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15 Best Caesar Haircuts for Men in 2022

Caesar haircut

When looking for a new haircut, a style that has stood the test of time is always a great option. As fashions come and go, a classic look that’s always stylish will always be in style. The Caesar cut is an example of this and has proven itself time and time again as a go-to hairstyle for men. Today, the look can look just as cool and contemporary as it did all those years ago. So why not try this classic fit? Perfect for adding a trendy twist to otherwise simple short hairstyles, the Caesar cut is great for any occasion.

1. Caesar haircut + taper fade

While the classic Caesar cut features the same length throughout, more modern versions often feature a tapered fade. The look, which features sides that gradually taper from the top of the head to the bottom, adds a fresh, modern twist to the traditional cut.

Caesar haircut + taper fade

2. Caesar haircut + curly hair

Caesar cuts can look especially good with some texture. As such, the haircut is ideal for men with curly locks. Apart from looking sleek, the short length of the cut will also help control unruly curls or waves.

Caesar haircut + curly hair

3. Caesar Haircut + Bangs

Although a Caesar cut traditionally features short bangs, opting for long, full bangs can be a great alternative. The look works especially well for men with thick locks and can be teamed with an undercut for a modern take on the bowl cut.

Caesar Cut + Fringe

4. Caesar Haircut + Undercut

Combining the classic aesthetic of a Caesar haircut with the trendy appeal of an undercut hairstyle is a surefire way to create an impressive look. Together, the partnership appears sophisticated and sharp while remaining modern and fresh.

Caesar Haircut + Undercut

5. Caesar Haircut + Uneven Bangs

Don’t be afraid to give a Caesar cut a bold update to create a more modern look. One way to achieve this is to opt for uneven, choppy bangs rather than the traditional blunt style. The result will be a cool, contemporary take on the classic fit.

Caesar Cut + Uneven Fringe

6. Caesar Haircut + Messy Hair

If a classic Caesar cut seems too edgy for your personal style, consider a messy version instead. By adding some waves on top, you can make your Caesar haircut look more relaxed and contemporary. Also consider chopping your bangs a bit haphazardly to help loosen up the look further.

Caesar haircut + messy hair

7. Caesar haircut + parted hair

While the Caesar cut’s horizontal bangs can work well for balancing out a long face, they can often look awkward on wider bony structures. As such, men with broad facial features should opt for a more flattering Caesar cut instead. This look will also suit all men who prefer a less severe style than the traditional Caesar cut.

Caesar haircut + parted hair

8. Caesar Haircut + Bleached Hair + Tapered Fade

For men who prefer an edgy aesthetic, the Caesar cut can be adapted in an eye-catching style. By adding unexpected elements, such as bleached strands or a unique taper fade, you can increase the drama of this cut to create an unforgettable look.

Caesar haircut + bleached hair + taper fade

9. Caesar Haircut + Short Hair + Tapered Sides

By going for an ultra-short length with tapered sides, you can create an incredibly polished and sophisticated Caesar cut. As the edges of your haircut will be very visible with this style, it is important to consult a professional hairstylist. Otherwise, you might end up with a messy shape, especially along the bangs and around the temples.

Caesar haircut + short hair + tapered sides

10. Short Caesar + Beard + Fade

A Caesar cut is a hairstyle that goes particularly well with a beard. To nail the combination, adjust the length of your beard to balance out the length of your bangs. For example, pair short bangs with a longer beard or pair longer bangs with a short beard style.

Caesar cut + Beard

11. Short Caesar haircut

Although the Caesar cut typically features hair between one and three inches on top, the look can work with shorter hair. Often referred to as a French Crop, a short Caesar cut retains the shape and style of the classic haircut while offering a more subtle aesthetic.

Caesar Short Haircut

12. Caesar haircut + fine hair

If you have fine or fine hair, a Caesar cut can be a great choice. To nail the look, simply keep the style neatly cropped with short bangs. Also remember to dry your hair after washing to add volume to the strands and try to avoid using too much styling product.

Caesar Cut + Fine Hair

13. Caesar Haircut + Textured Hair

By adding texture to your Caesar cut, you can create a sleek take on the classic hairstyle. The only trick to pulling off this look is to keep things messy and youthful. If your hair is naturally straight, try adding a texturizing spray to define your layers and enhance your style.

Caesar Haircut + Textured Hair

14. Caesar haircut + gray hair

Caesar haircuts aren’t just for young men. The look can also suit silver foxes. All you have to do is make the look more age-appropriate. By simply opting for shorter sides, a messy top and unstructured bangs, you can transform the classic cut into a stunning gray hairstyle.

Short hairstyles and haircuts for men 72

15. Caesar haircut + longer hair

Don’t rule out the possibility of getting a Caesar cut just because you prefer slightly longer locks. A Caesar cut with a long length can be just as stylish as ones that are shorter. The haircut is an especially great option for men with thick locks that feature a natural wave.

Caesar haircut + longer hair


What is a Caesar Cup?

A Caesar haircut may be one of the oldest and most traditional hairstyles, but the sleek cut continues to be a popular choice for men today. Although you might recognize the Caesar cut from its popularity in the 90s, the hairstyle dates back much further than that. The style originated in the Roman Empire and is attributed to Julius Caesar, after whom it was named. The cut, which features a cropped length, features hair swept forward with small, horizontally cut bangs. While Julius Caesar is said to have chosen this cut to help conceal hair loss, the look has become incredibly popular with men of all hair types and ages.

How to style a Caesar haircut?

Part of the appeal of the Caesar haircut is that it is very simple to style. After you receive the initial cut, you will find that your hair requires minimal effort to look good and just needs regular trimming to maintain its aesthetics. To style the cut, all you will need is a quality cream, wax or pomade and a good comb. Starting with damp hair, use your fingers to evenly distribute your styling product through your strands. If you wear a traditional Caesar cut, which is a full length cut, be sure to apply product to the sides and back as well as the top of your hair. Next, comb your hair by directing the top forward from the crown to your forehead, creating a fringe with the back down and the sides down or forward.

How can I request a Caesar haircut?

Ask your stylist to scissor half to two inches in length on top before brushing it forward and creating blunt bangs. You’ll also want to decide how you want the sides to be cut, tapered, or washed out. Try to pack reference photos so you can show your stylist exactly what you have in mind. Pinterest is the perfect way to create an array of styles you love, and you can quickly scroll through before the scissors hit your head.

What is a Caesar Fade?

A Caesar fade is simply a Caesar cut with a fade on the sides. You can choose to toggle a mid, low, or high fade, although a crossfade is less likely to work with a traditional Caesar style. A fade is a great way to give an old classic a modern twist.


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