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15 Best Hairstyles for Men With Big Foreheads

Mens Hairstyles

When choosing a hairstyle, it is important to consider your face shape. The right cut will make your features look more proportionate and highlight your best qualities, while minimizing the ones you prefer to hide. When it comes to hairstyles for men, there are a wide variety of creative ways to balance out a very heavy face. Keep reading to discover the best hairstyles to flatter a large forehead.

1. The Caesar

This short, lightly textured style features baby bangs that are swept forward. Inspired by ancient Roman Emperor Julius Caesar – who is said to have used it to conceal his falling hair – the Caesar haircut is also handy for minimizing a large forehead. It reduces the hairline in a natural way and best of all it is low maintenance and suitable for many different face shapes.

Cesar haircut

2. Buzz shot

The name ‘buzz cut’ comes from the electric clippers used to achieve this short, spiky hairstyle, where the hair is cut to the same length all over the head. A number one or number two buzz cut is great for minimizing a larger forehead because it blurs the hairline, so there is a less defined border where the hair begins. The trendy cut does not suit all face shapes and is best suited for men with oval faces. Military and masculine, this cut is easy to maintain because you don’t need to use any additional styling products.

trendy cut

3. French culture

The French Crop is a popular style today because it is versatile; you can adapt it to every face shape and every personality. The hair is kept shorter at the back and sides and the bangs are brushed forward. Keeping the hair longer and falling forward hides the hairline, making it a smart choice for men with wider foreheads.

Fringe Haircut

4. Crew Cut

Sleek, minimalist and timeless, the crew cut is a classic for a reason. It suits most face shapes and also flatters a widow’s peak, which longer styles tend to accentuate. Electric clippers are used to keep hair tidy and tapered at the sides, leaving a bit more length on top and in the front. You can brush this hair out or add a bit of styling product to create some extra texture, but that’s usually not necessary. the crew cut emphasizes your face and pulls it away from where the hairline falls.

Crew cut

5. Clean shave

This style works for a large forehead because it completely removes the hairline. Visually, there’s no way to tell where your forehead ends and where your hair begins. A clean shave is a great look for men with a full mustache or beard, as these draw the eye downward, once again drawing attention away from the forehead and balancing it on the face. It’s also a great look for men who wear glasses.

clean shave

6. Fringe

Long bangs – one that falls at or below the eyebrows – is an ideal style for men with large foreheads, as it completely hides the upper third of the face. The layers help add dimension to this cut, making the bangs themselves the focal point and creating volume at the top and front of the head. Ideal for those with more angular features, this type of bangs also balance out a pointed chin.

Long Fringe

7. Military cut

Blending the classic military haircut with a medium fade, it’s a polished look with vintage appeal. It works for all hair types, especially straight hair. The sides are cut short with electric clippers, while the top is left longer and cut with scissors. The hair is then gradually blended to create an even gradient between the sides and the top. Traditionally, this haircut is styled with gel to create a retro side part; this is ideal for men with a wider forehead, as it draws the eye to the head rather than the face.

Military fit

8. Long and Layered

Layers are key to this casual ’90s-inspired look. Having shorter layers in the front will frame your face, keeping the focus on your features — not your forehead. Meanwhile, longer layers can make a short face appear longer and less heavy. It’s a grungy look, so make sure your hair has some texture and isn’t too slick.

Long and layered

9. Medium length hair + bangs

When it comes to balancing out a large forehead, a little extra length goes a long way. While mid-length bangs halve the size of your forehead, having longer hair makes your head appear wider. These elements balance the proportions of your face so that your forehead is not as visible. This style works especially well if your hair has a naturally wavy texture. The waves give the cut more movement and help soften long or angled faces.

Medium length with bangs

10. Side-swept bangs

Like straight bangs, side-swept bangs are a styling trick that makes your forehead look much smaller by keeping it covered. Side-swept bangs use asymmetry to visually “cut” your forehead diagonally, drawing the eye to where the bangs end, rather than the hairline. Side-swept bangs can be sleek for a more theatrical look, or textured to draw even more attention to the bangs themselves, rather than the forehead. The angles in this look divert attention and minimize a large forehead.

side bangs

11. Side part

Nothing looks sharper than a side part. Whether it’s a subtle, retro part or a modern hard part – where the parting shaves across the head – it’s clean cut and seen as a style that means business. For men with a large forehead, a side parting is a great choice because the eye first looks at the parting and then moves across the head following the direction of the hair.

Rigid side part

12. Short and Messy

Texture is the key to a short, messy hairstyle. It’s about using the movement and direction of the hair to minimize and distract from the size of your forehead, without the need for bangs to hide it. All the attention will be on your hair instead!

Short Messy Hairstyle

13. Medium Length + Texture

This dynamic style relies on volume and movement to lift the gaze away from the face – and the forehead. Keeping a medium length on top ensures that you have plenty of hair to work with when styling it. Focus on creating natural looking waves with lots of texture and height; this look should look effortless and casual.

Medium length with texture

14. Bowl Cut

Like other bangs, the bowl cuts the forehead in half – usually halfway between the hairline and the eyebrows – to make it appear smaller. A bowl cut bang is blunt, even, smooth and full, and extends around the head. When paired with an undercut, it looks modern, fresh and edgy.

Bowl cut with undercut


How should men with big foreheads style their hair?

The purpose of hairstyles for guys with a big forehead is to hide it, disguise it, or draw attention elsewhere. You can do this by working with bangs, which will cover your forehead. Alternatively, a buzz cut or close shave will make identifying the hairline more difficult. Lastly, the side parts, crew cuts, long layers and texture will draw the eye to the face rather than the bottom.

What hairstyle is suitable for a large forehead?

The best hairstyles for a prominent forehead include bangs, a Caesar, a buzz cut, a crew cut, a French chop, long and layered and side parts.

Is a large forehead attractive?

Big foreheads might seem like a lot for guys with them, but they’re not unattractive. You just need to have the confidence to work with what you have. Plus, as proof, there are plenty of attractive celebrities who have big foreheads, like Ryan Reynolds, Alexander Skarsgard, and Adam Levine.

How long does a large forehead last?

An average sized forehead is about four fingers between the eyebrows and the hairline. More than that is considered a large forehead.


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