12 Cozy Farmhouse Kitchen Design Elements

12 Cozy Farmhouse Kitchen Design Elements

Farmhouse kitchens embody a lasting style that looks good not only in real farmhouses but in all types of houses. Imagine a warm design that “takes up comfortable classics in a new way,” says Viola Mushkudiani, senior interior design leader at IKEA. The versatile spirit of the style means that vintage or antique items and brand new finds feel equally at home here, so you can keep Grandma’s serving bowls next to a new kettle without compromising the look. The trick is to combine everything with natural materials boldly portraying your multi-faceted style.

Farmhouse kitchens

“The classic American peasant style includes ship locks, exposed wooden beams and open shelves,” says Mushkudiani. “Mixed materials such as basket, wood and metal accents add an extra dimension. [and] The colors are mostly neutral: camel, white and matt black. “

In equal parts form and function, inspired by the farmhouse, this is a great way to do a kitchen renovation if you love “soft fabrics, warm wood, neutral colors and simple lines,” says Mushkudiani.

While the style is easy to refine, it should be low-maintenance and robust. There are some key characteristics that really hold this aesthetic together. Fortunately, IKEA has everything you need and more to create this coveted, versatile farmhouse look.

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The star: an apron basin

The most iconic piece of a farm kitchen is that Apron sink, Which shows its porcelain front visible to everyone. The design is so important to achieve the look that it is sometimes referred to as a farm sink. The most classic version is big, bold, and versatile – big enough to hold a lot of dishes and still have room to wash greens.

Relaxed kitchen island

A finished one island Adds a welcome benefit to any busy kitchen: a significant work area. Exposed oak surfaces and a cream-colored finish enhance the aesthetic, and shelves underneath can be both useful and decorative.

Additional storage space

ON versatile car It’s small enough not to get in the way, but big enough to hold ingredients or tools. It is useful in a kitchen where there is a lot going on regularly. Opt for one with open shelves below – another place to show off your goods – and wood grain for a handmade look.

Contrast countertops

Dark or walnut colored Countertops can offer a dramatic contrast to the typical white tones and light woods in a farm kitchen.

Add Crafty Details

A real farm kitchen is full of personality, and versatile accents and surfaces help prepare the stage.

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Carefree lighting

Powder-coated steel in neutral color ensures reliable lamp that also fits the aesthetics of the farmhouse. An option with a height-adjustable cord and a shadow that distributes the light well is ideal for different kitchen sizes.

Leather pulls

If you are really looking for a home on the track, Tanned leather trains Let the look sing. Over time they develop even more rustic with the development of their patina.

Orchard boxes

Maybe there is an orchard out there, maybe there is none – but keep your apples here and no one will tell the difference unless you look out the window. These box offers open storage and exposed wood. It is also unfinished, so you can leave it unchanged or add a wood stain VÅRDA.

Spice racks made of wood

Double up Spice shelves These are attached to the wall to create a hymn holder-like storage so that they can display everything from small glasses and frills to cookbooks or plates.


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Fill in the details with a decor that justifies the look without feeling too overwhelming. Some options may be purely decorative, but so many items can add aesthetics while still being useful.

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Mesh produce bags

Reusable materials are good for both the planet and the aesthetics of the farmhouse. Gather fruits and vegetables in versatile mesh pockets- Their neutral color makes the interior shine and they collapse into a ball when you need to keep them.

Artistic animals

Perch understated Animal sculptures Make yourself comfortable with your dry goods or book them on both sides of your cookbooks. They bring in a little more of the natural world and at the same time contribute to a new texture.

Eye-friendly plants

Bring some greenery to the kitchen dainty planterand try planting a variety of hard herbs to have on hand.

Land cooler kettle

What is a farm kitchen if you can’t set up the kettle? You always want to be ready for coffee or tea, and that too Steel boiler is functional, but still a little bit Hygge.


Designing a country kitchen look takes a little more preparation than you think. Whether you need help visualizing what is possible or looking for a partner to make your dream kitchen come true, IKEA Kitchen Services will be happy to help you. Make an appointment to get started.

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