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13 Best Summer Color Trends for 2020

13 Best Summer Color Trends for 2020

Given that summer is just around the corner, it’s time to think about refreshing your home. Of course, you may have tasty recipes and outfits for warm weather in your head, but it’s worth taking the time to simply redesign your home. Check out this list of more than 10 cheerful colors that are perfect for the summer season. From inspiring hues for the home office to soothing hues for the living room, these designer-approved summer colors are worth trying if you’re ready to get in the mood for the coming season.

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Lively green

“Nothing indicates the liveliness of summer like a fresh, lively shade of green. The deep saturation of this lush emerald green can be directed to the outside in any environment: lush fields, tropical trees, flowering forests. The key to the energy and vitality of summer to evoke is to be brave and choose a bold shade. “- – Emilie Munroe, Studio Munroe

Peach pink

“We love Benjamin Moore’s First Light – a little pink, a little peach-coloured – for his youthful, happy feeling. Use it in a youth room, a guest toilet or really wherever you want to create a fun space.” – – Kristen Peña, K Interiors

Bright red

“Bright red is one of my favourite colours this summer. A bright red shimmer, even in the smallest shape, can make a big statement. It’s an energetic, fun, and stylish colour that gives everyone a big impact.” – Alexander Doherty, Alexander Doherty Design

Soft blue

“Nothing makes a room more relaxing than a delicate blue. It creates a feeling of calm and gives the room a calm feeling that is great for the incoming summer sunlight. We particularly love to use this colour in bedrooms because of the way we love it this tone, New Hope Gray by Benjamin Moore in a matte finish. ” – Shelly Lynch-Sparks, hyphen & Co.

Saturated blue

“I LOVE a bright, saturated blue in summer, it has a wonderfully cool atmosphere. In order to make the blue in this entrance hall even more lively, I chose a satin matt finish where the light can really play. Blue reminds me of the parasols in Cannes. ” – Amy Sklar, Amy Sklar Design


“I love this cantaloupe color, Persian Melon by Benjamin Moore, because it reminds me of a melon that everyone enjoys so much in summer – it always looks fresh!” – – Jan Showers, Jan Showers & Associates


“One of my favorite colors is Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore. It looks great in almost any room and has the perfect amount of warmth that prevents it from becoming too hard. It looks particularly good in rooms with rich colors from blue and green tones which I associate with daylight saving time because they are reminiscent of nature. “- – Paloma Contreras, Paloma Contreras interior design


“Teal colors like Views remind me of the clear, calm Caribbean Sea and look absolutely stunning in every room – from a spa-like bathroom to a quiet bedroom to a colorful living room or even an entrance area. If you want to go try it “Paint your blanket outside the box in a clean light blue like headspace to bring the feeling of an airy, open sky to your home.” – Nicole Gibbons, Clare

Off white

“Benjamin Moore’s Timid White is the perfect white that is just enough white to be refreshing yet warm. I love brushing it on all surfaces of the room (walls, ceiling, mouldings, and cabinet) to make it all Envelops space. ” – Melissa Warner Rothblum, Massucco Warner

Colours of the sunshine

“The combination of the warmth of orange tones with shades of pink and yellow brings the color of the sunshine indoors and is ideal for long summer days.” – Marika Meyer, Marika Meyer Interiors


“Sign me up for a blush hue. It’s so soft and gentle but always adds warmth to any room. I used a super pale blush on my daughter’s bedroom ceiling and found it so easy to put it in unexpected places Try to turn red on the ceiling or paint an entire powder room (walls and ceiling) for maximum effect. It is also the summer mood that I long for in our chaotic world. “- – Liz Caan, Liz Caan & Co.

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Classic blue

“Warm temperatures and summer sun inspire bold colors! Sherwin Williams Naval Blue is the perfect summer shade because it is a classic blue that goes one step further. I love it as an accent color in a butler’s pantry or on one Island base to use. ” – Marie Flanigan, Marie Flanigan Interiors

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“One of my favorite colors for summer is nickel by Benjamin Moore. Nickel is an elegant and versatile light gray with shades of blue that is suitable for many different uses such as wall paints, body colors or even accent colors. The lightness of the color creates a soothing and calm aesthetic while the shades of blue stimulate the mind, increase productivity and help you stay focused. This color would be perfect for a home office space, wouldn’t you agree? “ – Nina Magon, Contour Interior Design

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