13 Billionaires Joined The Giving Pledge In 2020

2020 is finally over, and there’s good custom to it, the Kovid, and all the weirdness we’ve all gone through the past year. One bright spot, however, is The Giving Pledge and its new members. Thirteen people joined The Giving Pledge in 2020 and vowed to give at least half their fortune in their lifetime. This is a lot of money that is doing very well, and I think we can agree that we need more good in this world. The Giving Pledge was founded in 2010 by Bill and Melinda Gates and Warren Buffett as a “philanthropic movement of philanthropists who give most of their money to philanthropy or charitable causes, either over their lifetimes or their will during.” People signing The Giving Pledge must be billionaires. Since then it has attracted over 200 billionaires around the world to its cause. Let’s take a look at the members of the new Giving Pledge and how they built their multi-million to billion-dollar-plus Fortuner.

Rich and Sarah Barton

Net worth: $ 1 billion

Expedia, Jillow and Glassdoor

Rich Barton graduated from Stanford in 1989 with a degree in engineering. He joined Microsoft in 1991. In 1994, Microsoft planned to create a travel guidebook on a CD-ROM (who do they remember?). Barton had a better idea. He wanted to create an online travel company. Expedia was the result of Barton’s idea. It launched in 1996 and became its IPO in 2003. In 2003, Expedia was purchased by the IAC for $ 3.6 billion. Barton launched Zillow in 2006 and Glassdoor in 2008. Glassdoor sold to a Japanese human resources company in 2018 for $ 1.2 billion.

Ron and Gayle Conway

Net worth: $ 1.5 billion

Angel investor

Ron Conway was an early investor in Google, Reddit, Facebook and AirBnB. His background is in the semiconductor industry. He co-founded Altos Computer Systems in 1999. He is also the founder and managing partner of Angel Investors LP. He has had success with his investments in Google, Ask Jeeves and PayPal. Conway also invested in BuzzFeed, Digg, Facebook, Foursquare, Napster, Pinterest and Twitter.

Bill gross

Net worth: $ 2.6 billion

Pacific Investment Management (PIMCO)

Bill Gross is the co-founder of Pacific Investment Management (PIMCO) which today manages $ 2 trillion. Gross is one of the world’s best-known financial managers. At PIMCO, Gross controlled more bond money than anyone in the world and he advised the Treasury on the role of subprime mortgage bonds during the 2008 financial crisis. He is known for his abilities to identify and exploit inefficiencies in markets and adjust his strategies as PIMCO grows. He left PIMCO in 2014 and became fund manager for Janus Capital Group, now known as Janus Henderson. He has a BA from Duke, a Navy veteran, and an MBA from UCLA. Prior to joining financial management, he was a blackjack player in Las Vegas.

In September 2008, after lobbying for the federal takeover of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, Bill Gross took a net profit of $ 1.7 billion due to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac holding large positions in agency-backed mortgage bonds.

Gordon Hartman

Net worth: at least $ 1 billion

Gordon Hartman Homes

Gordon Hartman founded Gordon Hartman Homes in 1983 in San Antonio, Texas. Over the years, he served as Gordon V. It expanded and developed its empire to include Hartman Enterprises, which included Horizon Mortgage, Hartman Title and Hartman Insurance Services. He sold the company in 2005 and, along with his wife Maggie, founded The Gordon Hartman Family Foundation, so that he and Maggie could pursue their dream of helping children and adults with special needs. While he was on a family vacation with his then 12-year-old daughter Morgan, what should have been a fun excursion to the swimming pool was when his autistic daughter wanted to play with the kids to throw a ball in the pool. However, when she reached him, he shied away from her and walked away with her ball. Morgan’s disappointment crushed Hartman, and he immediately began looking for an alternative to the typical amusement park where his daughter could meet her recreational needs, and he went on to build a place to find out It was later built that such a place did not already exist. The park is Morgan Wonderland, located in San Antonio, Texas. It is designed to be an amusement park of “total inclusion”, where anyone, regardless of any special needs, may have it. Construction began in 2007 and took three years to complete, and now the Gordon Hartman Family Foundation has also been able to add a $ 17 million water park to the campus called Morgan’s Inspiration Island.

Yan Huo and Xu Feng

Net worth: at least $ 1 billion

Capula Investment Management LLP

Dr. Yan Hu has a BS and MA and PhD in Physics from Fudan University. In electrical engineering from Princeton. He started Capula Investment Management in 2005 after spending years at JP Morgan, where he worked in his derivatives research and proprietary position business. Dr. Xu Feng earned a BA from Beijing University And Ph.D. In neuroscience from Princeton. He also has an MS in Biostatistics from Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health. Together, they run the Huo Family Foundation, which they founded in 2009 to support education, communities and knowledge discovery. Its current areas of focus are education; Neuroscience and Psychology; public policy; Art and Kovid-19 Research.

Stefan Schwarzman

(Photo by Rob Kim / Getty Image)

Robert and Dorothy King

Net worth: N / A

Eliot King & Company, Peninsula Capital

Robert King attended business school at Stanford. And R. Eliot King & Company and established the peninsula capital. Peninsula was one of the first investors in Google’s version in Baidu, China. Dorothy King also helped launch R Eliot King & Company. In 2016, the couple co-founded Raja Philanthropy.

Jose Ferreira Neves

Net worth: $ 2.9 billion


Jose Neves is a Portuguese billionaire and founder of the global luxury fashion online platform Farfach. Neves founded the software company Platforme in 1996. In the same year he launched the footwear brand Swear. In 2001 he started a store on Savile Row, London, called b Store. In 2008, he founded Farfetch. In June 2017, JD.com purchased a minority stake in Farfetch for $ 397 million. Neves became a billionaire in September 2018, when Farfach made his IPO on the New York Stock Exchange.

Jim pattison

Net worth: $ 5 billion

Jim Pattison Group

Jim Pattison is the president, president, CEO and sole proprietor of the Vancouver-based Jim Pattison Group, Canada’s third-largest private company. Pattison’s company is involved in a wide variety of industries including TV and radio stations, car dealerships, grocery store chains, magazine distribution, food service specialty packaging, advertising, real estate development, fishing, forest products, financial services and entertainment. In February 2013, the company purchased the American magazine distributor Komag, previously co-owned by Cogag and Hartst. Pattison also owns Ripley’s Believe It or Not and The Guinness Book of World Records.

Chad Richardson

Net worth: N / A


Chad Richardson founded Paycom, an Oklahoma-based payroll system in 1998. Richardson was able to predict where the Internet was going and how it could change how the business operated. Paycom combines the duties of entire departments in one application. It helps companies to manage talent acquisition, time and labor management, talent management and human resource management.

Jeff and Maryke Rothschild

Net worth: $ 3.8 billion

Veritas Software, Early Facebook Employee

Jeff Rothschild co-founded Veritas Software in the last 1980s. In the mid-90s he founded the gaming company Mpath Interactive. After selling Veritas to Symantec in 2005, he planned to retire. Mark Zuckerberg had other plans and hired him to become a backend consultant / fix-it man on Facebook. He originally had a two-year contract. Ten years later, he was still on Facebook as Vice President of Infrastructure. He is one of the longest-serving employees on Facebook. And the man drives everyone when something goes terribly wrong with the site. He allegedly owns more than 20 million shares in Facebook stock, making him a billionaire. He is also a consultant and venture partner in venture capital firm Excel Partners.

Stefan Schwarzman

Net worth: $ 18.4 billion

Blackstone Group

Stephen Schwarzman rose through the ranks at Lehman Brothers to become managing director and then head of global acquisitions and mergers. He left the company as a co-founder of the Blackstone Group in the mid-1980s, focused on acquisitions and mergers. His partner retired in 2008 and he is now the sole owner and CEO of the company. The Blackstone Group currently manages approximately $ 190 billion in assets for various companies. In addition to his work with The Blackstone Group, he pays for the education of more than a hundred underprivileged children in New York City, and reportedly personally reviews his report cards and writes them each semester.

David and Bonnie Weekly

Net worth: $ 1.9 billion

David Weekly Homes

David Weekly founded Houston-based David Weekly Homes in 1976 when he was 23 years old. Since then, he has developed the company into one of the largest privately held home builders in the US. The company has expanded and sold in 20 cities across the country. Over 100,000 homes.

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