13 Car Pranks That Are Harmless But Hilarious

A true friend will forever be supportive and understanding. They’re also loyal and always ready to lie to a friend’s significant other. However, most importantly, a genuinely caring friend will prank their other mates for a good laugh. A prank is another way for friends to say, “I love you.” There are thousands of different types of pranks, but nothing beats car pranks.

Of course, causing severe damage to a friend’s car is a terrible thing to do. A harmless car prank, on the other hand, is hilarious. For years, friends have pulled off creative pranks, such as filling up a car with an odd object. There are also the friends that literally wrap up a vehicle or cover the windows with stickers. Another great option is to mess with the car’s horn or exhaust pipe. There’s really no way to go wrong with car pranks.

13 Car Pranks That Are Harmless But Hilarious

1. The Classic Plastic Wrap Pranks

The Classic Plastic Wrap Car Pranks


April Fool’s Day is a prankster’s holiest day of the year. There are many awesome car pranks, but few are as good as wrapping up a car in plastic. Indeed, the classic plastic wrap prank is a yearly tradition on April 1st. Simply get some plastic wrap and wrap up the car with several rolls. It might take a few hours, but it’s totally worth it. Once the wrapping is complete, hide nearby and watch as your best friend pulls out their hair. It’s a car prank everyone should try at least once a year.

2. Connect Brake Lights To Car Horn

Connect Brake Lights To Car Horn

Kieran Broadfield/YouTube

A car prank that involves messing with the horn is always a top-notch prank. The prankster does a bit of rewiring and connects the car horn to the brake lights. When the confused driver hits the brakes, it’ll trigger the horn. The horn scares the driver at every stop sign and red light. Of course, it’ll take some mechanical work to get the job done, but it’s a classic prank that gets funnier the longer it goes.

3. The Sticky Notes Prank



The best practical jokes often require a bit of work. For instance, the popular sticky notes prank is perfect for an unsuspecting best friend. Buy thousands of sticky notes and place them throughout the car. It’ll take up a lot of time, so work quickly. Fill the car to the top with stickers on the driver’s seat and in the trunk. I

t’s important to put hundreds of stickers on the windows as well. Now sit back and enjoy when the victim approaches their vehicle in shock. Plus, they have to clean it up, which makes it funnier.

4. Change the Color of the Windshield Washer Fluid

Change the Color of the Windshield Washer Fluid

Evgeniy Chernyshov/YouTube

April Fool’s Day usually brings out the best in a prankster. Of course, many of the best car pranks require a bit of patience. Simply drop some food coloring into the windshield washer fluid and get ready for a good laugh. Picking the color is the best part of the prank because each one generates a different reaction. For instance, black might say something’s wrong with the car, green would gross the driver out, and red will make them think the car’s possessed. If a prankster really wants to scare the bejesus out of the victim, use red coloring and hide in the back seat.

5. For Sale Sign in the Window

For Sale Sign in the Window

Vlog Creations/YouTube

The simplest pranks often make for the most entertaining. Here’s a car prank that’s good for a laugh and causes a panic attack. Simply purchase a “For Sale” sign and place it in the car window. Of course, it’ll take some trickery to get the keys. It’ll work best on a car parked outside and when the owners are preoccupied. When they return, it’ll be one of the most confusing moments of their life.

6. Fill the Car Up With Confetti

Fill the Car Up With Confetti


The funniest car pranks are the ones that require the victim to clean up a mess. There’s a way to make the prank messy without causing severe car damage. All it takes is a couple of pounds of confetti. Fill the car up to the very top covering each inch. If confetti’s unavailable, we suggest using ping pong balls, silly string, or packing peanuts. It doesn’t matter what it is as long as it’s messy and funny. It’s a hilarious prank that gets funnier when the victim has to clean it up. A nice person would lend a helping hand. A good prankster would just laugh.

7. Exhaust Pipe Whistle

Exhaust Pipe Whistle


A great prank always strives to be funny, creative, and terrifying. Here’s a funny prank that’ll cause confusion and scare the driver. Simply take an exhaust whistle and duct tape it to the car’s exhaust. Every time the friend turns on the car, it’ll let out a loud whistle.

The fun part is picking out the whistle sound. There’s a wind range of bizarre and hilarious whistles to choose from. Regardless, it’ll scare the driver and it’s good for a laugh. Now that’s the true meaning of April Fool’s Day.

8. Pop the Balloon Tie Prank

Pop the Balloon Tie Prank

Pranksters in Love/YouTube

The balloon tire pop is the perfect harmless prank. Indeed, nobody gets hurt, and there’s zero damage to the car. Simply grab a balloon and place it behind the tire. The prankster can target the car in the driveway or a parking lot. Of course, the more people around, the funnier the prank. Once the driver reverses, the tire will pop the balloon, making the driver panic. Plus, it’ll startle anyone nearby. It’s a classic prank where nobody gets hurt.

9. Put the Car on Cinder Blocks

Put the Car on Cinder Blocks Pranks

MotoNinja / YouTube

A good prankster will take it to the next level. Of course, that’ll take some work with this particular car prank. Find your friend’s car in the parking lot and quickly remove the tires. Then place the car onto cinder blocks and take cover. It’ll take a reasonable amount of time and strength. Honestly, it’s the type of car prank that works best with pranksters teaming up. It’ll require speedy action, good teamwork, and dedication to the prank.

10. Item on the Car Roof Prank

Item on the Car Roof Prank

Vlog Creations/YouTube

Car owners are pranked daily with these creative ideas. However, it’s about time that the drivers prank back. All the driver does is take a random item like fast food or a briefcase and tape it to the car’s roof. It’s a clever prank that will elicit all kinds of responses. Next, the prankster goes for a long drive and watches all the reactions. It’s common for drivers to forget items on the roof and drive off. Therefore, it’s one of the most realistic pranks.

11. Switch the Keys

Switch the Keys Car Pranks


The easiest pranks are usually the funniest ones. Here’s a simple prank that involves no damage to the car. It’ll drive the victim up a wall trying to solve the problem. The prankster takes the original keys and swaps them with identical ones. Some of the other pranks are more obvious. However, this prank’s so subtle the victim won’t assume it’s a prank. Instead, they’ll spend countless hours trying to solve the critical problem. The prank works on a long-term level as well. Switch the keys back and forth often to further confuse the victim.

12. Bury the Car in Snow

Bury the Car in Snow Pranks

Pranksters in Love/YouTube

A winter prank is perfect after a horrible snow storm. Snow can make life miserable, so anything for a good laugh is encouraged. This prank requires a lot of snow and physical activity. A snow machine would work best in a perfect world, but a team of pranksters could also get the job done. After a bad storm, bury the victim’s car under an avalanche of snow. The victim’s only choice is to dig their vehicle out or wait until summer. It’s a great prank that’s simple and a good workout.

13. Move the Car

Moving The Car Pranks

Aaron Rose/YouTube

Here’s an oldie but a goodie. It’s the type of prank that is so simple yet devious simultaneously. Of course, the best pranks always require a bit of leg work. All it takes is getting the car keys and moving it from one spot to another. Nothing feels more confusing and scary than walking into a parking lot and not seeing the vehicle. It’ll send the victim into a mad panic. The longer it goes, the funnier the prank gets.

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