12 Places To Visit In Barcelona For A Joyous Spanish Tour

The city of Barcelona, ​​known for its charming street streets, cheerful beaches and lovely pieces of modernist architecture, truly recognizes the word ‘liveliness’. Therefore, be it a peaceful family vacation or a cordial honeymoon, the vibrant capital of Catalunya will be the perfect destination for you. So, if you are visiting Barcelona for the first time, be sure to check the names of these 12 Places to visit in Barcelona, Which can help you taste the real beauty and grandeur of the city.

12 great places to visit in Barcelona

As a symbol of architectural brilliance, the city of Barcelona, ​​Casa Batalo is home to many beautiful buildings and structures. So, before traveling to the capital of Catalunya, be sure to add these following names to your list of places to see in Barcelona.

1. Basilica of Sagardal Familia

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Known as the most unconventional churches in the continent of Europe, the UNESCO-listed Basilica of Sagrada Familia is one of the best places to visit in Barcelona. Located in the northern part of the city, this church is surrounded by 18 colorful huge towers, which add a gothic charm to its overall appearance. As a visitor, the first thing that will amaze you is the impressive exterior of the church. It depicts the birth of Jesus, the suffering he suffered throughout his life, the story of his death and his resurrection. The interior of the church also looks quite stunning because of its decoratively detailed ceilings and unusual yet eye-catching crucifixes.

place:: 401 Carrer de Mallorca, Barcelona
Time:: 9 am – 7 pm
entrance fees:Starting at: 14 Euro

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2. casa found

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Also known as La Pedera among the locals, Casa Mila is yet another architectural masterpiece of Antony Gaudi. Established between the years of 1906 to 1912, this boisterous structure looks more like a sensational piece of sculpture than a building, due to its spectacularly curved curves. Some other things that make it even more beautiful are its beautiful plant-shaped balconies and unique round windows. Casa Milla’s grand building houses the famous cultural center, Fundacio Catalunya, which hosts many events throughout the year. So, if you are looking for some famous places for children to visit in Barcelona, ​​Casa Mila will be ideal for you.

place:: 261 – 265 Carrer de Provena, Barcelona
Time:: 9 am – 9 pm
entrance fees:: 21 euro

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3. Palau de la Music Catalana

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A 19th-century opera hall, Palau de la Musica Catalana is the construction of another famous Catalan artist and architect, Lulis Domenech i Montaner. Known as the embodiment of Catalan modernism, the exterior of this beautiful structure boasts elaborately elaborate mosaic work and decorative columns. On the other hand, the interior of the Opera House showcases a beautiful glass ceiling, which looks absolutely breathtaking during the day. Due to its stained glass ceiling, the concert hall is fully illuminated by natural light during the day. So, if you are a lover of both opera and architectural talent, be sure to add Palau Hall to your list of places to see in Barcelona.

place:: Calle Palau de la Musica 4-6, Barcelona
Time:: 10:00 am – 3:30 pm
entrance fees:: Starting from 16 euros

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4. Barry Gottick

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The Gothic Quarter, also fondly known as Barry Gotic, is the oldest yet vibrant part of Barcelona. If you visit here, you will be able to taste the extraordinary beauty of the ancient Roman structures and the picturesque plaza. Apart from this, the Gothic Quarter also has many restaurants and cafes, where you can spend some lively moments with your friends and family members. Overall, the place has almost everything that can please and satisfy travelers. Due to this reason, most tourists consider it one of the top places to visit in Barcelona.

place:: Between the streets of Laitana and Rambala
Time:: Open 24X7
entrance fees:: blue

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5. Casa Batlo

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Casa Batalo, another modernist marvel built by Antoine Gowdy, is the former townhouse of Catalonia’s famed Battleo family. With its seductive advertising façade and atypical shape, it resembles the architectural magnum opus palace described in fairy tales. Due to its unusual design and structure, Casa Batalo has also earned the nickname House of the Dragon, which translates into Spanish, as Casa del Drake.

place:: 43 Passeig de Gracia, Barcelona
Time:: 9:00 am – 9 pm
entrance fees:Starting at: 22 Euro

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6. Casa Casa

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Designed by mastermind Antony Gaudi, Casa Vicens’ beautiful home reflects the Neo-Mudager architectural style. Situated in a quiet neighborhood of Garcia, it is considered one of the most famous tourist destinations to visit in Barcelona. Casa Vickens was built between 1883 and 1885 as a summer residence for the wealthy Vickens family. However, now, it serves as the museum of Barcelona. Due to its unique beauty and beauty, it earned the title of UNESCO World Heritage in the year 2005.

place:: Carrer de Les Caroline 20-26, 08012 Barcelona
Time:: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM
entrance fees:: Starting from 12.50 Euro

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7. Montagic Castle

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If you are traveling to the capital of Catalunya for the first time and are looking for some places to visit in Barcelona for the family, be sure to add the enchanted Montajic castle to your list. Located at an altitude of 213 meters above sea level, this majestic palace is known for its spectacular panoramic views and grand museums. The palace’s museums display an excellent collection of Catalan art, which will surely hold your breath.

place:: 66 Cartereta de Montajic, Barcelona, ​​Catalunya, 8038, Spain
Time:: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM
entrance fees:: 3 euro

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8. Museau d’art Contemporani de Barcelona (MACBA)

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Known as one of the best contemporary art museums in Barcelona, ​​the MACBA showcases some exquisite art pieces of the modern era. It was designed and inaugurated in 1995 by Richard Meier, a renowned American architect. Since then, the museum has hosted numerous exhibitions by many famous artists of this century.

place:: 1 Plaça dales Angeles, Barcelona, ​​Catalunya, 8001, Spain
Time:: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM
entrance fees:: 11 euro

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9. Picasso Museum

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Pablo Picasso has always been known for his outstanding artistic brain and supernatural yet outstanding pieces of art. So, if you are an art-officer and want to revisit your talent in Barcelona, ​​be sure to visit the Picasso Museum. By visiting here, you will get a rare chance to see the artistic mastermind’s old works and understand the relationship between him and Barcelona.

place:: 15-23 Carrer Montcada, Barcelona
Time:: 9:00 am to 9:30 am
entrance fees:: Starting from 7 euro

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10. Museo de Histria de Catalunya

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As the name suggests, the Museum de-Historia de Catalunaya reflects the rich historical background of the city of Barcelona. In this museum, you will find many paintings, which depict the past of the province of Catalonia as well as many sculptures and relics, which can help you understand the cultural beauty of the city.

place:: Placa Pau Villa, 3, 08039 Barcelona, ​​Spain
Time:: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM
entrance fees:: 8 euro

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11. Park Gayle

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If you are looking for some places to visit in Barcelona for the family, then Park Gael would be perfect for you. The beautiful place currently rules over 42 acres and features almost every prop that any other park offers its visitors. With an elegant glow of greenery, Park Gail also displays many walking routes where you can spend hours walking. Also, when you are here, be sure to visit Sala Hipostilla to taste the colorful essence of the beautiful city of Barcelona.

place:: Carré d’Olot, Barcelona
Time:: 8:30 am – 6:15 pm
entrance fees:: 10 euro

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12. Parc De La Ciutadella

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Located in the center of Barcelona, ​​Parc de la Ciutadella has always been one of the city’s most famous gathering sites. In 1877, when it opened, it only served as a general park for locals. However, it now houses the famous Barcelona Zoo and the Catalan Parliament. Many people come here during the day for exercise and walking.

place:: 21, Pasig de Picasso, Barcelona
Time:: 10:00 am – 10:30 pm
entrance fees:: free

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We hope you have listed all these amazing places to see Barcelona in your itinerary so that you do not miss any of the fantastic experiences of this city. Now all that remains to be done is to plan an awesome sauce holiday in Barcelona with your loved ones!

Frequently asked questions about places in Barcelona

Q. Which time of the year is the best time to visit Barcelona?

a. During the months of April to September, the weather in Barcelona is quite hot and pleasant. Therefore, this period will be the best time for you to visit Barcelona.

Q. Is bus service in Barcelona good?

a. Yes, bus service in Barcelona city is quite good. With this mode of transport, you can go almost anywhere in the city. However, to climb them, you have to go near the city bus stop.

Q. How many days will it take me to explore Barcelona?

a. When talking about tourist attractions, the city of Barcelona comes with a plethora of options. So, if you have an enthusiastic mind and want to explore every corner of the city, then you have to stay here for at least 10 to 12 days.

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