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11 Hilarious Senior Pranks To Try Before Graduation

There are three main criteria for students upon graduation; they must get good grades, attend every class, and, most importantly, pull off some classic senior pranks. High school is a strange and long journey for each student. Making it to graduation is a significant accomplishment, and there’s only one way to celebrate. That’s with an epic senior prank to end all school pranks.

The senior class pulling off a memorable prank is a yearly tradition in hundreds of schools. Some students go the classic route and use toilet paper. Other students create elaborate pranks that require weeks of planning. It’s the biggest test of these students’ lives. They must use everything they’ve learned in school for the prank. Of course, a few students go too far and border on vandalism. An excellent senior prank is creative, innovative, fun, harmless, and avoids criminal mischief.

1. Car Crash Prank



Some pranks are so creative that students should get their diplomas early. For instance, the senior class of Cumberland High School pulled off one of the funniest and most creative senior pranks of all time. They made it appear as if a car had crashed into the side of the school. They placed a back tarp on the wall and half a vehicle in front of it. They picked the best location too, right near the principal’s office. Even the police department was impressed.

2. Seniors Hire Mariachi Band To Follow Principal



A harmless prank that causes no property damage but irritates the principal is always the best way to go. However, Santa Barbara High School students deserve an “A+” for this prank. They simply hired a mariachi band to follow around their principal for an hour in the morning. It didn’t hurt anyone, aggravated the principal, and entertained the other students.

3. Sticky Notes Prank

The Sticky Notes Prank


In most cases, the sticky notes prank is a great idea. All it takes is a lot of post-it notes placed throughout the school and on the floor. However, the Frisco Memorial High School’s supervised post-it notes prank got out of control. They even had to call the Frisco police to deal with the damage and vandalism. The Texas high school went on summer break two days early because of the senior prank.

4. Swapping Places With Students From a Rival School



Two high schools in Alabama came together to pull off a hilarious senior prank. Well, not everyone thought it was funny. Four students from Jemison High School switched places with 12 teenagers from Chilton County High School. Many people found the harmless prank funny, but school officials reacted harshly and punished the students. Regardless, the senior class doesn’t regret this prank.

5. The Cup Prank



Sometimes it’s the simplest prank that makes for the funniest. A popular harmless prank is to line the halls with hundreds of styrofoam cups. Nobody gets hurt, and it’s an easy clean-up. Also, add water to the cups to take the prank to the next level.

6. Ballons in the Staircase


SBLY Media

Since the beginning of senior pranks, students have used balloons in hundreds of different ways. Balloons are harmless but cause a loud, disruptive sound. Blocking a staircase and sealing the balloons with plastic wrap is one of the most creative balloon pranks. The only options are to leave the balloons or cut the plastic wrap unleashing the balloons in the school.

7. Chocolate Prank



Some students give their teachers an apple a day. This senior class decided to go in a different direction. The students simply entered the principal’s office and lined it with hundreds of tiny little chocolates and candies. It’s one of the most delicious pranks.

8. Plastic Wrap Principal’s Car

The Classic Plastic Wrap Car Pranks


Senior Ditch Day is sometimes the best opportunity to prank a principal. They’re busy in school while the seniors are off pranking. Simply purchase plastic wrap and wrap up the principal’s car in several layers. This prank could backfire if the principal doesn’t have a sense of humor.

9. Ringing Lockers Prank



Teachers hate nothing more than a ringing phone during the school day. Therefore, ringing lockers is genuinely the best prank to pull on the last day of school. It’s an easy prank that’s harmless but will annoy the school staff. The students all set their phone alarms to go off simultaneously. Once the alarms start ringing, the teachers will run around the school trying to crack the mystery.

10. Plastic Wrap Staircase


SBLY Media

Plastic wrap is a senior’s best friend when pulling off a prank. It’s easy to purchase and won’t cause any severe damage. The prank is already funny on so many levels. However, these students went one step further and added a pun. In this prank, the students wrapped up the entire staircase and added a message for the school administration. They truly wrapped up the school year.

11. Ping Pong Balls


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The best pranks are when the entire senior class can execute a plan together. These senior students purchased hundreds of ping pong balls and added little messages. The students then dropped them from the top floor during the passing period. The hilarious prank rained down on the rest of the school.

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