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In the past, millions of people had to travel long distances from their homes to reach the closest store. All it takes now is a couple of clicks and your item will be delivered to you. Each day, thousands of users log onto Amazon to purchase products. Only half are actually buying anything. All the rest write funny Amazon reviews.

These entertaining Amazon reviews are as valuable as Prime Day or quick shipping. Amazon has a few helpful reviews, but most are funny. Some of the most hilarious reviews are posted by people all around the globe. Sometimes, people post because they are angry or disappointed. Sometimes they just post to show off. It’s funny because many are being sincere. Funny Amazon reviews are the best.

Amazon : Funny Amazon s

1. Revenge Glitter

This customer says that Amazon’s glitter works well for art, craft, and revenge. It’s one of the most hilarious Amazon reviews. Brian Spatz, the reviewer, explains an aspect of the story which seems to be random. His roommate is a stranger who often invites people over, such as a homeless person. The roommate was annoying him so he devised a plan. He bought Creative Arts Glitter from Amazon, and then went into the bedroom of his roommate. Then he glittered all of the stuff in his roommate’s bedroom. The customer in this instance gives a positive product review, and would recommend it to any person seeking revenge.

2. The Banna Slicer Saves a Marriage

Someone in the world once thought that Hutzler’s 571 Banana Slicing Machine was a million-dollar invention. They didn’t know how funny Amazon’s reviews were until they saw them. The majority of comments ridicule the idea behind the banana slicer. Many customers were unaware that people struggle to cut bananas. One reviewer, Mrs. Toledo, describes the banana cutter as saving her marriage in a hilarious way. She and her husband used to spend hours fighting over who was going to slice the bananas before the slicer. It was close to ending the relationship until the 571b Banana Slicer came along.

3. There are no complaints from Grandpa

Amazon makes it difficult to determine if an item is worthwhile. Reading reviews is one of the most effective ways to find out. You can read the 5 star reviews quickly. Customers searching Amazon to find a casket at the last minute found this review. This review is simple and straight to the point. Louie C’s grandfather seems to be enjoying his coffin according to the funny Amazon review. Amazon shipped it out the very next day.

4. Bic Cristal Pen For Her

Amazon offers a wide range of products, from the top-of-the line to those that are pointless. This particular product, however, seemed to enrage one Amazon customer. A customer discovered a Bic Cristal Pen made specifically for women. Evidently, Bic felt that they were not reaching out to their female customers. A woman gives a scathing review of the product in this hilarious Amazon review. In a sarcastic tone, she lists all of the advantages, including the grip size and the color. This is a funny Amazon review. It should be awarded.

5. Making Crafts With Cat Hair

Cat Hair Crafting provides instructions on how to use cat hair for certain crafts, like a finger puppet. The book has received a few positive reviews. There is only one Amazon er who should have their own sitcom. A sarcastic book review was posted by one person. This is a funny review which incorporates the old cat lady joke. It appears that the reviewer put a lot of effort into their post. Fair enough, many customers purchased it to make a joke and ended up enjoying it. This Amazon reviewer is probably not one of those customers.

6. Buy Star Ratings

Video games from the past are often designed to get players to spend even more. Of course, Star Wars Battlefront is no different. This clever Amazon review makes a good point. He said that the reviewer only gave one star to the game. The game must pay $5.49 more to get additional stars. The review is funny, but it’s unlikely that Amazon will pay for additional stars.

7. What are the Wolves of Wolf on Wall Street?

Jordan Belfort’s true story is told in the critically acclaimed movie The Wolf of Wall Street. The movie received rave reviews from both critics and fans. Amazon has the most harsh film critics. This funny review, for example, didn’t care much about the film. It wasn’t the content, nor was it because of the edgy or controversial nature. There was only one criticism they had: there were no wolves on The Wolof of Wall Street. This is a good point. This reviewer may have wanted to watch a film about wolves on Wall Street.

8. No belly button

Amazon’s customers dislike misleading products more than late deliveries. One reviewer, for example, felt that the book Where is Baby’s Belly Button was misleading. The plot was not mysterious enough. The reviewers point out the fact that the stomach button can be seen on the cover of the book, which spoils the end. The reviewer does note that the belly button should appear throughout the entire book. The reviewer was disappointed by the lack of mystery.

9. Roku streaming gets 5 stars

Another customer has given a 5 star rating to a product. The product was better than expected. The customer confesses in the hilarious review that he bought a Roku Streaming Stick as a gift for his mother. He has not heard anything from his mother-in-law since installing the streaming service. He thinks either she loves Roku, or that she has died. He’s either happy or he gave rave reviews.

10. The wife can also use the noise cancelling headphones

Amazon customers spend hours searching for the right item. s are crucial. The reviews are a great way to guide customers. Retailer sites can’t do that. This is a good example. The wife of an Amazon reviewer received a pair noise-cancelling headphones. She hated them and only gave them one star. Her husband, on the other hand put them in and was thrilled that he could no longer hear her. It was immediately given 5 stars.

11. The Beds You Buy Should Be Beds

Drinking and clicking is one of Amazon’s dangers. This can lead to bad purchases and regrets. This person, for example, stayed up all night drinking wine when suddenly they craved an Ice Cream Sandwich. The reviewer discovered the ideal sandwich in the middle of night for only $150. It was a mattress, not an ice-cream sandwich. Amazon user believes that beds shouldn’t look like ice-cream sandwiches, but rather beds.

12. What To Do If You See A Ship?

Amazon is the answer to all your problems. Some people can’t avoid shipping. Some people have a problem with this. The book How to avoid Ships provides the solution. Amazon received a flood of hilarious reviews. It’s almost impossible to keep track. One review is more notable than the others. He tells an elaborate story of how he became addicted to large ships, and struggled with them his entire life. Even his own family was unaware of his dark secret. He then found the book and, of course, his life changed.

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