11 ways to get clean air without chemicals

11 ways to get clean air without chemicals

Get clean air without chemicals: The air that surrounds us; whether indoors or outdoors leaves a direct impact on our health and so the quality of air is what that actually matters. You will be surprised to know that the study done by the EPA – Environmental Protection Agency states that the indoor air that exists inside the houses is much more polluted than the outdoor air. The studies also dictate that poor air quality may result in the cause of diseases like heart and lung diseases and various types of infections.

You will also be surprised to know that the data presented by Harvard School of Public Health which states that there is an average of 3.3 million deaths all over the world due to polluted air. This makes us understand the seriousness indeed. As we spend our maximum time inside of our house, it becomes very important to inhale healthy air which is chemical-free too.

get clean air without chemicals
11 ways to get clean air without chemicals 1

In this article, we will learn some effective and easy ways to get chemical-free clean indoor air and that too without the use of any chemicals. Mark a point that diffusing scents can only make air pleasing but not healthy. Scents too comprise of chemicals. Hence, only your smart tricks and few efforts can make you breathe healthily and live safely. So, check it out:

1. Open Your Windows for a While Daily

This won’t cost you a penny and will need your least efforts! Just walk a few steps towards your windows and open them for at least five minutes to purify the locked indoor air in your home or office. Doing this, will freshen up your indoor air from any type of dangerous air pollutant and meliorate the air quality.

2. Smarten Up Your Décor with Indoor Plants

Nature has always been contributing in one or the other way to humans. This has also been proved in a study done by the American Society for Horticulture Science that indoor plants work as an amazing air purifier. So, make sure to definitely decorate your house with few green indoor plants. This will not only keep the inside air of your house free from harmful bacteria and germs but also enhance the interior of your house.

3. Make Use of Essential Oil Diffusers

The other way to manage a clean atmosphere with clean air within the walls is to make the use of essential oil diffusers. You must be wondering as to how essential oil will help you in the same. Well, imbibed with amazing antibacterial properties, these oils also have the power to abridge the airborne bacteria invisibly floating in the air. Some of such essential oils are rosemary oil, clove oil, and eucalyptus oil.

4. Prefer Beeswax Candles

Now, this idea of clean air supports a scientific reason! The particles that wander in the air are said to be ions that are positively charged. But the air closer to nature composes of ions that are negatively charged; which when strikes with positive ions, makes them heavy and kicks them on the ground thereby making it free from any harmful bacterium. You can find such air around a woodhouse close to nature, in jungles, nearby a waterfall, etc.  Now lighting beeswax candles inside your house gives birth to the above phenomenon artificially and hence distills the interior air.

Though any candle can crock up the air most preferable make the use of LED candles as they play a minimum role to pollute the air in comparison.

5. Let Your Shoes Rest Outside

Say NO to shoes inside your house! All you need to do is to remember to remove your shoes whenever you step into your house. Want to know the reason? Well, shoes or slippers have worn outdoors are a great to let in many invisible bacteria and germs and at times visible dirt and fungi too. This automatically pollutes the inside air. So, it’s better to take them off in order to conserve a cleaner air inside.

6. Groom Your Pets Well

A home with pets; is a home with skin cells of pets too! It is obvious to find fur and dander of pets somewhere or the other in the house with a pet. This might not only be dangerous from the unhealthy air point of view but also might become the cause of disease like asthma. With the ones who are already asthmatic, this might exasperate your problem. So, you strictly need to take care of it. Minimum the dander, the least will be other problems.

Take your pets outdoors when brushing them. This will reduce the problem to a lot of extents. Use an effective filter to clean your floors and furnishing and do it daily without a miss.

7. Use of AC

With the central air conditioning system, you are already at a safer position because it drags the air out of your house, chills it and then throws it back again. Just be careful about changing the filters at regular intervals as these filters have the potential to get hold of bacteria and particles at the time of the air pulling process. The more frequent you change it, the safer you will stay.

Always stay updated about the kind of air conditioning system you have got installed as this will prove to be a great help when there is a need to change its filters. You can also check on the specific recommendations made by the makers of your AC system.

8. Use Nontoxic Chemical House Cleaners

It is just not about air purification but it is anyways safe and healthy to use house cleaners that have nontoxic chemicals only. There are various cleaners that are high in toxic chemicals and their usage might add to your problems in terms of getting lungs, nose, and throat, or eye infliction. So, better not to use such, and even if you have stocked them then make sure to open windows while you use them.

Another best idea could be to make a house cleaner yourself by using safe & effective elements like baking soda, citrus juice, vinegar or essential oils. Give a try. Your efforts will leave you surprised for sure.

9. Use an Air Purifier

Using an air purifier is really a handy way to get rid of the airborne particles to a great extent. In case if there is someone in your home who is asthmatic, then putting an air purifier is definitely worthy. I just prefer the well-rated ones.

10. Aerate your New Furniture

Volatile organic compounds are chemicals that hang around in the air almost everywhere indoors. Among many, Benzene and Toluene are volatile organic compounds that are said to be actively present in a few things like fabrics, paints, glues, construction materials, etc. So, when you buy any new furniture with good polishing and shine, it is sure to expel VOCs actively in abundance and then fizzle out gradually.

So, what needs to be done to safeguard the inside air? You just need to aerate your new furniture as much as you can in the external air. Ventilate it every day till it loses its sharp smell and possibly gets free of VOCs. Keeping it in the garage for the first few weeks and then make it a habit to open windows at regular intervals when settled inside will be an efficacious idea to maintain clean air inside the house.

11. Consume Cooking Oils with Higher Smoke Degrees

Now comes the turn to make a little change in your cooking oil too. Begin the usage of such cooking oils that fumes at a higher temperature. If compared, extra virgin olive oil has a lesser smoke level than other oil like that of sunflower, peanut, corn, and avocado oil. In such a case, you can use a light olive oil. The smoke dot of extra virgin olive oil is 410 degrees Fahrenheit in comparison to light olive oil for which it is 486 degrees Fahrenheit.

I hope you follow the above ways and appreciate them in your comments. So, breathe healthily and stay healthy.