11 Tricks For Keeping You and Your House Cool In Summer.

11 Tricks For Keeping You and Your House Cool In Summer

It is very hard to bear and go on the hot and sticky summer without air conditioners. Air conditioners add to comfort level in hot weather but also create a financial disadvantage. Plus, it is not environmentally- friendly and can present various health problems. Here we will discuss other ways and alternative to keep you and your house cool without AC.

Cool in summer

  1. Hot water bottle can be of great use in summers also. In the winters when filled with hot water, it give heat for a long time. A cool trick to beat the heat in summer is to fill it with water and place it in the freezer. Put it in your bed sheets with you for cooling nights.
  2. Be creative in creating a cooling mist by placing a big bowl full of ice in front of a pedestal fan. This way, when the ice melts, the wind coming from the fan will take up cold water and you will receive an extra chill.

Cool in summer

  1. Grab any spray bottle, fill it with water and keep it in the fridge. You can use it on yourself to cool down a bit.
  2. Any pedestal fan pulled air from the back to the front so in order to free your room. From the stored hot air, position it towards an open window.
  3. There are paints particularly designed to reflect heat.  Which you can use on the roof or you can simply choose white color.

Cool in summer

  1. Attempt to get shadow on the sunny side of the house from trees, curtains, or blinds.
  1. Unplug all electrical equipment, even when they are turned off. And not in use for most of the electronics produce heat in turn off mode also.
  2. Keep the window closed during the day and open them. All night to load your house with cooler air.
  3. In order to experience cool feeling and make room air feel cooler, try to reduce inside humidity and moisture. So avoid washing and drying of clothes, and cooking in the afternoon.
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Cool in summer

  1. A few hours before going to bed place a small pillow in the freezer and cover the pillow with any plastic sheet. Use this pillow while sleeping to keep you cool.
  2. Take a wet sheet and place it in front of an open window. It will bring down the room’s temperature and keep the room cool.

Cool in summer

You can also use ceiling fans and portable fans to make yourself more comfortable inside the house. Instead of air conditioners as it is less power hungry and can also cool you down by circulating air. Always clean up your house and use some soothing colors around your wall.

Lightweight and lose fitting clothes will keep you cool and calm. Go for light color and dress up simply. Have tasty iced drinks and cool down the whole body. Do not take summers so hard and just enjoy it.

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