11 Kodaikanal Guest Houses That’ll Ensure An Affordable Trip

Located in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, Kodaikanal is a famous holiday and honeymoon destination. When one thinks of this city, they will think of mist-covered rocks, wonderful climate, beautiful lakes and a cloud capped on the mountains, and once they visit the place, they will see what they are imagining Were that it is 100% true. Situated in the middle of the Palani Hill slopes, this hill station has a pleasant and calm climate throughout the year and is situated at an altitude of 7200 feet. There are many accommodation options here but Kodaikanal Guest House Definitely to be considered when you are looking for affordable options here.

Kodaikanal is popularly referred to as the princess of hill stations and offers tourists the best combination of nature and culture. The best setting is offered for an ideal mountain getaway with natural waterfalls, scenic slopes, rolling hills, clear lakes and stunning valleys.

Top 11 Guest Houses in Kodaikanal

There are a lot of guest houses in the city but some of them should definitely be considered. Here is a list of some of the best guest houses in Kodaikanal:

1. Town Country Guest House

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This guest house is located near the Lake View Point and La Salath Church in Kodaikanal. You have free parking usage and room service options. If you are looking for a guesthouse that is family friendly, then you should choose this. You can revisit Falfel for a visit to Altaf Cafe or eat your favorite dishes at Kodai’s Aroma, a Chinese restaurant, The Trades Tea Room or Tandoor Park Restaurant. Bryant Park, Kurinji Andavar Temple, Kokar Walk are very close tourist attractions.

place: 47, Fern Hill Rd, Opposite Hotel, Kodaikanal – 624101

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2. Kodai Driesal – A Luxury Villa

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This guest house has a shared lounge, a garden and a restaurant and is located 1.4 miles from Chettiar Park. The property features a 24/7 front desk, a ticketing service for visitors. The rooms have a private bathroom, while some rooms also have a seating area. You can enjoy an a la carte breakfast. The bus stand is 2.1 miles from this guesthouse and Bryant Park is just 2.3 miles away.

place: Kurinji Andavar Temple Road, Kodaikanal – 624101

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3. Cloud and Mist Cottage

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The property is located in Kodaikanal, right next to Chettiar Park. It has a garden, and the rooms have a flat-screen TV and a private bathroom. The accommodation has luggage storage and room service. You can enjoy a vegetarian breakfast in the morning.

This cottage was recently renovated and is one of the well maintained cottages in the area. It is situated in a quiet and pleasant environment, which makes it suitable to relax and unwind. There are independent cottages which are divided into rooms and suites for student groups, couples, corporate groups and small and large family groups. In the evening there is a fire camp to help stay warm in the quiet mountainous region. You can arrange a viewing for the purpose of seeing the taxi at the front desk. The bus stand is 2.5 km from this cottage and the cooker walk is just 3 km away.

place: MM Street Building Society Main Road, Kodaikanal – 624101

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4. Lakshmi Lands – The Royal Stay

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Situated in Kodaikanal, just 1.9 km from Kodaikanal Lake and 1.5 km from Bear Shola Falls, this property provides the best accommodation for its guests with free WiFi, free private parking and shared lounge facilities. You can stay in guest rooms that have seating. Each room has a flat screen TV, a private bathroom and a cupboard. There is a shared kitchen for guests and you can also use the room service facility. An a la carte breakfast is offered daily.

place: VKV Castle, Malli Road, Kiran Garden, Near Kodai Purani Cheese Factory, Kodaikanal – 620006

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5. By Bungalow Lake

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Located near Kodaikanal lake in Kodaikanal, this guest house has free private parking and a garden. The property is only 1.5 km from the bus stand. All rooms have a flat screen TV and a private bathroom. All guest rooms have a terrace where you can stand to get a panoramic view of the lake. You can enjoy Asian breakfast in the restaurant. The surrounding area is famous for cycling activities. You can rent a bike at this accommodation. Bryant Park, Coker’s Walk and Bare Shola Falls are some popular tourist attractions near this guesthouse.

place: Old Sterling Old Upper Lake Road, Kodaikanal – 624101

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6. Estate Bungalow

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Located in Kodaikanal, this guesthouse offers accommodation with a garden, a shared lounge, a tennis court and free private parking. It is just 29 km from Silver Cascade Falls. The property has a shared kitchen and a sun terrace. The accommodation has a 24-hour front desk and evening entertainment. All rooms have a flat screen TV, a private bathroom and a cupboard. You can enjoy a buffet breakfast in the morning. The Sacred Heart College Museum is just 31 km from this property.

place: Vox Vanam ‘No.480, Poolthur Road, Poolthur Village, Kodaikanal – 624202

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7. Pastoral Paradise

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The property has a garden and is located 1.5 km from the Kodaikanal bus stand, only 1 km from Kodaitara Park. All guest house rooms have a balcony. Coker’s Walk, Bare Shola Fall, Bryant Park, Silver Cascade Falls are some of the tourist attractions located near this property. Madurai Airport is the nearest airport [78 km].

place: Kodaikanal Main Road, Mullaiyur, Kodaikanal-624001

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8. Sri Sai Residency

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This guesthouse is located 1.7 km from Sacred Heart College Museum and 1.4 km from Kodaikanal International Business School. The accommodation has a garden and free private parking facilities. The property has family rooms, including a balcony, a flat screen TV with cable channels, and a private bathroom. Chettiar Park and Bus Stand are located near this guest house.

place: Near Mother Theresa University, Law Ghat Road, Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu – 624101

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9. Swara Vanam

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The property is located 29 km from Silver Cascade Falls and features free private parking, a shared lounge, a terrace and a garden. It is located 31 km from Sacred Heart College Museum and Kodai International Business School. The guesthouse has evening entertainment and good room service. You can choose to play darts. You can enjoy a vegetarian breakfast in the morning. The rooms have a flat-screen TV, a living area, a dining area, a kitchen and a private bathroom. All rooms have microwave facilities. Chettiar Park, Kokar Walk are some of the nearest tourist spots.

place: Vox Vanam ‘No. 480, Pallathoor Road Pallathur Village, Kodaikanal-624202

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10. Compassion Form

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The property is located near some popular sites such as the Kurinji Andavar Temple, Christ the King Church and is a good accommodation for tourists. This budget-friendly accommodation offers a kitchenette in all rooms and uses the Internet to help you stay connected to your loved ones. You can enjoy breakfast in the restaurant and visit nearby attractions such as Chettiar Park or Bryant Park.

place: Prakashpuram, Village, Kodaikanal – 624101

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11. Sri Jagam Cottage Guest House

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This guesthouse offers a lush green nature view and mountain views and a safe and clean environment to help your stay. You can order clean food in the comfort of your room. This 35 year old homestay located on Bare Shola Falls Road has rooms and cottages. The property provides clean and comfortable rooms for groups and families who look forward to a peaceful and enjoyable stay in Kodaikanal. Green Valley View, Dolphin’s Nose, Flora and Fauna Museum, Berizam Lake, Pilar Rocks are some of the best tourist attractions located near this guesthouse.

place: 15/42 B4 Bear Shola Road, Kodaikanal – 624101

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This hill station is where you can take a long day and a lot of essential leave from your daily routine to go and stay connected with nature as you take off on trekking or biking trails or walk through the vast city. It is a great idea to choose one of the encircling forest Kodaikanal guest house. Plan your trip to Kodaikanal along the travel route now!

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Frequently asked questions about Kodaikanal Guest House

Q. How to reach Kodaikanal?

a. You can board a flight to Madurai or Trichy to reach Kodaikanal. You can also catch a train to reach Kodai Road and from there you will have to travel by road. To reach Kodaikanal you can hire a taxi. You can travel from Dindigul city to the city which is located 90 km away and many buses are available from different parts of Tamil Nadu to reach Kodaikanal.

Q. When is the best time to visit Kodaikanal?

a. October to June is the ideal time to visit this hill station. The weather is quite cold from December and January. Perfect for a holiday in every season, Kodaikanal is happy in monsoon and colorful in summer. If you want to do a lot of sightseeing, then you should visit the city in summer.

Q. Where can you find a guesthouse in Kodaikanal?

a. The view of Green Valley, Chettiar Park, Bryant Park, Kodai Lake are some tourist places near which you can find some good guesthouses for your stay.

Q. What is food like in Kodaikanal?

a. Brown, chocolate, sandwiches, hot tea and cheese are some of the famous eateries in Kodaikanal. There are local stalls that sell idli, dosa, pongal, sambar, upma and kesari.

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