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12 Places To Visit In Coorg In June In 2020 For All Nature Buffs!

With almighty places in Coorg. Famous for its breath-taking unusual beauty, diverse landscapes and the variety of experiences it offers travelers. Further increasing its popularity is that it is a year-round destination deprived with pleasing weather and each season tells something special about its landscape. Wake up to see the dewy mountains in the morning and taste a cup of freshly made coffee. Places to visit in Coorg in JuneWildlife sanctuaries are captivating if you travel with your partner or family. Coorg’s coffee estate is enclosed with exquisite greenery that anyone will love. Lovely waterfalls, a variety of flora and secluded landscapes, it has much to offer visitors.

12 Best Places to Visit in Coorg in June

Coorg is one of the best tourist destinations in South India. We have listed some of the best places below, take a look and book your tickets in ‘Scotland of India’. From the many different places scattered around, we have done some traveling that will add charm to your itinerary.

1. Abhay Falls: A beautiful destination
2. Chettalli: A small village
3. Kopatti Hills: An electrifying experience
4. Dubbed Elephant Camp: Have fun with elephants
5. Sommerpet: Taste the local cuisine
6. Nilekani Falls: Plunge into natural beauty
7. Kaveri Nisargadhama: With thick foliage all around
8. Tadiandmol peak: Destination after a fight
9. Honamana Care Lake: Soothing environment
10. Chelwara Falls: A quiet destination
11. Mallalli Falls: Surrounded by many fascinating attractions
12. Barapol River: Try white water rafting

1. Abhay Falls: A beautiful destination

A beautiful destination!


Making a list of places to visit in Coorg then one should explore this amazing place within this beautiful destination. Abe Falls is one of the most famous places to visit Coorg in June. Located just one km from Madikeri, this waterfall is situated in coffee and spice gardens. Enjoy the alluring charm where the river Cauvery falls below.

Duration: 2 hours
Time: 9 AM – 5 PM
entrance fees: INR 15

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2. Chettalli: a small village


One of the interesting places in Coorg is that Chettalli is a trivial village on the Siddhpur road. With cloudy hills with lush greenery, it provides a great place to appreciate peace and ease. To seek wandering blessings, go to the Kerala Bhagwati temple.

Famous for: cultural tourism

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3. Kopatti Hills: An Electrification Experience

Kopati Hills Trek

Another fascinating pleasure trip in Coorg is Kopati which is a thrilling trek experience where one can get a chance to meet the dense forests, grasslands and valleys. If you like adventurous hiking, then be sure to trek to this amazing place full of natural beauty.

Nearby Attractions: Bhagamangal, Talakowari, Abi Falls.
place: Kopatty

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4. Dubbed Elephant Camp: Have Fun with Elephants

Dabare Elephant Camp


While making a list of places to visit in Coorg in June. One of the most interesting is visiting the Dubray elephant camp. Here you can see more than 150 elephants, the camp is a great way to get to know these fascinating creatures. You can spend days when you elephants can be bathed, fed and taught by mahars.

Time: 8.30 am – 11 am – 4.30 pm – 5.30 pm
entrance fees: INR 690 – INR 1330 (Indian), INR 1467 – INR 2270 (Foreign)

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5. Sommerpet: Taste Local Recipes

Taste the local cuisine


The region is acknowledged for its quality crops including coffee, black pepper, ginger, and cardamom. Located in the north-east part of Coorg, which attracts tourists. The area is mouth watering like chicken curry and akki roti and pork curry and kadittittu.

place: Somwarpet taluk
Nearby Attractions: Honamana Care Lake, Mandalapatti, Mallilli Falls.

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6. Nilekani Waterfalls: Dip Into Natural Beauty


The Nilekani Falls, commonly known as Honey Valley, is a magnificent waterfall situated amidst dense tropical forests. These are in the Thandiandamol range from the Nilakandi Falls coins and have a spectacular waterfall for its guests. It is very important that many trekkers and adventurers will be seen at this refreshing place.

place: Nilakandi Falls
Nearby Attractions: Nalakunad Palace, Brahmagiri Trek, Tadiyanmadol Peak.

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7. Kaveri Nisargadhama: With thick leaves

With thick foliage all around


Nisaradhama is a beautiful island, 28 km from Madikeri, surrounded by dense fog of bamboo trees, sandalwood and teak trees. The island is actually formed by the Kaveri River. For bamboo cottages, one should try to book, elephant ride and boating. It will be one of the most memorable experiences during a trip to Coorg in June.

Famous for: Sitsey, nature walk

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8. Tadiandmol Peak: A Battle After Destination

Destination after a fight


Located at an altitude of 1748 meters, the top mountain peak in Coorg is Tadiandamal Peak. The place is one of the most sought after destinations among trekkers. The top view is simply thrilling. With its jade green hills and dewy weather, low-rise mountains surrounded by milky clouds, it is a paradise for environmental lovers.

Time: 6 AM – 6 PM

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9. Honnama Kerr Lake: A Soothing Environment

Soothing environment


Honamana Kerr Lake is the largest natural lake. The serene and tranquil lake looks undeniably spectacular amidst lush green hills, striking coffee plantations and artificial caves. The goddess is said to have sacrificed her life to protect this village. The serene atmosphere and mysterious vibes will make your journey experience the rise of the honorable Kerr Lake. You must do boating and trekking here.

Time: 8 AM – 6 PM
entrance fees: free

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10. Chelavara Falls: A pure destination

Favorite destination


Being one of the picturesque hills falling in Coorg, they are also known as Turtle Falls. The water falls below a height of 150 feet. On a giant turtle shaped rock.
You need to hike for 10 minutes from Virajpet road. A seductive sight, you will be stunned by the huge white curtain of water within the lush green background. This is the best place to visit in Coorg in June.

Time: 6 AM to 6 PM
entrance fees: Free entry

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11. Mallali Falls: Surrounded by many attractive attractions

Surrounded by many fascinating attractions


These beautiful milky white waterfalls are situated in Somavarpet, Kodagu district, 26 kilometers from Pushpagiri hills. Mallali Gir was invented where the Kumaradhara river falls below a height of 1000 meters, later following its simple path which ends in the Arabian Sea. This waterfall is equipped with abundant attractions, making it one of the must visit places.

Distance: 53 km
place: Mallalli
Time: 7:00 AM-7:30 PM

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12. Barapole River: Try White Water Rafting

Try white water rafting


The Barapol River is a turbulent river that originates from the Kaithu River which spans Brahmagiri. You will get an exciting experience. The Barapole River is the best place to visit in Coorg in June and let’s not ignore the stunning surroundings you can find. So, don’t wait and pack your gear for an adventure trip now!

Time: 9 AM – 3 PM

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Coorg is a quarter of beauty. From adventure treks to wildlife, this natural place will leave you wanting more. The different places to visit Coorg in June make it the most enjoyable retreat for the people living in the plains. Apart from this, this warmth for the locals will also melt your heart with cordiality. Coorg an extraordinary destination will top your list. Therefore, plan your vacation to Coorg at this quiet place as soon as possible.

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Frequently asked questions about places to visit in Coorg in June

Q. Is Coorg worth visiting?

a. Yes, Coorg is a good place to visit. Coorg is considered one of the best destinations in South India.

Q. Is 3 days sufficient for Coorg trip?

a. Yes, 3 days is enough for a trip to Coorg.

Q. Can we take a bath in Abhay Falls?

a. No, bathing in a waterfall is not allowed due to various reasons.

Q. What are the top places to visit in Coorg in June?

a. Some of the best places to visit in Coorg in June include

1. Brahmagiri Hill
2. Barapole River
3. Abhay Falls
4. Iruppu Falls
5. Nisargadhama
6. Golden Temple

Q. What are the best things to buy in Coorg?

a. Some of the best things to buy in Coorg are honey, spices, dry fruits, coffee, wine and Coorg oranges.

Q. What is the specialty of Coorg?

a. Coorg is acknowledged for its natural uniqueness, its coffee and spice plantations. The juicy and pulpy oranges of Coorg are quite breathtaking.

Q. What clothes to wear in Coorg?

a. One must have light, comfortable, cotton clothes, but do not forget to wear a jacket as it is a bit cold in the morning and evening.

Q. How do I go to Coorg?

a. The nearest railway station to Coorg is Mysore Junction, which is about 95 km from the city. You can get off at Mysore Junction and book a taxi to Coorg or opt for a road trip to Coorg directly.

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