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11 Affordable Fitness Trackers Watches To Keep Your Health On Track

For anyone who is conscious about their health these days, it is difficult to work towards health goals without a fitness tracker watch or app. They provide good estimates and data that you can use to improve yourself and help you stay on track with your health goals.

But since they first came out, many companies have gone out and released their fitness trackers. Today, we’ll take a look at some of the cheapest fitness tracker watches from various brands.

Choosing a fitness tracker watch

Before diving into the list of the best fitness trackers watches, I will explain the criteria we took into consideration while choosing these 11 fitness trackers. These criteria will help you choose the right fitness tracker watch for you.

  • Features – By now, many fitness trackers will calculate steps, calories, distance and summarize your activities. However, some tracks will prefer the sleep pattern more and have alarm functionality. Others will be less.
  • Waterproof – You may not be swimming regularly, but you still want your fitness tracker to be resilient against rain and water in general. Most of them will be waterproof, but you may find some that are not.
  • Notifications – Many fitness trackers can now connect to your smartphone and send notifications there. Others may have a larger screen for you to see notifications on your fitness tracker. This can be useful if you are the type of person who gets a lot of messages throughout the day.
  • battery life – It is helpful to know how long these fitness trackers can last. In addition, the amount of time it takes to charge is also worth considering.
  • Is it easy to use? – From the ease of icons to overall navigation, you don’t want the fitness tracker to be cumbersome to navigate.
  • Reasonably priced with these features – Affordability is key, of course. You want to compare the price to the number of things you can do and determine if it is worth it. If the fitness tracker has some features but is demanding over $ 100 it is not worth it.

1. Fitbit Inspire HR

The first on our list is from the brand that first introduced these gadgets: Fitbit. Fitbit has a ton of different types of fitness bands for the price you want, which they can try.

Their Inspire HR brand provides you with basic functions to measure heart rate during workouts, calorie burn, steps, distance, and more. It also tracks gold patterns. The battery has a life of about five days, is water resistant to 50 meters below, and can withstand temperatures of 14 to 113 degrees Fahrenheit.

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2. Xiaomi Mi Band 4

If you are looking for a very cheap option, the Xiaomi brand is another brand to watch. It is a Chinese brand that makes a lot of promises. For a fairly low price, you can get a band with a battery life of up to 20 days, offers health monitoring (heart rate, sleep), exercise mode, and is water resistant up to 50 meters.

The rub with this product again is from a Chinese company and some customers had complaints about the packaging and the product being in Chinese. It all comes down to the version that has been purchased, but has one Simple guide to change the language based on the band you purchased.

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3. Garmin Foreigner

Here Fitness Tracker watches, it is specially designed to keep runners in mind. Garmin is another strong brand that offers stellar value. Because this band is made for a specific group of people, it is best to get it if you are serious about regulars and other events.

In terms of features, this fitness tracker offers GPS and music advanced training features, evaluating your speed to see if you’re running too much or too little training, running dynamic, and more. It also has a battery life of up to 7 days. If you are a runner, this is a great investment.

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4. Fitbit Charge 3

Another classic Fitbit product is the Charge Series. The Charge series offers more functionality than the Inspire, but the difference is not much. The Inspire series lacks information and there is no way to notify you. Charge series notifications increase connectivity with various apps, such as weather apps and functionality.

Charge also offers various exercise modes and helps in training you better with those exercises. If you are looking for more guidance in your health at an affordable price, this is a smart one.

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5. Garmin Vivosmart

Garmin Fitness is not about selling trackers to runners. They also have some common use trackers such as the Vivosmart series. This slim design of this tracker makes it more fashionable, as well as providing a bright and easy-to-read display.

It has a battery life of 7 days and provides the mentioned types of functionality including stress tracking, notifications from your phone, and GPS (when connected to your phone).

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6. MorePro Smart Watch

Morpro is another brand that offers great potential in its product. The MorePro Smart Watch we found offers, in particular, a lot of value at its pricing point. Right out the door, this fitness tracker watch has 18 sports modes and has excellent sleep tracking functionality. On top of that, it provides 24/7 monitoring, playing music, monitoring blood oxygen levels, vibrating when receiving notifications, water resistance (up to 50 meters deep), and more.

Another unique thing to note is that this fitness tracker’s dial is customizable, allowing you to display more important information that you can see at a glance.

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7. Honor Band 5

Honor is a unique brand offering different designs and performance options than others on this list. This is very evident when you look at Honor Band 5, which tries to inflame the numbers displayed.

This is part of the company’s attraction when you look at the band, it provides more exclusivity to make it worth the price. It receives music, steps, sleep and heart monitoring, water intake, and any information you receive and alert. But where the band starts to be unique is the Watch Display’s various performance options as well as “running group” functionality.

This new feature allows you to create groups that other users can join and participate in events, celebrations and inspire each other. Overall, this is a clear task in theory provided that others buy this brand in your area.

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8. Amazfit Smartwatch

If you are looking for a fitness tracker that lasts, the Amazfit brand has you covered. The company claims a battery life of 45 days on a 2.5-hour charge. In addition, you will find similar functions on the performance of this fitness tracker watch. It informs you while receiving call, text or app notifications and monitors health. It can also track certain sports activities, such as running, walking and cycling.

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9. Garmin Vivofit 3

Another series of Garmin is Vivofit. Think of it as a minor fallout from Vivosmart, but it’s still a lot. Some of the major factors to note are auto-activity detection, 24/7 variability, GCM compatibility, and 1-year battery life with no recharging required.

One thing to note with this product is that it is part of Amazon‘s refurbished program, meaning the product is of higher quality than the original brand and has been tested by Amazon.

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10. Fitbit Versa 2

The Fitbit Versa brand is a series that follows the traditional smartwatches we bring. Like all other Fitbit bands, it offers the same monitoring function and app compatibility.

The biggest difference is the large display. This allows you to do more customization with your Fitbit product as it protects you from shifting between tracking displays when compared with smaller displays.

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11. Garmin Venu

Another Garmin brand to talk about is the Ultimate Fitness Tracker, the Vivomove Series. Here we start taking out the stops to show Garmin a fitness tracker watch that does not look like one. This goes to show these days that companies enable fitness trackers to look like your standard watches.

In terms of functionality, you have 24/7 heart monitoring, wellness monitoring tools (stress tracking, relaxation timers, etc.), fitness monitoring, and determining the age of fitness among other functionalities. For those who want a fitness tracker that still looks like a typical watch, this is a good option.

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final thoughts

These days fitness trackers have evolved a lot. They provide excellent support and provide a lot of information about your health for your uplift. All the time, they can help support your daily life through information and can also help in managing stress. For everything that these fitness tracker watches can do, the prices are quite affordable with these brands.

Featured photo credit: Tim Foster via unsplash.com

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