13 Best Edible Cooking Oil Brands in India

Edible oil used in the cooking can be the utmost important product in your kitchen. Indian kitchens are incomplete without the presence of the cooking oils. But when it comes to health, using a healthy version of the edible oil is must. As we know there are so many health related diseases and the major target become the edible oil that we use in everyday cooking. While we can’t remove the usage of oils from the food that we eat, we can still make sure that, we use the healthy and low on cholesterol oil. Here we are sharing this list of the best cooking oils available in Indian market. These cooking oil brands are well known and their products are very easily available online.

Different Edible Oils in Indian Market

Undoubtedly, India is one of the biggest markets for the cooking oils and edible oils. Every year, Indians use trillions of edible oil for different types. These oils are used to prepare various delicacies all across the Indian sub continent.  During the financial year 2018-2019, Indians consumed whopping Rs.1.5 trillion worth of edible oil of different types. These varieties of oils can be in the form of rice brand oil, canola oil, cottonseed oil soybean oil, palm oil, coconut oil, sesame oil, ground nut oil and some more with mustard oil being the favorite in the rural areas.

These days, due to the health issues like weight gain, health diseases, cholesterol arteriosclerosis, chest pain etc, people are moving towards the healthier versions of the edible oils. So, out of the various cooking oil brands available in India, we have selected the top 10 best edible oils for you.

Top 10 Best Cooking Oil Brands in India (2022)

Let’s check the list of the best brands of edible oils.

1. Fortune

Fortune is a product of the Adani Wilmar Group. We can’t stress how popular this cooking oil is. This is one of the best cooking oils in India that is affordable plus comes with good quality. The brand makes various varieties of the edible oils like Sunflower Oil, Soya refined Oil, Mustard Oil and Refined Olive oil. Fortune is one of the most trusted edible oil brands in India. Fortune is the best edible oil in India. You can get Fortune Vivo which is for Diabetes and people who are extra health conscious.

2. Sundrop

Sundrop cooking oil is not just popular but is one of the oldest brands. It is a product for the Agro Tech Foods Ltd. The multiple varieties of this brand make healthy oils that are low on the bad fatty acids or cholesterol. It has variants like the popular Sundrop Heart, Sundrop Lite and Sundrop NutriLite which has oryzanol and healthy fatty acids. Sundrop Gold is also famouns amongst the urban parts of India where people likes to consume healthier cooking oils.

3. Dhara

Dhara is by far one of the most popular oil after the regular mustard oils in Indian market. This is the best oil for cooking in India. Not just the brand makes the regular vegetable oil but makes oils which are healthy. Dhara is a brand of Mother Diary which also proves why the brand is immensely popular cooking oil brand in Indian market. You must have seen the ads as well that use to come in the 90s. Consumers can expect 9 different varieties of Dhara oils like the Refined Sunflower Oil, Refined Vegetable Oil, Dhara Refined Soybean Oil, Dhara Lite Refined Rice Bran Oil, Dhara Mustard Oil, Dhara Refined Groundnut Oil, Dhara Filtered Groundnut Oil, Raw Mustard Oil and few others.

4. Saffola

It is by far the best cooking oil brands in India which is immensely popular in all parts of India. The product is from the house of Marico which has the low absorb technology that is considered healthy. Saffola offers oils like Saffola Active, Saffola Gold and Saffola Total.

5. Nutrela

Nutrela is known for its Soybean chunks and the brand is from the house of Ruchi Soya Industries. Nutrela is one of the best and well known brand in Indian that makes edible food products for Indian markets. The oil from Nutrela are made with high quality and come with affordable prices. They are one of the largest oil manufacturers in India.

6. Nature Fresh

Nature Fresh is well known for their Chakki Fresh atta. Yes, but they also offer nature Fresh cooking oil in India. This oil is made with the quality and keeping in mind the health. They produce oil which are heart healthy and are low on cholesterol, A lot for people are moving towards the low cholesterol oil due to the obesity and heart problems, especially the urban Indians. It is one of the best cooking oils in India for sure.

7. In the branch

Dalda, is a product from the very popular companies in India which is Hindustan Unilever (HUL). This is oldest and very popular edible oil brand which has survived the years of struggle and competitors. The best one is the Dalda Vanaspati oil and the Dalda mustard oil which reins the favorites of the rural India. The oldest brand of edible oil viable in India not just makes vanaspati oil but also Sunflower oil, Soybean oil, Rice brand oil etc.

8. Vimal

Vimal is a brand that may be the new entrant in the market of the cooking oils in India, but surely it has to be included in the list of the best cooking oil brands in India. The brands makes edible oils like Mustard oil, soybean oil, Groundnut oil, sesame oil and few other varieties.

9. Love me

Emami is from the Emami Agrotech Ltd which is gaining the presence and popularity with trust. The cooking oil brand offers 5 different varieties of edible oil in India like the Rice Bran oil, Raw Mustard oil, Refined Vegetable Oil, Soybean oil and Sunflower Oil.

10. Gemini

You can expect this brand to be popular in the central and southern parts of India. While it may not be as popular in the Northern India, it is famous cooking oil in Maharashtra and other parts of India. It is also owned by the Cargill Foods Pvt Ltd. It includes oils like Sunflower oil, Soybean oil, Raw Mustard oil and Groundnut oil for cooking purpose.

11. Sweekar

This oil is from the American brand Cargill, which came into existence in the 1865. The brand is reputed and its products have been accepted by a lot of people. Sweekar brand of cooking oil offers multiple varieties of cooking oils for its consumers like the Soybean oil, Olive oil, Sunflower oil, Ground nut oil and some other. The affordable product from this brand makes it one for the best cooking oil brands in India.

12. Mahakosh

A product from the Ruchi Soya Industries, this product is well known and needs no introduction. The edible oil is one of the bests selling cooking oil in many rural and semi urban areas of India. This is considered as an inexpensive and healthy cooking oil. The brand makes various types of oils that are dibble.

13. Recon Oil

The brand is a Mumbai based Indian brand that makes edible oils in 5 different varieties and their products are of high quality. You can expect to get oils like Mustard oil Sunflower oil, sesame oil, peanut oil, Their Til Sona brand is very popular and is of good quality. This brand too makes affordable edible oils in India.

How can you choose healthy cooking oil?

You wish to give the best o your family and oil is one for the things that needs to be taken care of. You have to be careful while choosing the cooking oil as that is something that we eat everyday and can be quite harmful in the long run. So, let’s see some of the features that can help you decide the best cooking oils for you.

The edible oil should not get oxidize or change its color over the time. There should not be sediments that settle at the bottom. When the oil gets oxidize then it means that it is not suitable for the consumption.

For deep frying refines oils like Soybean oil, sunflower oils are the best.

Another factor is the saturation. Oils have saturated and unsaturated fatty acids. Olive oil is considered as the healthiest cooking oil but it can be very expensive. Moreover, it is not for the deep frying.

Store your oils in the air tight containers. This will ensure the freshness for a long time. Keep the oils away from the direct sunlight as that can make the oils change their form slightly.

So, the next time you buy the edible oils for your kitchen then certainly keep in mind this list of the best cooking oils. Concluding, this is the list of the best edible oil brands in Indian for cooking. Which is your favorite cooking oil?

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