can prepare at home.

Benefits of homemade face wash for every skin type

  1. Homemade products are free of the chemicals and preservatives like sulphates, parabens etc
  2. They are organic in nature and till the time you are using the right ingredients they cannot give you skin problems
  3. Such herbal face wash can make the skin glowing and gets rid of the impurities and dead skin as well.
  4. These face wash can keep the skin’s natural pH balance so that the skin looks healthier.
  5. Pores are also thoroughly cleansed using such face cleansers.
  6. So, you just have to use the suitable homemade face wash for the skin type and rest of the things will be sorted on its own like maintaining a good healthy skin.
  7. But to be honest, if you are willing to try such herbal face wash then do keep in mind that you will have to invest some time in preparing them. They are not like that you squeeze the tube and get the product straight away. One time investment of time is required.

Let’s have a look how you can prepare these and according to the skin type.

Homemade Face Cleansing Product for Normal Skin to Dry Skin Types

People who have got dry skin experiences dryness, patchiness and itching often. So, while you can treat the dryness with using the right face wash then using such natural face cleansers help. Using these homemade face wash for dry skin helps to keep the skin glowing and healthier.

1. Honey and Curd Facial Cleanser

You need to take 1 teaspoonful of yoghurt or curd. In that add 1 teaspoonful of honey and mix them thoroughly. Apply this mixture all over the face and then wash off after massaging for few seconds like 10-12 seconds. It gives moisture and honey’s cleansing properties also makes the skin dewy. You can mix the two and keep in a small bottle and this natural skin cleanser can last for 3-4 days without getting bad if kept in the refrigerator. It is also a suitable homemade face wash for sensitive skin.

2. Apple Lemon Skin Cleanser

This is our favorite skin cleanser for dry skin and normal skin. It soak the skin with the apple juices and pulp while these juice work to soften the dryness and dead skin. It makes the skin moisturized. To prepare this face wash you need a small slice of apple.

Mash that skin once you have peeled the skin off. Then in that mashed pulp of apple, put 1 teaspoonful of lemon juice. Apply this on the face and leave for 45 seconds. If you have time, then this can be kept for more like  pack as well. Then wash off with clear water with massaging the face with the apple lemon paste.

3. Coconut Oil Face Wash Cleanser

Oil cleansing is also a good thing that I have seen recently. Oil cleansing means using oils on the facial skin to actually get rid of the impurities that are not properly dissolved in the water, like the water proof makeup traces, sebum, pollutants etc. You need coconut oil, that should be organic and cold pressed. This is a do it yourself coconut cleanser which is suitable for dry to normal skin.

Take around ½ teaspoonful of coconut oil and apply that on the face wither with clean finger or clean cotton pad. Massage the skin for 30 seconds then taking a towel that has been soaked in the warm water, you have to wipe off the oil from the skin. This will open the blocked pores and also eliminates the makeup etc. The same can be repeated or done with the castor oil or avocado oil which are beneficial for all skin types.

Homemade Facial Wash for Oily Skin and Acne Prone skin

Oily skin is greasy and sticky most of the times. This stickiness of the sebum is the main cause that oily skin also becomes acne prone. Bacteria thrive on your dead skin cells blocking the skin pores and therefore, the blackheads, whiteheads, acne and pimples happens. So, to combat skin problems like these, oily skinned ones should try herbal homemade face wash with ingredients that can cure oiliness. Apart from that oil on the skin tends to attract dirt and pollutants throughout the day. So, at the end of the day, it become important that you cleanse the oily skin thoroughly.

Let’s have a look at the organic face wash for the acne prone oily skin that are free from those ugly chemical any side effects.

4. Homemade Strawberry Face Wash

Take 2 fresh and ripe strawberries and mash them to extract pulp of the strawberries. You can also put these in the blender if you want the process to get easy. Pour 1 teaspoonful of fresh lemon juice in it. Your face wash for oily skin is ready!

Apply this pulp on the skin, around 1 teaspoonful of this cleanser would be sufficient for single time usage. Rub on the skin and leave for 30-45 seconds. Let the Ellagic acid in strawberries work to minimize the oils and uproot the dead skin cells. Wash the face with clear water afterwards. You can also call it  as an effective homemade face wash for fairness and skin whitening.

5. Homemade Milk and Lemon Juice face wash

Mix 1 teaspoon of lemon with 2 teaspoons of raw un-boiled milk. Mix them and apply or rub on the skin. Massage with this gently on the skin and rub this for 1-2 minutes. This cleanser will deep cleanse the skin and is also safe for the oily skin and sensitive oily skin. Lemon juice works as an astringent and skin toner. This is an effective homemade face wash for oily sensitive skin.

6. Deep Cleansing Multani Cleansing Paste

Multani or Fuller’s earth is one of the best clay. This is a brilliant everyday homemade face wash for oily skin and acne prone skin. This homemade face cleanser squeezes and absorbs the excessive oils from the skin. Take some Multani Mitti powder then add some drops of rose water in this. Now apply this on the face and then leave this for 1-2 minute. It absorbs the deep seated skin impurities that causes pimples.

7. Aspirin Face Cleanser for Acne Prone Skin

Aspirin help in the oil absorption and deep cleanse the dirt and sebum. It is also known to decrease the swelling of the pimples and get rid of the flaky dead skin cells. It also helps in fighting off the acne and pimples. Take one aspirin and crush it with water. Apply this on the face and leave for 10-20 seconds then wash off with plain water.

8. Baking Soda Cleanser

Mix 1/2 teaspoonful of baking soda with water and make paste. Apply this paste on the face and massage with this paste then keep it for 5 minutes. This removes the blackheads and pimples off the skin. It is one of the wonderful face wash for oily skin and blackheads elimination.

9. Apple Cider Vinegar Face Cleanser

Apple cider vinegar may help restore your skin’s natural beauty by maintaining the pH levels. It unclogs the clogged pores and removes the dead skin cells. It also regulates the oil and sebum production. Take 1 teaspoonful of apple cider vinegar and massage on the skin. Leave for 1-2 minutes then wash the face thoroughly.

10. Honey and Lemon Juice Face Wash

Mix 1 teaspoons honey and 1 teaspoon fresh lemon juice. Apply this mixture on the face and rub for 1-2 minutes on the contours of the skin. Then wash off with plain water. It can be made in more quantity and can be stored in the refrigerator as well. So that can be used when needed.

Homemade Face Wash for Sensitive Skin/ Combination Skin

Now, in this section, we have some of the face wash recipes that are considered suitable and beneficial for the combination and sensitive skin.

11. Gram Flour Face Wash powder

Besan or gram flour is one of the best skin and scalp cleanser. This has the goodness of the natural proteins that helps to get rid of the impurities, dust, dirt etc. Therefore, your sensitive skin would love to indulge in a cleansing product with besan. Just mix little bit of besan like 1 teaspoonful with milk and make a gentle paste. Apply this on the face and leave for 12 minutes. Then wash off this homemade face wash with clear water.

12. Tomato and Sugar Face Wash Cleanser

This is not the traditional skin cleanser but this is a scrub cleanser for sensitive skin. You need 2 teaspoonful of tomato juice. In that, add ½ teaspoonful of finely granule sugar. Mix and gently apply on the face and wash after 1 minute of massaging. This can actually help the sensitive skin to stay cleaner and dewy. It removes the dead skin tisuse off the face effectively and skin shines from within.

13. Milk and Oatmeal for Combination skin

Soak 1 teaspoonful of oatmeal in 3-5 teaspoonful of milk. Leave this for 5-10 minutes so that the oatmeal gets soften. Apply this oatmeal paste on the skin like a cleanser or face wash and rub. Keep rubbing for 1-2 minutes then rinse with normal water. You can also make this and store for future use in the fridge.

Homemade Facial cleansers for Very dry skin

Now, comes the section, where we have shared these homemade natural face wash for the dry skin. In fact, for the very dry skin in winters. Dry skin stay a lot manageable in summer but when winters come it gets too dry and scaly. Therefore to get rid of that dryness, these organic herbal dry skin face wash can be applied.

14. Yogurt Face Wash

Yogurt is curd which is good for all skin types but it heals the dry skin and the toning properties of yoghurt also keeps the dryness away! This is what we need when one has dry face, right? Yes, so apply yoghurt on the face, like take one teaspoonful on your hands and mix little bit of besan or gram flour in it. In 1 teaspoonful of yoghurt, around ½ teaspoonful of yoghurt is sufficient. Apply this homemade face wash on the face and leave for 1 minute and then rinse the face with plain water.

15. Olive Oil Face Cleanser

Olive oil is highly enriched with the vitamin E and nutrients that heal and soothes the dryness.  So, when the skin is dry and moisturization is need, olive oil can come to rescue! Take ½ teaspoonful of olive oil and mix 2-3 drops of lemon juice in it. Rub and apply on the face and neck. Keep massaging for at least 2 minutes. Then wash the face with normal water.

Some Tips for the face cleansing

Here are some rules which can give you a fresh looking face.

For most of the skin type, cleansing the face two times in a day is sufficient.

Use the face wash as per the skin type. Like if your skin is dry then try a hydrating face wash while for the oily and acne prone skin, try face cleanser that has ingredients that can heal the acne and pimples.

Cleansers for oily skin should be capable of oil cleansing properties since otherwise the product can clog the pores or can make the skin worse. Thus suitable cleansers or face washes should be chosen for oily skin.

The water that we use for cleansing. is also important. Use water which is tepid while you wash your face during summers oily skinned ones can sue cold water but otherwise using normal plain water throughout the year is recommended. Even hot waters are not advised as they can give broken capillaries or can strip the natural oils from the skin.

After cleansing, always pat dry the face and never rub or abrasively scrub the face with towels or wash cloths.

Before cleansing the face, wash your hands too properly. Also, use a headband to keep any long hair away from the face.

So, this s how you can make homemade face washes and skin cleansers. Do follow the tips that we have shared and keep your skin healthier.

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