12 Uncommon Yet Effective Places You Should Post Job Listings

When posting job listings, businesses usually have their go-to, established platforms that they know are frequented by potential candidates. Sometimes, however, a company needs to think outside the box when it is a of talent. Sometimes, the least obvious places to post vacancies can result in the candidates’ most notable result. This is why these 12 entrepreneurs of the Young Entrepreneurs Council (YEC) reflect on the following questions:

“You’ve used an unusual or unusual forum to post job listings, and why was it so effective?”

Here’s what the members of the YEC community had to say

1. Angelist

“AngelList is the lowest platform platform to hire top startup talent or hired by startups if you’re interested in it. It works because it’s quite niche and specifically focused around startups, so startups The right companies looking for talent want to be there. And as a potential employee, it makes you a good place to look. “~ Andy Karuza, Litpic

2. sprig

“Twago is the one I have used. It has been very effective because it has allowed me to meet many freelancers in different fields whose proposals can contribute to the growth of my company to some extent and who manage the functioning of the organization in the organization Can help improve this. ”~ Kevin Leyes, Leyes Media

3. Your Company Blog

“I have noticed that a very simple approach is creating a blog post or adding a line at the bottom of a post to tell readers that you are hiring. People visiting your site and people on your email list will get this information and interested people will apply or they can suggest the job to their friends and family. “~ Blair Williams, Membership

4. Reddit Forum

“I personally have not used this method, but I have noticed that recruiters and employers use the Reddit forums for job listings and hiring candidates. Forum websites can be a useful tool to hire open positions in your company because you can find creative matches that you will not have access to. “~ Jared Atchison, WPForms

5. Slack Community

“The sluggish community is a great place to promote and recruit roles. There are open communities that you can request to join all types of groups, roles and industries. Most of these Slack communities have a dedicated channel for companies to post roles and allow members to share on the market. “~ Diana Yuan, Indico Data Solutions

6. Medibistaro

“Medibistro is an unusual platform for job listings, although it abounds on media positions. That said, it is helpful because you will usually see candidates applying in that field with specific and relevant experience related to your available positions. “~ Andrew Schrage, Money Crashers Personal Finance

7. Meetup.com Group Message Board

“Meetup.com group message boards are effective because we have built a local community of digital marketing professionals in Miami through events prior to Kovid. As the job market shifts, contributors are able to network and reach out to seek opportunities with our agency. We have already interacted with them online and sometimes in person, so we have an understanding of how they will fit into our organization. “~ Matthew Capla, Alphematic

8. Your Team’s Personal Twitter Account

“All our recent rentals (whether full-time or contract) have been d through the personal Twitter accounts of our current team. The thing that makes Twitter great is that you can reach more of your followers by using related hashtags, and can further promote likes or retweet messages by followers. “~ James Simpson, Goldfire Studios

9. LinkedIn Headlines

“In a way we have seen applications come through LinkedIn, and this is not due to specific job postings. Our team members add information to their headline or create posts about jobs at our workplace. We then receive feedback from them and direct them to apply through the job portal of our website. “~ Syed Balkhi, WPBeginner

10. Facebook Jobs

“I would recommend Facebook Jobs Market. It is not commonly used, but it achieves unreliable delivery and reaches now. They seem to have dialed up the algorithm to help job seekers and perhaps get some recruitment benefits on LinkedIn. Although the platform is still not the best experience for this task, the additional access is worth it and you get good applicants. “~ Nicole Muñoz, Nicole Muñoz Consulting, Inc.

11. Personal website job listing page

“Personal website job listing pages are still very effective. Although you will reach fewer people, they will likely be more qualified and relevant. Such forums are often found on niche-specific job sites and forums that focus on freelancers, bloggers, content writers, and more. To find such res, go to Google and search for ‘job boards’ with your niche focus. “~ Zac Johnson, Blogger

12. Alumni Group Pages or Recruitment Boards

“Bending on alumni group pages or boards admitted to the college campus. If you want to hire talent from a local area or university with a specific area with a high profile, this is a great way to narrow your search. Often, alumni are immediately more indebted to you and your professional relationships will already be based on a commonality. “~ Matthew Podolsky, Florida Law Advisor, PA

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