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11 Useful Safety Tips for Your Hedge Trimmer

Some classy outdoor appointments can transform a simple house into a welcoming and elegant residence: well-finished hedges, some tasteful shrubs and bushes, flower beds, a perfectly groomed lawn. A beautiful garden radiates style and grace, but it also requires a lot of attention and maintenance. That’s why many of us use gardening tools and machines that will speed up the process and free up time.

Homeowners and gardeners across Australia use hedge trimmers to keep hedges perfectly level and cut. Some even use brushcutters to sculpt otherwise boring shrubs into imaginative figures such as elephants and even real-world landmarks. Despite its convenience and versatility, a wrong move can cost the user a limb or even his life. That’s why it’s important to follow some simple rules to ensure safe cuts and cuts.

1 – Take some basic readings

Make sure you have read and understood the trimmer manual, as well as other brochures and labels that contain warnings and instructions. The user manual must contain everything you need to know about the hedge trimmer: technical specifications, operating instructions, safety warnings and precautions and manufacturer contact information.

2 – Keep yourself

Never use the hedge trimmer near other people, especially children. The same goes for pets and other animals. You could expose yourself and other people to danger. Make sure there is a distance of at least 50 to 80 feet between you and the closest person. Do not lend the trimmer to anyone as a toy.

3 – Dress properly

Always wear protective clothing and clothing before starting the unit. Basic protective equipment includes: goggles or protective goggles, ear protection, non-slip work gloves, steel toe boots, long pants and a respirator. Do not wear loose clothing or other objects that could get caught in the mechanism. Fasten your hair so that it is far apart.

4 – Better crisp and clean cut

Before turning it on, make sure the blades are sharp and free of obstructions. Matte blades are less efficient and safer and are more likely to rebound.

5 – Check before you browse

Inspect the hedge trimmer for visible signs of moisture or damage before turning it on. Repair or replace parts as needed.

6 – Keep it dry

It should be child’s play not to use electrical tools and machines in rain or rain. This could cause electric shock, lightning and damage to the trimmer. If you are working and you see the storm clouds on the horizon, stop working immediately and go for cover.

7 – Use both hands

Never attempt to use a hedge trimmer with one hand and always be sure to use the appropriate handles or strap during use. Obviously, you should keep your hands away from the blades.

8 – Turn off

Always make sure that the trimmer is turned off before carrying out maintenance, cleaning, eliminating an obstruction in the tool, before connecting it (for models with wire) or even during transport. If the hedge trimmer is battery powered, remove the battery before attempting anything on it. Do not keep your finger or hand on the instrument to avoid accidental starting.

9 – Constant as it goes

When using a hedge trimmer, make sure you are on a solid and level surface. Do not lean over and wear non-slip boots with steel toe. Never ever work from a ladder or stool. For hard-to-reach areas, always use a scissor lift or equivalent.

10 – Be careful

Never use an intoxicated hedge trimmer. Alcohol isn’t the only thing you can’t consume before working out – any substance that could impair vision, hearing and the ability to concentrate like over the counter medications shouldn’t be taken as well.

11 – Take a break

Always take frequent breaks, especially during prolonged operation. Vibration caused by the hedge trimmer may cause a condition called Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome. Once the lesion has fully developed, it is irreversible. Damage to the nerve endings of the hand will lead to reduced dexterity and reduced motor capacity.

Hedge trimmers are one of the many gardening tools that we use to keep our gardens and lawns in a fresh and beautiful state. They also save a lot of time and effort which could be used for something pleasant like reading a book or listening to a new album.

Many people mistakenly think that gardening tools and machines are not as dangerous as the power tools found in workshops. They are completely wrong. Despite the appearance and function, hedge trimmers can be incredibly dangerous. Following these simple safety tips allows you to enjoy your beautiful garden while keeping all your fingers intact.

by Nathan Crowley

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