12 Scintillating Beaches Near Shirdi You Must Visit in 2020

If you want to get in touch with your spiritual side and simultaneously want to spend a weekend full of interesting stuff then you should opt for Shirdi. Sai devotees make this place an ideal spot for religious interaction and the beaches near this place provide serenity and relief from the hectic schedule. Sai Temple makes this place an ideal spot for worship. Apart from the religious aspect, this place provides numerous opportunities to explore the lush greenery and infinite sea. The beaches near Shirdi make you forget all the pressure of regular work life. Give yourself a detailed time for experiencing the stuff which makes you relieved. Jot down all the details, we are providing detailed information about the beaches near Shirdi.

10 Top Beaches Near Shirdi

The following are some of the most popular beaches near Shirdi. These beaches are located at some distance, but provide an interesting and serene experience to you which make traveling the distance worth. Let’s dwell on the information and interesting stuff of the various beaches near Shirdi.

1. Tithal Beach

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One of the most famous beaches near Shirdi is located in Valsad on the coast of the Arabian Sea in the state of Gujarat. The sand of this beach provides a tingling feeling to your foot. This is one of the most popular destinations among the tourists. You can also opt for different water sports which can enormously increase the rush of adrenaline. There are various aquatic sports such as Speed boats, Jet Ski, etc. available here. The other tourist attractions apart from the beach are the Shree Shirdi Saibaba Temple, Shree Swaminarayan Temple, which makes you think of your evolution. Other recreational activities are being availed such as the Tithal Beach Festival and International Kite Festival. These provide an interesting aspect of your vacation.

Distance from Shirdi: 229 km

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2. Aksa Beach

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This is one of the most popular beaches in the whole western coastline. This is more of a widely popular vacation spot situated in the Aksa village in Malad, Mumbai, India. You can avail of numerous private cottages that can be rented for a detailed time to spend your vacation. This is one of the cleanest beaches near Shirdi. This beach is linked to the history of India in which it has the base for one of the major carriers that are INS Hamla. There are some of the safety concerns related to the entry to the beaches. People are often misled by the tidal waves and get into a position that can harm their safety.

Distance from Shirdi: 252 km

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3. Alibag Beach

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This beach is situated along with the coastal town of Alibag which is a municipal council in Raigad District of Maharashtra, India. It is the part of Navi Mumbai, which is a pre-planned extension of the city. This is one of the cleanest beaches near Shirdi which is one of the major reasons for its popularity. The sands on this beach are of hard texture which consists of a shade of black. Moreover, you can experience tidal waves from all sides. If you are going for a family vacation, then it is a good place to have playtime with your kids. The hard texture of sand makes it perfect for the kids to construct sandcastle and enjoy strolling.

Distance from Shirdi: 285 km

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4. Gorai Beach

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Known for its palm trees, Gorai Beach is one of the most gorgeous beaches near Shirdi. You can experience serene and lush greenery. The calm environment of this beach will rejuvenate your senses. You can even try to swim in the clear water of this beach and enjoy the true feel of the ocean. Apart from the beach, there are other attractions around this beach which is the Essel World amusement park. It provides a good time for those who want to spend a good vacation with their friends and family. The coastal waters of this beach are worth visiting. The low human intervention makes it adaptable for mankind to indulge in a feeling of joy.

Distance from Shirdi: 287 km

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5. Juhu Beach

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This beach is located on the shore of the Arabian sea and is one of the most popular beaches near Shirdi. It provides a long stretch of almost 6km. This beach is one of the most popular beaches due to the residents along the shore. Most of the stars from Bollywood reside here, which makes it a popular site for every tourist. This is more like the Beverly hills of the Bollywood. Here you can experience different recreational events such as horse-pulled carriages, dancing monkeys, cricket matches, toy sellers. The simple activities make this place a great hangout beach for the whole family. This beach experience a massive crowd which is one of the limitations. If you are a lively kind of person who enjoys a crowded place, then this place is the most suitable for you. This is one of the most lively places in the time of Ganesh Chaturthi. At this time you can experience the crude culture of Maharashtra. The religious touch to this beach is quite serene. The joyous nature of people at this time of year makes you a fan of Indian culture.

Distance from Shirdi: 242 km

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6. Versova Beach

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This beach contains a brief history of India which coincides with the entry of the Portuguese empire, so it is one of the ‘historical’ beaches near Shirdi. The recent initiative for cleaning this beach has accomplished massive things that are capable of destroying this beach. This beach has been choked up with massive piles of garbage which are now removed. One of the environmentalists began this initiative, which subsequently increased the effort and now it is the cleanest beaches of Maharashtra. it is also a breeding place for migratory turtles which makes this place awesome. If you are an avid fan of sustainability this is a must visit place for you. Come here and get yourself indulge in the minimal act to save our loving habitat. This beach is also a popular spot for Mumbaikars who prefers it on the weekend. Most of the people in and out of the state to give preference to this beach over others.

Distance from Shirdi: 242 km

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7. Diveagar Beach

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Diveagar Beach is approximately 4 kms long. It is one of the natural beaches which has been to the minimal intervention of the society. This makes it crude and raw. The natural aura of this place makes it preferable for spending a brief vacation. You can also get a view of the migratory seabirds. Those who are avid fans of birdwatching and want to capture the beautiful moments of these creatures can opt for this place. There is also a small fishing village where you can get a hold of various species of fish. This beach is massively occupied with Suru trees which are common to the western coastal areas. The locals from the nearest towns such as Shrivardhan and Harihareshwar also prefer this beach as a gateway to rejuvenate from their regular life. This beach is till now not so popular among people, which makes it an ideal place for those who want to spend their vacation in secluded beachside without much human intervention.

Distance from Shirdi: 352 kms

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8. Nagaon Beach

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This is more of a beach town which provides all the interesting stuff. This beach is situated on the shores of the Arabian Sea, in the North Konkan region of Maharashtra, India. The cleanliness and different water sports availability are the USP of this one of the adventure beaches near Shirdi. This beach is around 3kms long which can be ample distance for the tourist to stroll and wander around. There are some of the hotels in the residing town which provides accommodation option. You can choose from a variety of hotels and resorts to spend a detailed vacation while wandering on the beach. The cottages which are owned by the locals are the main attraction as it provides different recreational activities related to the core culture of this place.

Distance from Shirdi: 291 km

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9. Dumas Beach

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This is one of the urban beaches near Shirdi along the Arabian sea. It is located 21kms southwest of the City of Surat in the Indian state of Gujarat. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the western coastline of India. This beach is famous for its alleged paranormal and supernatural activities. natives report that there are events that define the paranormal activities at its edge. The supernatural events are one of the attractions which are preferred by most of the tourists. If you are one of the people who want to nerve-racking experience of the supernatural events, then this is an ideal spot for getting that. Local natives report numerous events of hearing abnormal sounds which are truly different from the regular ones. Give yourself a gift of seclusion by opting for this beach to spend some interesting period.

Distance from Shirdi: 317 kms

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10. Suvali Beach

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This beach is also known as Sally or Swally Beach. It is one of the urban beaches near Shirdi and is situated along the Arabian Sea. It is located near the village of Suvali in the Hazira suburb of Surat in Gujarat State, India. This beach is surrounded along the area of 25kms which starts from the center of Surat. This is one of the cleanest beaches in India. The historical importance of this beach is magnanimous. This had been the gateway for the East India Company. This beach is known as the birthplace of the Indian navy, which provides this beach with a significant role in India’s history. if you are an avid fan of history, then you should prefer this beach for your most awaited vacation.

Distance from Shirdi: 328 kms

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Getting to wander on these vibrant beaches near Shirdi offers a soul-soothing experience. The additional input of the religious aspect in Shirdi makes you reach near to the almighty. The lush greenery and clean beaches are stress busters from hectic life. These beaches enable to take a wider look at the serene sea. You can easily indulge in the true beauty of the environment which makes your busy life a bit relaxed. After all, periodic relaxation is mandatory. So, give yourself a break and plan a trip to Maharashtra and witness the beauty.

Frequently Asked Questions About Beaches Near Shirdi

Q. Is there any hotels or resorts available around the beaches near Shirdi?

A. Yes, there are numerous accommodation facilities available near to the beaches in Shirdi. You can avail hotels or resort near the beach easily.

Q. Which are the most beautiful beaches near Shirdi?

A. Aksa beach and Diveagar beach are some of the most beautiful beaches near Shirdi. You will get a picturesque view of the ocean and surrounding flora.

Q. Apart from beaches what are the major attractions available near Shirdi?

A.There are numerous sightseeing options available near Shirdi. If you are more of a religious kind, then you should opt for sai temple and majaars ear to Shirdi.

Q. Can we opt for an expert guide who can accompany us for different sightseeing?

A.Yes, there are numerous service provider who provides an expert guide. They can help us to wander the most popular places near to Shirdi.

Q. Are there any restrictions related to the entry to beaches near Shirdi?

A.Yes, there are restrictions related to beach entry and opting to go for a swim. Do not attempt to go far from the main beach, the tidal waves are dangerous and may cause safety hazards.

Q. Is there any water sports available on the beach near Shirdi?

A.There are numerous beach which offers different water sports. You can easily avail of these sports which are very interesting and nerve-racking.

Q. Which is the best beach for spending a romantic evening in Shirdi?

A.Aksa beach is one of the romantic beaches which is preferred by love birds. You can spend a beautiful evening here while gazing stars and unending seashore.

Q. Is there any lifeguard help available on the beaches near Shirdi?

A.Yes, most of the beaches are equipped with various safety measures, one of which includes the presence of lifeguards. At the time of any mishappening, they save you and your family.

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