11 Beaches Near Guruvayur For A Perfect 2021 Vacay In Kerala!

If you want to spend a vacation in a place that is equipped with lush greenery and calmness, then there is no better place than Kerala. Kerala is one of the places which provides par level of serenity and natural view. Once you get here you will crave the scenic beauty which will help you rejuvenate. You will get accompanied by the true sense of being in natural heaven. It helps to shed off all the pressure and hassles of your regular life. Moreover, there is one place known as Guruvayur which is famous for its religious temples and also the surrounding beaches. Though some of the beaches are far from the main town, the journey to these beaches makes it worth it. The beaches near Guruvayur are vibrant in their ways. Some are due to cleanliness others are because of their naturally rich flora and vivid sea life.

11 Beautiful Beaches Near Guruvayur

Below are some of the beaches near Guruvayur which provide some interesting picturesque views. This will enable you to enjoy your stay in Guruvayur.

1. Alappuzha Beach

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This is one of the major spots for tourists all over the Alappuzha town. The additional attractions here on the beach is the Lighthouse. You can reach this beach from any of the roads of the town. You can also take the highway route which gives the natural view of the town. The other recreational activities related to this beach are the Camel safari which has been banned by the local government for the time being. This beach also organizes some of the best events related to the new year. It is an annual event of this place. You can get the sight of thousands of people who attend this event whatsoever.

Distance from Guruvayur: 139 km

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2. Chavakkad Beach

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Chavakkad Beach is located in the Chavakkad Municipality of Thrissur District in Kerala State. This beach lies on the coast of the Arabian sea. It is quite popular among domestic tourists and locals. The beach is just at a distance of 5kms from the Guruvayoor Temple Sri Krishna Temple. This is one of the best beaches of Kerala which has minimal human intervention. This keeps the beach unexplored at different fronts. One of the major attractions of this place is the energy of fishermen by which they catch the fish daily. Visitors here can also reduce their boredom by engaging I flying kites. The tranquility and cleanliness of this beach are at par level, which makes it grab the top positions among all the other beaches.

Distance from Guruvayur: 14 km

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3. Cherai Beach

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Cherai Beach is located in Cherai which is situated on the northern side of the island. This is a suburb of Kerala. This beach comes under one of the most visited beaches in Kerala. it is situated at around 25 km (15 mi) from downtown Kochi and 20 km (12 mi) from Cochin International Airport. Apart from the joy of the beach, you can also experience different chore in the sea. The low tidal waves make it a food spot for swimming. If you are spending your vacation with kids then this place is ideal and budgetary. You can experience the eventual sightings of dolphins. This is one of the beaches which provides the combination of backwaters as well as the sight of the unending sea in a single view. This beach attracts a lot of tourists from another state.

Distance from Guruvayur: 62 km

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4. Kozhikode Beach

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Kozhikode Beach is also known as Calicut beach which is situated on the western side of Kozhikode. It is situated on the Malabar coast. There are numerous ways to reach this beach due to the four overbridges in the city. The beach is paved with niche stones. For children, there are numerous opportunities to get indulge in interesting stuff. The lions park for the children is the center of attraction for many. Apart from this Kozhikode beach also holds a public meeting. Apart from that, there are other attractions such as Thondayad Bypass, which is the most vibrant center of the city. This is preferred by most of the tourists who want to experience the amazing and variety of activities.

Distance from Guruvayur: 104 km

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5. Kollam Beach

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Kollam Beach which is also known as Mahatma Gandhi Beach, located in the city of Kollam, Kerala. This is one of the major attractions for bridal photography and even for wedding events. This is one of the emerging wedding destinations in Kerala. If you are an avid fan of our historic culture this beach is ideal for you. Other than the beach, there are other places which immensely attract tourists. This beach has a park which is known as the Mahatma Gandhi Park, which was inaugurated on 1 January 1961 by then-Vice President Zakir Hussain. This beach also consists of a lifeguard outpost which can be very helpful in case of any mishappenings.

Distance from Guruvayur: 221 km

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6. Kovalam Beach

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Kovalam is one of the most beautiful beaches which are located in the southernmost part of Kerala. There are three parts of the beach which are different from various aspects. The lighthouse beach is one of the most popular among those three. The tourists prefer this beachside due to its gothic look. The lighthouse, which is situated here is made up of stones. It is located on the top of Kurumsal Hillock which is 35m high. The colored bands of lighthouse give it an interesting look which mesmerizes the tourists. The high beams from the lighthouse provide a dope view of the ocean. Another beach which is known as Eve’s beach is also known as Hawa beach. It is popular for the extensive activities of fishermen. The calm bay and clear water provide a mesmerizing touch to the beach which is ample for spending a good vacation alongside the ocean.

Distance from Guruvayur: 297 km

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7. Marari Beach

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This beach is the most preferred alternative for travelers who prefers to attain some time for relaxation. The other highlights apart from the beach are Port town of Cochin, the tea plantations of Munnar, the wildlife in Periyar, the houseboats on backwaters in Alleppey. This beach provides the scenic beauty of the lush green forest and palm trees. The human intervention towards this beach is minimal which makes it very clean and calm. This is easily reachable from any of the major transit. If you want to get a hold of beachside while traveling in a group or solo, then this place serves ample. The availability of different accommodations options makes it adaptable for the tourist.

Distance from Guruvayur: 138 km

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8. Munakkal Beach

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This beach holds a very significant importance as this is rehabilitated after the unlucky Tsunami. It consists of different perks such as a 400-meter open-air auditorium, 1300 meter walkway, toilets, food courts, skateboarding grip for children and a rain shelter are the major attractions of the beach. The forest set up by the forest department of Kerala makes it to avail of the additional perks of natural habitat. This beach provides both modern amenities as well as the lush green natural forest. You can get a hold of both by opting for this.

Distance from Guruvayur: 54 km

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9. Mundakkal Beach

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This is one of the most popular beaches in Kollam city. The annual Balitharpanam ritual makes it a good spot to experience the culture of South India. This is more of a religious beach which is surrounded by the temples. Thousands of worshippers and devotees make this place lively. This beach is dangerous from the safety front. You should take care of your safety while opting for any sports. Tidal and heavy waves can be dangerous. The ritual of giving sacrifice by numerous devotees makes this beach a place for understanding religious importance. The other advantages apart from religious importance are attaining the scenic view of nature.

Distance from Guruvayur: 222 km

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10. Thirumullavaram Beach

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Thirumullavaram beach which is situated in the district of Kollam holds a panoramic view of the ocean. This is a beach that is full of coastal flora such as coconut palms which gives this a feel of a silent and secluded place. You can easily spend a calm vacation here on this beach. This beach is apt for those who want to experience the water of the ocean by swimming or sunbathing. You can also get an opportunity for serene early morning walks. You can also get a hold of local cuisines that provide the core flavor of south India. You can also experience a water hillock named as named Njayarazhcha Para which means Sunday Rock.

Distance from Guruvayur: 217 km

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11. Varkala Beach

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Varkala beach is the place where you can experience the joy of cliffs around the ocean. These cliffs are situated just adjacent to the Arabian sea. The cliffs are made of tertiary sedimentary formation which was later named the Varkala formation. There are natural phenomena occurs just beside the cliff. Water spouts and spas can be experienced here. Apart from the serene beach, you can also experience other sightseeing opportunities such as Janardana Swami Temple which is situated near the Beach. There is a recreational event that takes place every year which lasts for almost 10-days. The attraction around this beach is the Sivagiri Mutt. You can also experience some of the water adventure and sports such as boat riding, parasailing, jetting, and horse-riding.

Distance from Guruvayur: 255 km

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This is some of the vital information about the numerous beaches near Guruvayur. Plan your vacation to Kerala as soon as possible and get a hold of one of the best places to shed off all of your stress. These beaches provide numerous recreational activities which make them preferable for family outing also. There are lots of scopes for kids’ entertainment. Although the ocean and sand are ample for them to get indulge in different stuff. Other than that if you want to spend some time with your own company then this place is ideal for that. These beaches are also equipped with various accommodation options such as hotels, resorts or beachside huts.

Frequently Asked Questions About Beaches Near Guruvayur

Q. Which is the most happening beach near Guruvayur?

A. There are numerous beach which provides different aspects of joy. One of the most happening beaches around Guruvayur is the Kozhikode beach which provides various interesting things.

Q. Which month is most preferable for visiting the beaches near Guruvayur?

A. The best time to visit the beaches near Guruvayur is between October and February. The weathers remain pleasant and soothing. The sunny weather will make you enjoy it a lot. 

Q. Which is the most preferable beach for a family outing?

A. Chavakkad Beach is the most preferable beach for a family outing as it provides low intervention of people. You can easily enjoy your time here. 

Q. Are there any recreational events available on the beaches near Guruvayur?

A. There are numerous recreational happens on these beaches which provide a good cultural as well as an aesthetic approach of the locals.

Q. What is Guruvayur famous for?

A. Guruvayur is famous for its historical temples and the palm trees alongside the beaches. These are the major attraction of this place apart from religious events.

Q. What are the different commuting options near Guruvayur?

A. You can opt for local transport such as bus or auto-rickshaw.you can also opt for a cab facility or rent a vehicle to commute around. 

Q. What are the accommodations option available around the beaches near Guruvayur?

A. There are numerous options for accommodations. There are lots of hotels and resorts available for tourists.

Q. What are the safety measures should we take while going on the beachside?

A. You should take immense care while roaming around the beaches. The tidal waves are very dangerous. You should opt for minimal interaction with the onshore waves.

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