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12 Comb Over Fade Hairstyles for Men in 2022

High Razor Fade + Short Comb Over

The comb over fade is a classic hairstyle, worn by royalty and Hollywood icons. Made popular in the 1920s, this hairstyle is not going away any time soon. No longer just for vintage lovers, the comb over has made a comeback as a modern and suave hair choice. Adding a modern twist such as a fade revamps the vintage fit, creating a sleek, fashion-forward option for any modern man. A comb over and fade is the perfect style for people of any hair length and thickness, so why not give it a try? Here is a list of the best comb over faded hairstyles for the modern man.

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1. Comb Over + High Fade

Ideal for men with short hair, this high fade and short hair combo is a classic and handsome choice. Start with a hard part and comb through the entire length of your hair from one side. If you have a cowlick, you can tame it by smoothing the wayward hairs in the direction it naturally follows. Don’t be afraid to add texture with a pomade, giving your hair a more punch and volumes. This hairstyle is a great choice for those who work in an office environment, but it’s bold enough for you to rock in a bar or club.

Short comb over fade

2. Comb Over + Mid Fade

Finding the perfect balance between the high fade and the low fade, the mid fade starts halfway up your neck. Like the taper, the medium fade offers a layered haircut, leading to long hair on top. For a low-maintenance style, keep the length short on top and use gel to style it into place. If you’re looking for something with a little more work, you can expand it, add texture with pomade, and add a hard part for a vintage edge.

Half fade comb

3. Comb Over + Low Fade

Unlike the high fade, the low fade starts lower than the ears. A rebellious contrast to the gentleman’s hairstyle, the low fade is a classic choice for the office but edgy enough for a night out on the town. If you have shoulder-length or longer hair, switch things up by styling your hair in a pompadour, slicked back, or leaving it like a classic comb-over.

Low fade comb

4. Comb Over + Taper Fade

Keep the fade smooth all the way to your neck by tapering it. A taper fade is a bit longer than a traditional fade and is a great alternative if you’re trying to switch things up a bit. To achieve a taper fade, step away from the clippers and focus on the scissors. Finish the look by combing your hair to one side using gel or pomade, to hold it in place all day.

Tapered fade comb

5. Comb Over + Skin Fade

Long on top and shaved on the sides, the skin fade is a hairstyle that works best for people in a professional setting. Also known as short, back and sides, this fade is a classic that can easily have a bold twist, like a long comb over. You don’t have to go overboard with styling product to achieve this look; a medium hold gel or pomade is all you need. Bold, fresh and casual, the Skin Fade Comb is a perfect combo for those who want to mix up their look.

Bald Fade Comb Over

6. Comb Over Fade + Long Hair

Versatile and classic, this long comb over hairstyle is a popular choice. For those with medium to long hair, don’t be afraid to spice things up with different variations of fade lengths. For a bold look, try a skin fade or a razor fade; it adds a sense of rebellion to an otherwise classic hairstyle approach. For a beachy, laid-back style, a taper fade is a surefire way to grab attention and keep it looking stylish. Side-swept hair can be tamed with a light-hold gel or pomade, for a matte finish; don’t be afraid to add texture with a clay.

Long comb over fade

7. Comb Over Fade + Line Up

Sexy and stylish, this hairstyle has made a name for itself in the suave department. Popular for a reason, the comb over fade with a line is a statement in itself. Characterized by the sleek side-swept style and a medium fade, you can achieve this with a hard part and a serious gel. If you have curly or thick hair, be sure to use strong hold styling products. For those with fine or thin hair, sticking to something that thickens the strands is recommended.

Combo on fade with line

8. Short Comb Over + Razer Fade

Perfect for young men in school or college, this classic hairstyle is a blend of vintage styling with a fresh modern twist. Keep the hair on the sides ultra short with a high fade, leaving a skin-like finish on the back of the head and neck. By leaving it short on top, you can comb the hair to one side. Use gel to hold it in place, making it look neat and tidy.

High Razor Fade + Short Comb Over

9. Comb Over Fade + Hard Part

Perfect for the office, this haircut combines classic styling with a modern twist. A fade is a timeless and traditional cut, with any length combed to one side. The hard part creates a bold, modern appeal for your hair; it’s the perfect blend of two eras in one cut. Gel is a good option for those who want to achieve a traditional hairstyle, while a pomade is best for those who prefer volume and texture.

Mid Fade Comb Over + Part

10. Comb Over + Bald Fade and Line Up

Turn heads for all the right reasons with this daring haircut. A combination of a bald fade and a textured combo is a style contrast, but when mixed with a hard part and a line, it’s perfection. Switch things up by placing the line on your head setting, rather than as a traditional part. To create a voluminous, textured comb, use a strong hold mousse. This fit is ideal for school, college and work.

Textured Comb Over + Bald Fade + Line

11. Comb Over Mid Fade + Side Part

Traditional and stylish, this haircut is a classic for a reason. A medium fade is a timeless fade length for those working in a professional or school setting. Combined with a textured comb over and a side part, and you’ve got yourself the perfect haircut. To get a textured comb, apply some dry shampoo for volume and style the ends of your hair with a matte pomade.


12. Comb Over + Low Bald Fade

A short, slick comb is a great way to keep your hair neat and tidy. Paired with a low bald fade, this haircut is ideal for men in construction or in the office. This haircut has proven so popular because it is low maintenance and effortlessly stylish. Comb your hair to one side and set it with gel to create a slick back look. Just add a suit and a martini and people will start referring to you by your last name.

Slick Comb Over + Low Bald Fade Shorts


What is a comb over haircut?

A comb over haircut features a side part, with the hair combed over the head, from side to side. This can be a great style for hiding a receding hairline or just channeling some vintage vibes.

Are combs fashionable?

Comb overs are a classic style that never really come out. They look great on most face shapes, are easy to maintain and simple to style.

How do you ask for a comb over fade haircut?

Ask your hairdresser for a hard part on your favorite side with at least a few inches on top. Then you can choose to pair it with a high, medium, low, or side taper fade. Try to pack reference photos so you can show your stylist exactly what you have in mind. Pinterest is the perfect way to create a board of styles you love, and you can quickly scroll through before the clippers hit your head.

Which fade is best for the comb?

Any fade will look great with a comb over it; it’s just a matter of choosing a style that suits your face shape. Oval and square faces look great with most fade styles. High, soft fades add extra definition to round faces, while a short fade works best for rectangles, so you’re not adding length. Triangles and hearts can rock a low fade; however, they will want to avoid very short sides higher up. Finally, diamond faces look great with a low fade, but ideally want to retain a bit more length.


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