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14 Best Furniture Stores in Sydney (2022)



If you have an affinity for nice furniture, then you would know the frustration of finding nice pieces. Whether you need an impressionable rug, a half-decent couch or you’re simply after some small pieces to spice up your interior; this guide has got you covered. Sure, the market is saturated with common mass-produced pieces that you could find practically anywhere, but let’s face it who would want a home that looks like everyone else’s? We can assure you that hope isn’t lost as we take you through our top ten best furniture shops across Sydney for pieces that are totally worth their price tags.


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1. BoConcept

Renowned as the leading designer furniture store in Sydney, BoConcept provides the epitome of pure, Scandinavian luxury. Founded in Denmark in 1952, the brand has spent over three generations refining its expertise in furniture and interior design. The result is a constantly evolving, contemporary range, which focuses on delivering luxury, functionality, and quality in every piece. From the living room to the bedroom, the dining room to the office, BoConcept provides stylish modern furniture for the entire home. A key feature of the store is the attention paid to providing clients with a personal, unique experience. With the help of a skilled team of interior designers, clients may have pieces custom-made to suit their individual tastes. In-store, or in the client’s own home, professional designers use the brand’s wide range of stunning colours and materials to provide personalised advice and designs. Although their field of expertise is furniture and design, their ultimate focus is on helping people achieve their dream homes.


Location 1: 575-597 Pacific Highway, Crows Nest, Sydney

Location 2: Shop GA 03, Moore Park SupaCenta, 2A Todman Ave, Kensington, Sydney

Website:  www.boconcept.com


Best Furniture Stores Boconcept Sydney


2. Ikea

When shopping for furniture, it’s hard to go past the Swedish flat-pack kings, Ikea. From budget-friendly basics to full kitchen fit-outs, Ikea has a lot on offer. With the minimalist Scandi-style and inspiring pre-made rooms, a trip to Ikea is an adventure. Not to mention the labyrinthine layout of their stores, which means you can discover treasures you didn’t know you needed. You can explore storage options like the iconic Billy Bookcase. Alternatively, you could relax on the classic Ektorp sofa or recline on the unique Poäng chair. Then either hone your Tetris skills getting it all in your car or just save time and stress by getting it delivered. Another alluring feature is that once the furniture and homewares shopping is done and dusted, you can stock up on Swedish treats. Try the meatballs, rosti, Daim chocolates, or lingonberry jam.


Location: Multiple locations, see website.

Website:  www.ikea.com.au


3. Freedom Furniture

A quintessential Australian brand, Freedom was founded in 1981 and has stores across the country. Create a home you love coming to with their extensive collection of hard and soft furnishings. No matter your style, you’ll be able to pick up something that’s uniquely you. Perhaps you’re in the market for a velvet couch, a rustic wooden bed frame, or an extendable dining table. Freedom has all of this and more, including homewares, rugs, linen, and lighting. If decorating and styling is not your forte, and decking out your place is all a bit much, there is help available. You can make use of the Ideas & Advice page on their website or in-store decorators to provide guidance and advice.


Location: Multiple locations, see website.

Website:  www.freedom.com.au


Freedom Furniture


4. Adairs

If you’re after easily accessible, affordable furniture, and beautiful bed linens and homewares, then Adairs should be top of your list. Featuring brands such as Mercer + Reid, and Home Republic, there’s an array of style choices for the most discerning buyer. Channel 1920s glamor with luxe luxury velvet armchairs, or Bahamian-inspired beach vibes with rattan bed heads. Hard furnishings aside, Adairs has an extensive selection of soft furnishings and accessories. They also have seasonal collections that feature collaborations with Australian artists and designers. You can choose to shop at one of the many locations around the state or online. Fans of the store can also enjoy exclusive discounts and events with the Linen Lovers loyalty program.


Location: Multiple locations, see website.

Website:  www.adairs.com.au


5. Living Edge

If you are on the lookout for some striking accent pieces or just need some good clean, modern furniture, the living edge has sustained a decidedly urban aesthetic. Their brand makes some quirky wood pieces that preserve a modern look but nod back to earlier decades. They also are not afraid of colour, showcased through their brightly toned textiles and playful sofas/armchairs. Living Edge is recommended for a house that welcomes diversity, and this store will offer you ample in terms of pieces that you won’t see every day. Our top pick is the Burgaz chair, with its outer space, intergalactic blue velvet, and sleek lines that won’t be forgotten. Honourable mention also goes to the Bocca couch, which is modelled after a giant pair of red lips and is dubbed by the brand as possessing “a sensual and provocative soul”.


Location: The Woolstores, Shed 74, 4D Huntley St Alexandria

Website:  www.livingedge.com.au




6. Great Dane

“Touch wood” is perhaps the literal inspiration behind the design aesthetic of Great Dane furniture. The brand has capitalised on the earthy material for their pieces, reworking wood for a truly idiosyncratic look of their products. The aesthetic is reminiscent of rustic, western times gone by, considering the brand’s decided love of cowhides and such. We direct you to their reinvented take on marble coffee tables, which are combined with unexpected, though refined pieces of wood. Perfect for the minimalist home, Great Danes pieces are streamlined and durable. Our favoured pick is the ND 83 armchair in the lime green fabric, perfect for injecting humble white rooms with a great dose of colour.


Location: 613 Elizabeth St, Redfern NSW 2016

Website:  www.greatdanefurniture.com




7. Koskela

Koskela assures its clientele that all their designs possess conscience. With a mantra that ‘great design can be used to effect social change’, this is a brand that you won’t feel guilty about as you furnish your home. The brand also proclaims that their products are made in a way that does not impact the health and wellbeing of the workers making them, which showcases their humanitarian spirit. They also consider their impact on the planet in the way the products are made and what goes into them as well as their approach to business. This is demonstrated by the fact that Koskela is an entirely carbon-neutral entity. The brand is also very Australiana, quoting Australian artists as inspiration for their furniture.


Location: 1/85 Dunning Ave, Rosebery NSW 2018

Website: www.koskela.com.au




8. Jardan

Jardan’s design vision is best described by the company as crafting objects for the modern world. Sure, the pieces are wonderfully modern, but we see their most valuable worth in the form of the relaxed sensibility that the brand evokes. You will also be pleased to know that it is an Australian family-owned business in operation since 1987, and is currently run by a sibling duo, Nick and Mike Garnham. The furniture is made to order in Melbourne by hand. Yes, the pieces are proudly handmade, a decision the brand sustains from their philosophy that there is ‘no machine that can truly replace the hand or the eye.’ We couldn’t have said it better for ourselves. Have a look through their playfully emerald green ‘Dinosaur’ artifact-inspired homewares that will boost any space with their gleaming greenness.


Location: 31 Dunning Ave, Rosebery





9. KE-ZU

Quirky, imaginative, zany. This is how we would describe the eccentric style of KE-ZU. Think of bold colours and interesting shapes. It’s all about owning the space that you live in, and this brand doesn’t do anything half-heartedly. While the brand’s aesthetic is bold, we would say that it still maintains a modern dialogue with its pieces. The furniture is great, but keep an eye out for the awesome lighting fixtures which will give any space an interesting, unexpected touch. The ‘Cloud’ light fixture is a dream as is the ‘Fandango’ pendant, which will send you back to childhood memories of planetariums and your favourite grandmother’s home. Want something a little more eccentric? Check out the ‘Candelabro’ suspended lighting fixture, which is sure to impress with its ivory origami and gilded birds.


Location: 69 O’Riordan St, Alexandria

Website:  www.kezu.com.au




10. HFOC: Home Furniture on Consignment

Founded in 2002, the Home Furniture Consignment brand has developed its own hub for buying and selling pre-owned, high-quality design furniture. Yep, that’s right, not only vintage furniture but durable pieces that would make eclectic home lovers exceptionally happy. This means that HFOC is dynamic, and always updates their featured items based on what is available. The prices are also discounted, which means that you won’t be paying full price for some pieces that you may have missed out on when they were first released.


Location: 8/80 O’Riordan St, Alexandria NSW

Website:  www.hfoc.com.au




11. Fred International

The pieces from Fred International are a refined bunch. Think gilded, marbled, and just super sleek pieces that anyone would be proud to put in their sanctuary. The aesthetic can best be described as playfully retro, with pieces that could exist in hyper classic homes (the Bollo Fogio is a pretty nice Scandanavian armchair) or complement some Hamptons-inspired beach houses (the Swedese Accent Sofa would work perfectly). Our personal favourite is the intensely soft and lamb-like ‘The Tired Man’ armchair by Lassen which is described by Fred International as invoking domestic cosiness and socialising by candlelight. It also looks good for snuggling in.


Location: B4/85 Dunning Ave, Rosebery

Website:  www.fredinternational.com.au




12. MCM House

MCM House has redefined ‘cosiness’ with their beach-esque style sensibility. The pieces are all nonetheless adaptable, be it the linen swathed sectionals or metal-framed armchairs. The brand should be applauded for their versatile colour selection- the aesthetic isn’t just any old neon collated look; they truly make pieces in colours that can work for a myriad of tastes, no matter what interior style you aspire to portray. From the delicate whites, diluted greys, barely-there khakis or even powder pink, the brand provide inspiration for a wide viewership. We also direct you to their ‘French Pharmaceutical’ glass jars and bold oriental-inspired blue and white porcelain pieces.


Location: 3/276 Devonshire St, Surry Hills

Website:  www.mcmhouse.com




13. The Society Inc by Sibella Court

History lovers, you’ll have to contain your beating hearts as you swoon over the rustic/retro/downright impressive collation of furniture by the Society Inc. This brand specialises in hospitality interiors, product development, branding, and global sourcing. Sibella Court, the history maven behind the brand, has a degree in History and cites that her spaces ‘draw on both the true and make-believe, to create unique interiors to delight patrons and guests’. And what a delight the furniture really is. Take a browse through the site for not only some great inspiration but some pieces that can be mixed with contemporary pieces for a varied aesthetic. Shout out to the vintage beach umbrellas that will give you a little piece of the past on scorching summer days.


Location: 3.02 75 Mary Street St Peters 2044

Website:  www.thesocietyinc.com.au




14. Coco Republic

Where luxury meets cosiness, Coco Republic has amassed its fame from its stunning showrooms and well-to-do designer brands. Over the years, Coco Republic has featured brands like Ralph Lauren and Jonathan Adler, and have flourished their name with the brand’s own pieces that work for a variety of homes. The brand also offers property styling, which means that if you’re on the hunt for an interior decorator and a similarly stylish source for new furniture, you’re in luck. Even if it’s just for a quick look, take a walk through their impeccably styled showrooms for some unforgettable inspiration for your home.


Location: The Woolstores, Shed 74, 4D Huntley St Alexandria

Website:  www.cocorepublic.com.au





What are the best high-end furniture stores in Sydney?

Some of the best high-end furniture stores in Sydney include BoConcept, Living Edge, Koskela, KE-ZU, Fred International, and Coco Republic.

Which Sydney furniture stores offer sustainable products?

You can pick up sustainable furniture from both Jardan and Koskela, which pride themselves on sustainable sourcing. IKEA also offers a line of sustainable products.  

Which Sydney designer furniture stores are affordable?

Home Furniture on Consignment buys and sells pre-owned designer furniture, so you can pick up some brilliant, quality pieces at an amazing price.

Which furniture store has the best prices?

IKEA is known for being budget-friendly, though they do have higher-priced items too. You can also get affordable furniture from stores like Home Furniture on Consignment, Freedom Furniture, and Adairs.


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