110 Best Tiger Tattoo Design Ideas & Meaning

Tigger Tattoo


Body art can say a lot about you; the qualities you value, the things you love, and how you wish to be perceived. Tiger tattoos are a fantastic choice for men and women because they are beautiful and symbolic. The big cat is feared and respected; it is a skilled hunter and an apex predator representing freedom, independence, strength, and power. There are also multiple ways to interpret their meaning, and you can get creative with your design. If you want to show others you are not someone to be messed with, then an image of this mighty creature with its teeth bared is an excellent choice. Or, opt for a cute design of a cub to represent family, innocence, and protection.


Tiger Tattoo Meaning

The tiger has many different meanings associated with it, depending on your chosen design. It features heavily in Chinese and Japanese folklore, and it is the national animal of India. In general, the big cat is associated with strength and power. It can also represent success, independence, and determination because it is at the top of the food chain in its natural habitat. If you decide on a design of a cub, this could be linked to protection, guidance, and the love of your family.


Tiger Tattoo Designs

1. American Traditional Tiger Tattoo

The American Traditional tattoo technique creates a statement design. It has a distinct style, defined by thick lines, a limited but bold color palette, and slight shading. The colors are often red, green, yellow, and blue, and the combination makes for an exciting piece that has a rebellious feel to it; this is because those on the fringes of society once favored it. This approach works well with images of animals, including the tiger. You can also add other imagery to your design, including flowers, nature, or nautical themes. When deciding on the placement for your piece, it is best to choose somewhere visible, especially if you are not afraid to stand out from the crowd.


American Traditional Tiger Tattoo


American Traditional Tiger Tattoo 2


2. Baby Tiger Cub Tattoo

The appeal of tiger tattoos is there are many different ways to get them inked, allowing you to find the imagery and the symbolism that best suits you. Getting inked with a baby tiger cub can represent innocence and love. It could be a way to show your playful side or the importance of youthfulness. It is an excellent choice for a parent who wants to honor their bond with their loved ones. This tattoo can also be associated with protection and responsibility, and you may wish to remind yourself of how you would do anything to keep your child safe.


Baby Tiger Cub Tattoo 1


Baby Tiger Cub Tattoo


3. Blue Tiger Tattoo

A blue tiger tattoo can make for a striking design that is colorful and can evoke feelings of calm. Deciding on colored ink is a bold choice, and even the most simple techniques can make a statement. Perhaps you decide on the blue hue because it is your favorite color or because you want a design that represents power and peace. There is also a blue tiger eye stone, which could inspire getting this shade, as it is associated with protection, good luck, and power. The downside to getting blue ink is that it can fade faster than black.


Blue Tigeer Tattoo 1


Blue Tigeer Tattoo


4. Chinese Tiger Tattoo

The tiger is an important animal in Chinese culture and is associated with good luck. It is also linked to power and strength and can also represent fire and fear. In addition, the tiger is one of the 12 Chinese Zodiac animals, so if you were born in the year of the tiger, you might be drawn to a Chinese tiger tattoo. The traditional style of Chinese tattooing is also bold and colorful, making for an interesting piece with a more cartoonish appearance. To add to the meaning of your piece, you may wish to include other imagery, like blooms or mythological creatures such as the dragon.


Chinese Tiger Tattoo 2


Chinese Tiger Tattoo


5. Colorful Tiger Tattoo

There is a definite appeal to getting a colorful tattoo. Opting for a bold and bright piece will draw attention to your design; the standard tiger is a striking mix of orange and black and it can look great in colored ink. This approach can also add to the detail, and there are several styles to choose from, including photorealistic or American Traditional tattoos. Color can add to the meaning associated with your design, as different colors represent varying things. There are some downsides to getting colored ink; they fade faster and are more time-consuming to complete. It can also be more expensive.


Colorful Tiger Tattoo


Colorful Tiger Tattoo 2


6. Cute Tiger Tattoo

Your design can be bold and fierce or sweet and cute, which is the beauty of tiger tattoos. There are many options to choose from, allowing you to find an image that best suits your style. Men and women who want a design that brings them happiness could opt for a cute tiger. This could be of a cub or have a cartoonish appearance. You can add other imagery to make it more personal, such as your favorite childhood teddy bear or stars, hearts, and clouds. This design can be as simple or as detailed as you wish, so work with your tattoo artist to find the best option for you.


Cute Tiger Tattoo 3


Cute Tiger Tattoo 4


7. Flying Tiger Tattoo

A flying tiger tattoo can make for an interesting design that is rich in symbolism. For some, it is as straightforward as a tiger about to pounce on its prey, which can be associated with power and strength. This is the perfect piece for someone who wants a design that reminds them to be determined or stay in control of their lives. The flying tiger can also have a different meaning and could be a way to honor a group of pilots. If you are a patriotic individual or interested in history, this idea will be appealing to you; the American Volunteer Group was nicknamed the Flying Tigers because of the artwork on their aircraft. They were formed to help prevent the Japanese invasion of China.


Flying Tiger Tattoo 1


Flying Tiger Tattoo


8. Half Head Tiger Tattoo

You do not need to get an image of an entire tiger body or even the whole face, for that matter. Opt for a half head tiger tattoo for those who want an interesting design that is slightly different. The tiger is associated with power and strength and also represents freedom and independence. The big cat is beautiful and majestic, and there are many ways to design it to suit your style. You can get a half head inked onto body parts such as joints so that it looks more complete. Or you could create artwork that completes the other side of the face with a human face, showing that you value qualities associated with humans and tigers.


Half Head Tiger Tattoo 2


Half Tiger Head Tattoo


9. Japanese Tiger Tattoo

Another striking style is Japanese tattoos. Despite having a stigma in Japan because of their association with the Yakuza gang, these pieces are bold and created with heavy black linework and interesting shading. They also use a very bright color palette, and your tiger will look fantastic when paired with other images such as waves, smoke, or flowers. A Japanese tiger is associated with longevity, strength, and courage and can protect you from evil and negative forces. It can also prevent bad luck. These pieces make a statement, and if you want an unmissable tattoo, consider getting it somewhere you can show it off. Excellent locations include the forearm, the bicep, or the leg. The chest or back is fantastic for those who want a large and detailed design and can easily be covered up or shown off when you wish.


Japaneese Tiger Tattoo 2


Japaneese Tiger Tattoo


10. Native American Tiger Tattoo

Throughout history, mankind has worn the pelts of animals for warmth, protection, and to instill fear in their enemies. For the Native Americans, the headdress is a sacred garment worn to symbolize bravery and strength and indicates the wearer’s importance. The headdress inspires some people to create a tattoo with similar qualities: courage and power. Tigers are also associated with intuition and grace and are seen as the keepers of the spirit world.


Native American Tiger Tattoo 2


Native American Tiger Tattoo


11. Roaring Tiger Tattoo

Depicting a tiger roaring could be a show of strength and power. The mouth opened, exposing the jaws and teeth can also be a reminder to be wary of others or could be a warning for those who mean harm to stay away. This majestic big cat is respected and feared, and the way you choose to design it can make a subtle statement about your thoughts on the animal. And on life in general. There are many interpretations of what a roaring tiger means and the image makes for a statement piece.


Roaring Tiger Tattoo 1


Roaring Tiger Tattoo


12. Sabertoothed Tiger Tattoo

The saber-toothed tiger has long been extinct, but this prehistoric mammal is associated with power. Despite being named tiger, it was not a tiger, but it is not hard to see why someone would be drawn to a design of this mighty beast, and your design can be a way to instill fear in others. It could also serve as a reminder to remain strong and determined, no matter what life throws at you. Or to stay true to yourself and fight for what is important in your life. There are various interpretations and ways to create your design; some opt for a realistic portrayal of what this animal would have looked at, others choose to add large teeth to a modern-day tiger.


Saber Tooth Tiber Tattoo 2


Saber Tooth Tiber Tattoo


13. Small Tiger Tattoo

Your tiger design does not have to be big to make a statement, and small inkings are just as appealing. Small tattoos are great for many reasons, including that you are not limited in terms of placement, letting you get inked anywhere on the body, from the wrist to behind the ear. Most of these designs focus on the outline and have very little detail, making them faster to complete and often cheaper. Smaller ink is also more versatile as it can be covered up easily. This is a wonderful choice for both men and women and fantastic whether your first tattoo or your tenth.


Small Tiger Tattoo 1


Small Tiger Tattoo


14. Tiger and Dagger Tattoo

The tiger is a beautiful and mighty creature associated with strength and power. It is an apex predator and often associated with freedom, determination, and independence. There are many ways to design your tiger tattoo, and choosing to include other images can alter the meaning slightly. For example, a tiger and dagger inking can represent pain and betrayal. Daggers are often symbolic of danger or that someone wishes to harm you. When it comes to your design, you can make the dagger piercing the tiger to show someone you trusted has disappointed you or let you down. This piece could be a reminder to keep your heart guarded and be wary of others and their intentions.


Tiger And Dagger Tattoo 2


Tiger And Dagger Tattoo


15. Tiger and Snake Tattoo

A tiger and snake tattoo makes for a visually interesting and symbolic piece. The two animals can be combined in several ways; perhaps the snake is wrapping itself around the big cat, or they could be engaged in a battle. The combination could represent not giving in to temptation or keeping yourself guarded against those who mean you harm. For some, it is also a representation of good and evil forces; the tiger is the positive and the snake the negative. Snakes can have a variety of design interpretations and meanings but are most commonly associated with danger and transformation.


Tiger And Snake Tattoo 2


Tiger And Snake Tattoo


16. Tiger Ankle Tattoo

An ankle tattoo is an excellent location if you want a small or simple tiger design. Ink here can look dainty and delicate, and it can draw attention to a flattering part of the body. You can easily cover ankle body art, making it an appealing spot for someone who prefers to keep their ink hidden. Yet, at the same time, you can look at it whenever you wish. Tattoos here can be painful because of the thin skin, proximity to bone, and lack of muscle, but many people find the discomfort short-lived as ankle designs are typically not large or detailed.


Tiger Ankle Tattoo


17. Tiger Back Tattoo

There are few better placements for body art than the back. The back provides a large canvas for your design, allowing you to be as creative as you wish. You can add other imagery and cover your whole back with tattoos because there is enough space for detail. That said, you can also opt for a small tiger tattoo which will look just as good here. The area is low on the tattoo pain chart scale because of the thick skin, fat, and muscle, although the closer you ink toward the spine and hips, the more discomfort you will experience. Back tattoos can be easily hidden, and when you decide to show them off, this is on your terms. This can be appealing because it gives you more control over who sees your design and is especially important if it is personal and meaningful.


Tiger Back Tattoo 2


Tiger Back Tattoo


18. Tiger Calf Tattoo

The calf is a versatile placement for body art and can highlight your muscle definition depending on your chosen design. The appeal of this spot is that it can be covered up easily or shown off whenever you want. It is also low on the tattoo pain chart scale because of the thick skin, fat, and muscle. Other pros include the size and shape of the calf, and you can get a decent-sized tiger design, including detailing. For a more subtle approach, keep it small and minimalistic by focusing on just an outline of the big cat.


Tiger Calf Tattoo 2


Tiger Calf Tattoo


19. Tiger Chest Tattoo

Chest tattoos are a fantastic spot for designs that mean a lot to you; after all, you are wearing them close to your heart. The area can be excruciating for body art, so it should be reserved for the most meaningful tattoos. The proximity to bone, thin skin, and sensitivity of the chest makes it high on the tattoo pain chart scale for both men and women to get inked. That said, it can be an incredibly appealing placement because it is large enough not to restrict you in terms of design and techniques. The right design can also highlight your muscle definition. Your tattoo can also be covered up easily, making it the perfect area for those who wish to keep their ink private.


Tiger Chest Tattoo 2


Tiger Chest Tattoo


20. Tiger Clock Tattoo

Clocks represent time and are often connected to ideas of life and death. Clock tattoos also lend themselves well to personalization, and the time the hands stop at can be significant. If you are someone who contemplates their mortality or are drawn to the concept of time running out, this is an excellent choice for you. Clocks can be combined with various images, including a tiger. A clock and tiger piece could remind you to stay focused on the things that matter the most to you. It could also represent your desire to be successful and inspire you to be determined and dedicated. The tiger symbolizes strength and power, and you may wish to use it to represent a positive person in your life. Or a manifestation of your desires and how you need to act before it is too late.


Tiger Clock Tattoo


21. Tiger Compass Tattoo

The compass is a navigational instrument that represents guidance, direction, and good luck. It can be inked by a keen traveler and lover of the outdoors, or if you wish to remind yourself of the importance of staying on the right path and maintaining your focus and dedication. The compass can also be inked as part of a larger design, allowing you to add other images, including a tiger. You can combine a compass tattoo and the tiger for a meaningful and personal piece. Your tiger could also represent a specific destination, for example, somewhere like China or Japan, where the tiger has an important part in folklore.


Tiger Compass Tattoo


Tiger Compass Tattoo

22. Tiger Dreamcatcher Tattoo

A dreamcatcher is a handwoven object that has importance in the Native American culture. It is used to protect people from negative thoughts and bad dreams. The talisman is often hung up over the beds of small children, safeguarding them. For this reason, the dream catcher is associated with protection. When used for inspiration for body art, the design can differ; some people choose to use feathers of specific birds, include names of loved ones, or add other imagery to their design. Adding a tiger does detract from the intended meaning of the object, but it makes for unusual and interesting tattoos. The inclusion of a tiger could be a way to instill fear in those who mean you harm, or it could be to show you value the qualities of power and strength.


Tiger Dreamcatcher Tattoo


23. Tiger Eyes Tattoo

The tiger’s eyes can be mesmerizingly beautiful, but they can also be scary and fill you with fear. Looking into the eyes of this mighty beast is intimidating, and this is an idea many people wish to convey with their tiger eyes tattoo. Your piece could also take on another meaning and be associated with mystery, protection, and the spirit world. Some people also choose to get a human eye on the tiger’s face, representing the bond between man and beast. There are many interpretations and ways to design your piece, making for a symbolic and cool tattoo choice.


Tiger Eyes Tattoo 2


Tiger Eyes Tattoo


24. Tiger Flower Tattoo

Tigers can be represented in many ways, and your artwork can include other imagery to add to the overall meaning. A popular way to do this is by including flowers, which can either be a filler for a bigger piece or could have meaning on their own. In general, flower tattoos represent life, love, and growth. When combined with a tiger, this can add a softness to your piece and create an interesting contrast between a powerful animal and a delicate flower. The bloom you choose will have its unique symbolism; for example, the cherry blossom is linked with impermanence and love, whereas the lotus represents spiritual enlightenment, resilience, and strength. There are also several styles to choose from, including realistic portrayals. Or for those who like bold artwork, the Japanese or Chinese tattoos, or American Traditional techniques.


Tiger Flower Tattoo 2


Tiger Flower Tattoo


25. Tiger Foot Tattoo

Foot tattoos are easy to cover up or show off, which is why many people are drawn to this placement. You can see your design every day, but you do not have to put it on display if you do not want to. This is appealing if you work in a corporate environment. Or wish to get inked with a personal and deeply meaningful piece. Ink here can hurt because of the proximity to bone and thin skin, and healing time can be complicated. You will not be able to wear footwear for several days to avoid friction and prevent the risk of irritation or infection. Tattoos here also fade faster than other locations because they rub against socks and shoes. That said, if you feel the pros outweigh the cons, your tiger artwork will look fantastic here.


Tiger Foot Tattoo 2


Tiger Foot Tattoo


26. Tiger Forearm Tattoo

One of the best locations for body art is the forearm. A forearm tattoo is an attractive placement for several reasons; it is visible but easy to cover up, and the area is big enough to allow for a detailed piece, but small designs work just as well. It is also low on the tattoo pain chart scale because of the thick skin, muscle, and fat. The forearm is ideal for your first tattoo and a great way to ease into body art. The tiger is a beautiful and symbolic animal, and this spot allows you to look at your design every day, reminding yourself why you chose to get it.


Tiger Forearm Tattoo 2


Tiger Forearm Tattoo 3


27. Tiger Geometric Tattoo

Geometric tattoos are created using shapes and symbols, and the result is beautiful modern artwork. Almost any design can have a geometric element to it, and you can opt for a tiger outline or split the tiger head in two; one side normal and the other geometric for a piece that creates an interesting contrast. Your ink can also be as detailed or simplistic as you wish, letting you get creative and experimenting with different combinations and outcomes. The shapes and patterns can make you feel a sense of calm when looking at them.


Tiger Geometric Tattoo


Tiger Geometric Tattoo 4


28. Tiger Half Sleeve Tattoo

A half sleeve tattoo is a great option for someone who wants a large and detailed tiger design. It is also a fantastic way to express yourself, as covering a significant part of your arm takes time, money, and dedication. The half sleeve is much more versatile than a full sleeve, though, as it is easier to cover up. Choose to focus the design on the upper half of your arm if you wish to keep it hidden during the summer and winter months. There is no limit on what you can get inked, and your design is all about getting creative; that said, these pieces look best when they follow a specific theme, for example, nature. Work with your chosen tattoo artist to come up with imagery and a technique that best suits you.


Tiger Half Sleeve Tattoo (3)


Tiger Half Sleeve Tattoo

29. Tiger Hand Tattoo

A hand tattoo is not a placement that should be chosen without some serious consideration. This location has many pros and cons, including that it can make a statement and show off the things you love. However, the visibility of your hands makes it a piece that is almost impossible to hide. Although this has a rebellious feel, it can impact your job opportunities. Designs here also tend to fade quickly because of exposure to the elements and frequency of use. Plus, they hurt because of the thin skin, nerve endings, and proximity to bone. For some people, this can be a pro, though, as it shows the world you are a risk-taker and someone who is not concerned with what others think of them.


Tiger Hand Tattoo 2


Tiger Hand Tattoo 3


30. Tiger Knee Tattoo

If you have high pain tolerance, a knee tattoo can be a great choice. It is one of the most painful locations to get tattooed because of the thin skin and proximity to bone, but it can also be one of the most striking. Anywhere on the knee and its surroundings will hurt, but the kneecap is the worst of all. A design here can be easily shown off or covered up but has a rebellious feel, and your chosen design can lean into that. For example, the face of a tiger, with its teeth bared, can tell the world you are someone who is not to be messed with.


Tiger Knee Tattoo


Tiger Knee Tattoo 2


31. Tiger Knuckle Tattoo

Knuckle tattoos are edgy and cool, but they are also not for the faint of heart. Designs here will hurt because of the thin skin, sensitivity of the area, and because you are tattooing so close to the bone. However, it is an excellent way to show off your tiger design because these pieces are hard to miss and make a statement. Like finger tattoos, the knuckle will fade quickly because of exposure and frequency of use. So, enjoy them while they last and wear them with confidence.


Tiger Knuckle Tattoo


Tiger Knuckle Tattoo 2


32. Tiger Leg Tattoo

Leg tattoos are one of the most popular placements because of their versatility. These pieces can be easily shown off or covered up, and you can see them every day. The leg also provides enough space to allow for a large, detailed design, which will not limit you in terms of creativity. Other pros of the location include that it is low on the tattoo pain chart scale due to the thick skin, muscles, and fat. Men and women are drawn to leg tattoos because they can highlight muscle definition with the right design and shading.


Tiger Leg Tattoo 2


Tiger Leg Tattoo


33. Tiger Lily Tattoo

The tiger is a beautiful animal that is associated with power and independence. There are many ways to design your piece, and your chosen imagery or the style you opt for can alter the meaning slightly. Opting to add floral images can soften your work, and there are many different plants to choose from. Or maybe your ink is not of a tiger at all but the beautiful tiger lily. This flower, native to Japan, China, Korea, and parts of Russia, is associated with confidence, compassion, and nobility and is an excellent choice for someone who values these things. Its striking colors also make for a colorful and pretty inking.


Tiger Lilly Tattoo 2


Tiger Lilly Tattoo 4


34. Tiger Line Tattoo

If you prefer simple body art, then you will be drawn to a line tattoo. This artwork has a minimalistic approach, often focusing on the basic shape of your chosen design, which in this case would be a tiger. The appeal is that this piece is created using little shading and no color but can be as detailed or basic as you wish. In addition, your tattoo could be cheaper, not as painful, and will take less time to complete.


Tiger Line Art Tattoo


Tiger Line Tattoo


35. Tiger Mandala Tattoo

Mandala comes from the Sanskrit language and means circle, and it is a sacred symbol with importance in several cultures. The mandala is a series of shapes and symbols created together to form a pattern or image. In recent years they have inspired countless artwork and body art because of the beauty of these designs. They can also make you feel calm and balanced when looking at them, and this is achieved by freeing your mind of other thoughts. Whether a mandala tattoo should serve as the inspiration for a tattoo has become a hotly debated topic. You should fully understand the meaning and intended purposes behind the symbols before getting them inked.


Tiger Mandala Tattoo


Tiger Mandala Tattoo 1


36. Tiger Moon Tattoo

Tigers represent many things but can also be associated with mystery. This makes pairing them with a moon design the perfect combination because the moon symbolizes life, growth, creativity, and the supernatural. Your tiger and moon tattoo could represent the spirit world, or it could be connected to guidance, personal growth, and internal strength. There are many interpretations and ways to design your piece, including opting for different phases of the moon. Each phase can alter the meaning associated with your work; for example, the full moon often represents magic and the supernatural, while the crescent is associated with hope and change.


Tiger Moon Tattoo 1


Tiger Moon Tattoo 2


37. Tiger Nature Tattoo

If you want a large and detailed design or one that can express your love of the natural world, then a tiger tattoo, combined with images of nature, is a stunning choice. It also gives you freedom with the pictures you choose to include, allowing you to pick what is most meaningful. This is a fantastic option for someone who wishes to create a sleeve design and wants a specific theme. It is also perfect if you are a lover of the outdoors or an adventurer. Perhaps you want your piece to tell a story about how important it is to respect the earth and everything that lives on it. Or it could be a way to honor the tiger and show the beauty of it living in its natural habitat.


Tiger Nature Tattoo 3


Tiger Nature Tattoo


38. Tiger Portrait Tattoo

Portrait tattoos are often an opportunity to get inked with the face of a loved one. It could also be a more generic image of a person or a celebrity. The beauty of these designs is they celebrate the human form and tend to be incredibly beautiful and detailed. There is a wide range of styles and interpretations, and for an artistic alternative, you may wish to combine the face of a human with that of a tiger. This could mean many things, including seeing qualities that the tiger represents within you or a loved one. It can be a way to honor someone’s strength and resilience. Work with a tattoo artist who specializes in the style for the best results.


Tiger Portrait Tattoo 1


Tiger Portrait Tattoo


39. Tiger Quote Tattoo

If you want to make your tiger design unique and personal, adding a quote to it is a fantastic choice. There are many texts dedicated to the beauty and intelligence of this big cat, and you can choose any one of them to combine with your image to add to the overall meaning. You can also focus your quotes on the qualities you love the most about this majestic animal. For example, it is often associated with strength, power, success, and freedom, and your favorite quote may complement your design well. Quote tattoos are appealing because they can accurately reflect your thoughts and feelings. When determining the placement of your body art, consider the length of your quote. Longer pieces work better on body parts that provide more space for detail.


Tiger Quote Tattoo 2


Tiger Quote Tattoo


40. Tiger Roman Numeral Tattoo

The appeal of Roman numeral tattoos is that they are a great way to ink numbers and dates that are meaningful to you. We do not use this numeric system daily, making it more interesting and mysterious; people may have to double-take before figuring out what the sequence of numbers represents. They can be of anything, including the birth of your child, your wedding day, or as a memorial piece to honor someone you have lost. The designs are simple, allowing you to get them inked in various sizes and anywhere on the body, and it will combine well with other images. A tiger and roman numeral design could celebrate the bond you share with your child, and you can choose to add an adult tiger with its cubs. It could represent someone special in your life, and the date that accompanies it will add to this.


Tiger Roman Numeral Tattoo 2


Tiger Roman Numerals Tattoo


41. Tiger Rose Tattoo

A tiger and a rose tattoo make for a stunning piece that is rich in symbolism. The rose is a flower that represents beauty, love, life. It can have varying meanings depending on the color you choose to get it inked in. For example, a black rose is connected to loss, heartache, and grief, whereas a red rose is linked to seduction, passion, and romantic love. Combining your tiger with a rose design can give it a more feminine appearance, or, depending on your design, it could create a contrast; for example, a fearsome tiger with its teeth bared paired with a delicate rose.


Tiger Rose Tattoo


Tiger Rose Tattoo 2


42. Tiger Shoulder Tattoo

The shoulder is a popular choice for tattoos for both men and women, although it is a location that is often associated with masculinity and strength. The appeal of this spot is that it is easy to cover up or show off, and it is large enough to allow for detailing. That said, small pieces look just as great here. Unlike other areas on the body exposed often, the shoulder will not fade as fast and is also not susceptible to stretching. Another pro is that the shoulder is one of the least painful places to get tattooed. This is because of the thick skin, fat, and muscle. That said, the closer you ink toward the shoulder blade, the more pain you will experience.


Tiger Shoulder Tattoo 3


Tiger Shoulder Tattoo


43. Tiger Skull Tattoo

The human skull is a symbol of death, destruction, and grief. It is a popular tattoo because of the rich symbolism associated with it and because it makes for a statement piece. If you want something slightly different but still wish your body art to have an intimidating appearance, then a tiger skull tattoo is a great alternative. The tiger is most commonly associated with power, but showing its skull could indicate that you are not afraid of death. It can also suggest that the qualities you value in life, for example, strength and being an apex predator, no longer matter in the end. This could serve as a reminder to live well without concern for the things you cannot control.


Tiger Skull Tattoo 2


Tiger Skull Tattoo


44. Tiger Sleeve Tattoo

Sleeve tattoos are for men and women who want to make a statement. Tattooing your whole arm takes dedication and commitment, and it is a way to show the world the things you love and value the most. The appeal of a tiger sleeve tattoo is that it tells a story and can reflect your thoughts and feelings. The big cat is a powerful animal that is respected and feared. It can be combined with various imagery to make for a detailed and beautiful inking. Examples include nature themes or Japanese or Chinese folklore; this would see you combining the tiger with mythological creatures like the dragon. Sleeves can be expensive and time-consuming to create, but it is a wonderful way to express yourself and show off your creativity.


Tiger Sleeve Tattoo 2


Tiger Sleeve Tattoo


45. Tiger Stick and Poke Tattoo

Stick and poke tattoos are among the oldest forms of tattooing but have enjoyed a resurgence of popularity in recent years because of a trend of people tattooing themselves. You should not tattoo yourself, but there is an appeal to this style created using a hand-held needle and rod. It has a distinctive appearance and is not as precise or detailed as electric machine tattoos. The imperfections of this piece add to the overall uniqueness, and this is why many people are drawn to it. Other pros include your piece will not hurt as much, but it can be time-consuming to complete; each line needs to be done several times to take. Stick and poke art can be detailed and beautiful or simple and minimalistic, depending on your preference. Find a tattoo artist who specializes in this style for the best results.


Tiger Stick And Poke Tattoo 2


Tiger Stick And Poke Tattoo


46. Tiger Stomach Tattoo

The stomach is one of the most painful locations to get a tattoo, especially for those with slimmer builds that lack body fat. Do not let this put you off, though, because this spot is an excellent place for a big and detailed tattoo or something simple and small. It could be a way to hide any imperfections on your body, for example, stretch marks, and can also be worn as a sign of your strength and power. This is because you could endure the pain, which is part of the appeal to some people. The beauty of this location is its versatility. You can also easily cover up a stomach tattoo, making it an appealing area for those who want to keep their body art private.


Tiger Stomach Tattoo 2


Tiger Stomach Tattoo


47. Tiger Thigh Tattoo

There are few better locations for body art than a thigh. Getting a thigh tattoo is one of the least painful areas of the body because of the thick skin, fat, and muscle. It is also an appealing spot because it is easily shown off or covered up. Not only this, but the thigh provides you with enough space to get a large and detailed design. Your tiger could take up the entire thigh, making for a cool and rebellious piece. Or it could be inked small, which is just as meaningful and cool. It is worth remembering that the outside of the thigh is low on the tattoo pain chart scale, but you will experience discomfort in the inner thigh because of the area’s sensitivity.


Tiger Thigh Tattoo 2


Tiger Thigh Tattoo


48. Tiger Tribal Tattoo

Tribal tattoos are important. There are many cultures to choose from, each with different designs and meanings associated with it. That said, in general, tribal tattoos have been used to distinguish social status, acknowledge accomplishments and strength, honor the gods and instill fear in the wearer’s enemies. The style is often defined by the thick black outlines and limited shading. The piece can be simple or intricate, using a series of patterns to form an image or cover entire limbs. A tiger tribal tattoo should ideally be somewhere you can see to remind yourself of why you got it inked in the first place. For many, this is a way to honor their heritage and feel connected to their roots.


Tiger Tribal Tatoo 2


Tiger Tribal Tattoo


49. Tiger Underboob Tattoo

An underboob tattoo is a fantastic location for women who want a piece that draws attention to one of the most feminine parts of their body. It is located underneath the cleavage or to the side, and your placement will largely depend on your design. These pieces can also be seductive; they are not often shown off, it makes revealing them more intimate and special. Getting inked with a tiger here can be a great choice, and you can work with your tattoo artist to design it so that it complements your body’s natural curves. The drawback is that ink here will hurt because of the sensitivity and the thin skin. You will also not be able to wear a bra or tight clothes over the area for several days to prevent friction.


Tiger Underboo Tattoo 1


Tiger Underboo Tattoo


50. Tiger Watercolor Tattoo

The watercolor tattoo technique is a striking one. It is a brilliant blend of vibrant colors that closely resemble how the ink would dry on a canvas. The appeal of this style is that it does not use heavy outlines or fine detailing and can make your chosen design pop against your skin. It can also be done in almost any design or added to the background of a more detailed piece for an interesting contrast. The drawback is that watercolor pieces can often be time-consuming to complete and expensive. They will also fade faster than traditional tattoos because of the lack of outlines.


Tiger Watercolor Tatoo 2


Tiger Watercolor Tatoo


51. Tiger with Crown Tattoo

If you feel like you have royalty qualities and view yourself as someone powerful, then a tiger and crown tattoo is a perfect choice. The crown is associated with royalty, prestige, and success, and the tiger represents good luck, power, and strength. Combining these two images makes for an interesting piece, and a tiger is a fantastic option because it is an apex predator. Your ink can represent your need to control or encourage you to keep dreaming and reach your goals. There are many interpretations and various ways to combine these designs.


Tiger With Crown Tattoo 3


Tiger With Crown Tattoo


52. Tiger with Cubs Tattoo

If you are looking for a sweet way to celebrate the bond you share with your children, then a tiger with cubs is the tattoo for you. This piece represents innocence and love but can also be associated with protection and safety. Many parents love their children most of all and will do anything to keep them safe and happy. To indicate that this design is about your loved ones, you may wish to include their names. If it is honoring their birth, you can also have their date of birth. Another way to make this body art more meaningful would be to add multiple cubs, one representing each of your children. This can make for an excellent sleeve or half sleeve tattoo.


Tiger With Cubs Tattoo 2


Tiger With Cubs Tattoo


53. Twin Tiger Tattoo

The twin tiger tattoo is an interesting and symbolic piece often associated with power and glory. Those who want a design that can help them focus their energy and give them strength and determination are drawn to this tattoo. You may have seen it on Muay Thai fighters, and this body art can sometimes inspire people to keep working hard to achieve their goals. Or offer them protection from those who mean them harm. Warriors have worn it during a battle, but it is now a popular image to get inked for men and women who want something to reflect their thoughts and feelings.


Twin Tiger Tattoo 2


Twin Tiger Tattoo


54. White Tiger Tattoo

The white tiger is a beautiful and majestic creature. Rare and often associated with mystery and the supernatural. This is an excellent choice for someone who likes the idea of a tiger tattoo but wants something different from the norm. Although this animal represents power, it is also associated with beauty, courage, and peace. The white tiger features in Japanese legend where it is referred to as Byakko. To give your piece a more mysterious feel, you can include imagery such as star constellations and the moon. Or you can make it feminine and add a softness by including flowers.


White Tiger Tattoo


White Tiger Tattoo 2


55. Tiger Finger Tattoo

Your placement is just as important as your inking, and finger tattoos will make a statement. The area is small, limiting your design as you cannot get anything too large or detailed, but it is an attractive location because of its visibility. There is no better spot for those who want to put their body art on display as these tattoos are unmissable. The downside to finger pieces is that they hurt. This is because of the nerve endings, proximity to bone, thin skin, and the lack of muscle and fat. They also tend to fade much faster than other locations because of the frequency of use and exposure to the elements.


Tiger Knuckle Tattoo 2


Tiger Finger Tattoo


Tiger Tattoo FAQs

What celebrity has a tiger tattoo?

The tiger is a beautiful and symbolic animal, and it makes for an interesting and striking tattoo. It is not hard to see why someone would be drawn to body art that honors the tiger, including many top celebrities. Some of the most notable pieces include Kesha’s colorful tiger tattoo on her hand, Ariel Winter has a small tiger head on her back, and Ruby Rose has a tiger tattoo as part of her sleeve design.

What does a white tiger symbolize?

Most tigers have a vibrant orange and black coat, but the white tiger is a rare and majestic creature; a genetic anomaly has resulted in the white coat, and there are only several hundred of these big cats. For this reason, the white tiger is often associated with mystery and the supernatural. It can also represent beauty and power.

What does a tiger eye tattoo symbolize?

A tiger eye tattoo can create a window into the soul of the animal. It can show its power and primitive desires and can be a symbol of beauty. It can also be an intimidating design, as these big cats are respected and feared, and looking into their eyes can certainly instill fear. You can also choose to get a human eye on the face of a tiger, which can represent the link between man and beast.

How much does a tiger tattoo cost?

The cost of your tattoo will depend on the size and detail of your artwork. The complexity of your design, the amount of color and shading you use, and even the placement can affect price; if it is a difficult area to get inked and requires more skill, this can drive up the cost. If you opt for a small and minimalist piece, you can expect to pay around $100, whereas a more detailed sleeve could be $2000. Your chosen tattoo artist and the studio’s location will also influence the price, and more reputable individuals can charge more.


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