11 Best Hairstyles for Men with Fine Hair

15 best hairstyles for men with thin hair

To look your best, choosing a hairstyle that suits your hair type is crucial. After all, a cut that looks fashionable and suave on one guy may look awkwardly out of place on another. While fine hair can be notoriously tricky to deal with, the right thing to do can quickly make flat, fine locks look thicker and fuller. So whether your hair is naturally fine or just starting to thin out, getting the right cut and style is all it takes to breathe new life into your locks. Below we show you the best hairstyles for men with thin hair.

1. Buzz shot

The best way to make fine hair look thick is to cut it short. While longer locks tend to make fine hair look even finer, a cropped cut helps conceal sparse locks. One such short style that works well for thin hair is a buzz cut. The cut, which is fully shaved, also looks great when paired with a beard. As facial hair takes the focus away from the hair on your head, a beard is a fantastic way to create a balanced look.

Fashionable cut

2. Combing

A comb over is a neat and stylish look for men with fine hair. Perfect for the office and semi-formal events, the hairstyle is polished without looking overdone. To create the look, apply a small amount of pomade to clean hair. Next, create a rough side part and paint the sides down and up. Be sure to use a pomade or wax product to create the look instead of gel, which can stick strands together and create a bald appearance.

Comb over hairstyle

3. Slicked back with waves

If you have fine hair that is also wavy hair, consider growing out your locks a little longer. This will create more room for the waves, which will help achieve the look of volume and fill in the gaps between the strands. Just be careful not to let your hair grow too long, otherwise it could have the opposite effect. Apply pomade to your hair and smooth it for a great rockabilly hairstyle.

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Slick Back with Waves

4. Sleek Side Part

A sleek side part can be a great way to make thin locks look denser. Just be careful not to use too many hair products or formulas that are too heavy, as this will weigh down fine locks and make them appear flat and lifeless. A small amount of lightweight pomade is all you need to create a smooth look and hold loose locks in place.

Elegant side part

5. Pompadour

There is no reason not to try trendy hairstyles just because you have thin hair. All you have to do is adapt them to your hair type. The pompadour is one of those styles that can easily be modified to better suit fine locks. Instead of trying to fake a full head of hair, just scale down the style so it works for you. A small pompadour can be as elegant as a large one and it is possible to create it with thin hair.

Fine Hair Pompadour

6. Textured Culture

One of the reasons fine hair looks thin and, at times, unattractive is because it lays flat. To remedy this problem, try a short, textured crop. The longer the locks get, the heavier they will be, which means that while longer hair will lay flat and pulled down, shorter lengths will feel lighter and taller. By also adding texture, the bristles will point up instead of lying flat.

Textured Culture

7. Crew Cup

Another great hairstyle is a crew cut. As mentioned, shaved sides are great for making hair look longer and thicker on top. Likewise, the texture helps strands sit and makes hair look fuller. Combine these two attributes for a modern, sleek look that’s ideal for fine hair.

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Crew cut

8. False Hawk

When spread out, fine hair can look messy and a little bare, which is why it’s good to concentrate the strands in one place; a faux hawk is the perfect way to achieve this. Not only does the style make fine hair appear denser by concentrating strands in one section of hair, but it also draws the eye to that area, meaning any finer parts will go unnoticed.

false hawk

9. Soft tips

While spiky hair can make fine strands look separated and sparse, soft ends can create the illusion of volume. Perfect for men with short hair, this style adds texture to locks that would otherwise lie flat. To create the style, start by rubbing a small amount of pomade into your hands. Next, comb your fingers through your hair, gently pulling upwards on top and outwards on sides and back.

Soft tips

10. Comb-Over Fade

A comb over with a faded cut is a great look for men with thin hair. The contrast between the shorter sides and the longer top instantly creates the appearance of more volume.

Comb Over Fade

11. Textured Side Part

Texture and a side part can each help create the look of thicker hair, but you can also wear them together for a sleek look. The modern hairstyle is both casual and sophisticated, making it the perfect complement to casual and elegant looks. If your hair is naturally straight and straight, you can try adding texture using a texturizing spray.

Textured side part

FAQ on hairstyles for thin hair

What is the best haircut for thin hair?

The best haircut for fine hair is a short, neat style with the back and sides cropped. Doing this prevents the hair from falling flat and makes the top look fuller in comparison. Plus, it’s easier to experiment with texturizing and styling products to create more volume.

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How can I thicken my fine hair?

If your hair is thinning, you can make lifestyle changes to help improve your hair thickness. However, it is best to try to identify the reason for your hair loss. Start by drinking more water and increasing your protein, omega 3, and vitamin C intake. Additionally, you can take supplements that can promote hair growth. Exercise also increases blood flow in the body, which can also benefit the scalp. If your hair is thin, as the diameter of the strand is tiny, you can wash it with thickening shampoos and conditioners, and use styling products such as mousse which can increase volume. Finally, for thinning and thin hair, choose a hairstyle that can help your hair look thicker, such as a side parting, undercut, or tuft.

What haircut makes hair thicker?

Short hairstyles will be the best choice as there is less weight dragging the hair down making it flat. Short hair can also be styled more easily with thickening and texturizing products, such as pomades and pastes, which add volume. Go for cropped backs and sides, such as crew cuts and fades, as this will add to the illusion of more on top. Additionally, jumpsuits and side parts can benefit from using most of your hair to create interest. Remember to keep the sides short, so the focus stays on top.

Is fine hair better short or long?

Thin hair looks better short because there is less weight pulling the hair down, making it look flat. Short hair is also easier to style by adding texture, giving the illusion of more thickness and volume.


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