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101 skin care tips for winter by Tips Clear

101 skin care tips for winter by Tips Clear

101 Skin Care Tips: Well, the winter season is coming and it is time for dry skin. The only way to deal dry skin is to know more and more beauty tips. You obviously don’t want your dry skin to mess with your holidays. And this is why we are going to offer you 101 best winter care for skin home remedies for your skin. These tricks will not only help you with dry skin, but it will also make your skin look younger. And the best part is these how to care for winter skin care tips are easy to use. Have a look!

101 skin care tips for winter by Tips Clear

  1. Make use of lotions

The daily moisturizing lotion is one of the best ways to deal with dry skin. The best time to apply lotion is right after you finish a shower. It will seal the moisture that your skin just absorbed. Use moisture in hands and face more.

  1. Honey healing

Honey can take care of dry skin and also the cracked lips. It will help you to heal different wounds, hydrate the parched skin. It has got anti-viral properties for a sore skin.

  1. Using a wrinkle eraser

This is a topical retinoid. It improves skin texture and also fine lines. So, if you are looking for anti-agers, then retinol is one of the best ingredients among winter care for dry skin home remedies to keep skin young.

  1. Sun protection lotions

You obviously want to stop the stretch marks and the scar from getting darker. Make use of sunscreen lotions in thick layers. Also, you can use a scar-minimizing cream for night skin care winter to repair damaged tissues.

  1. Using eye cream on cuticles

Remember the more you use the cream on the cuticles, the stronger your nails are going to be. Do not leave the nails without applying any lotion in winter.

  1. Use smudges proof eye makeup

For the smudge-proof eye makeup, use the blotting tissue to remove the oil or any additional makeup for the eye area. After that, you can use cream concealer. A very important tip for oily skin care in winter.

  1. Lip balm

No, we are not talking about lip gloss or the lipsticks. You need to use the plain colourless lip balms with SPF. Apply the lip balm before you sleep.

  1. Use the sunglasses

Sunglasses are not only for the summer season. If you are planning to visit a snowy place take care of your eyes with a sunglass. Because snow reflects 80% of the UV rays.

  1. Hand Creams

You would never want your hands to crack and suffer in pain. Take care of your hands. You don’t need to buy expensive creams, any good lotion would work.

  1. A little omega

As a part of winter skin care tips, your diet should have full of fish, fruit vegetables, olive oil and tea. These provide with a good amount of omega fatty acid.

  1. Eye care

The skin around your eye is the thinnest. So this is affected first during the winter season. Use the moisturizers around the eyes to prevent dry skin around the eyes in winter.

  1. Use the scrubber

Exfoliate your skin. This is a really important tip as winter care for oily skin. Exfoliate regularly to remove the dad skin cells so that you don’t have a dull appearance.

  1. Milk is really important

While bathing, add a few cups of milk. It has lactic acid and is a great skin care agent. The lactic acid acts as a good skin softener.

  1. Do not sweat too much

When your body warms up, sweating keeps core temperature down. But this irritates the skin a lot. To deal with it, look for a body wash that has benzyl peroxide on its ingredients.

  1. Vitamin is a great boost for skin

Eat avocados for skin care in winter. These have vitamin C and E. It keeps the skin bright and hydrated. You can keep it handy for a quick snack.

  1. The superfoods

When it comes to winter care tips for dry skin, the carrots and tomatoes are best ones. These are filled with phytonutrients and antioxidants that protect against damaging the free radicals

  1. Sleep positions

Sleeping in a particular position results in sleep lines. These lines can turn into wrinkles after a certain period of time. So sleep in backside first while sleeping.

  1. Smoke signals

This is a common skin care factor. Smoking makes your skin dry. And even if you are a non-smoker, staying too close near a smoker can also damage your skin.

  1. Make a move

Well, it is really tough to get up and exercise in winter seasons. But exercise is going to make your skin glow. It increases blood flow, clears body toxins and removes dead cells to take care of skin in winter.

  1. Use cucumber

Cucumbers are one of the best for skin protection. Coldness restricts blood vessels. Using cucumbers reduces swelling and puffiness of skin in winter. Use them for just 5 minutes for best results.

  1. Don’t touch the pimples

We know it is really tempting to burst the pimples. But if you pop them then the dirt and dust will go deep into your skin and this result in more pimples.

  1. Tone up

Toners are handy products. This helps you in maintaining the pH balance in your skin. So if you are looking for winter skin care home remedies, you need to look for those skin toners that are free of alcohols, citrus, and menthol.

  1. Hydrate your skin

This is specifically needed in winter. A primary skin care tip in winter is let your skin hydrate. And thus, look for products like Sodium hyaluronate, aka the hyaluronic acid.

  1. Use moderate lotion

Using the skin care lotion is great for skin, but not too much. DO NOT over moisturize your skin. It can give you tiny white spots in the skin.

  1. Take rest

Skin cells rejuvenate fast. When you don’t take rest, our skin cells look dull and so do we. Sleep is really important for our body.

  1. Stop skin bumps

If you have skin bumps, it is because of blocked hair follicles. So when looking for how to skin care in winter, use a lotion that has alpha or beta-hydroxy acids for dissolving the bumps.

  1. Lemon head

This is for the brighter skin maintaining tips in winter. To get a bright skin, you have to rub a lemon on your face. That’s the trick.

  1. Eat fishy foods

Foods like salmon, herring and trout offer our skin with oils. This makes our skin smooth and reduces inflammation. During the winter season, for a good skin care for dry skin in winter, eat those fish products because they are also heavy in omega 3 fatty acids.

  1. Tea

One of the best skin care elements. Tea has a lot of antioxidants, especially green tea. They are rich in vitamin C, which prevents skin roughness in winter.

  1. Water

Yes, you have to use a lot of water to keep your skin hydrated. Especially during the winter season. Your skin needs more water than you drink.

  1. Increase skin tone

For increasing skin tone and fewer wrinkles in the winter season, you need to exfoliate skin with a well-formulated alpha hydroxy acid or the beta hydroxy product.

  1. Opt for coconut

This is a very important tip about how to care dry skin in winter. Instead of a glass of water, you can also opt for coconut water. This keeps your skin naturally hydrated.

  1. For mild skin

Mild skin is prone to get rough and cracked in winter. This is why mild and sensitive skin needs more moisturizer. Choose products specifically for mid skin.

  1. Beauty sleep

This is necessary. A beauty sleep keeps your skin hydrated while tackling eczema to acne. Use the beauty sleep at certain times of day during the winter season to keep your skin cells fresh and hydrated.

  1. Body buffer

We need this, especially in winter season. The skin cells become dry. You have to give your skin that extra bit of exfoliation with a dry brush once a week. Use a moisturizer afterwards.

  1. No wine

If you want a really great tip for skin care in winter for dry skin, say NO to alcohol. Alcohol dehydrates the skin and causes a burning sensation in the tissues. Instead of wine, opt for club soda.

  1. SPF solutions

Opt for the sun screen formulas that have zinc as an ingredient. It is non-greasy and non-irritating. And this is why it is great for acne.

  1. A DIY scrub for you

Olive oil can be used as winter skin care agent. But this is good for natural complexions. To deal with dry skin take this skin care in winter home remedies. Mix a cup of olive oil with a teaspoon of sugar and use them on rough areas.

  1. Dark spots under eyes

Witch hazel can be used to reduce the under-eye bags. Just soak two cotton pads in cold hazel, apply one to each eye for five minutes. That’s it.

  1. The neck, chest and hands

These areas of our body get plenty of sun rays exposure. So give these parts an extra care by exfoliating them regularly to get a bright and fresh skin.

  1. Removing makeup before sleep

It does not matter how tired you are, but NEVER forget to remove makeup before sleep. Especially in the winter season. If you don’t, then the pores get clogged and bacterial infections take place in skin cells.

  1. Treating your feet

You can make smoother tootsies with salt and any moisturizer. You can rub your feet with olive oil. Rinse them thoroughly with a dry towel. This is a great care of dry skin in winter.

  1. Number of scrubs in winter

Vary the scrubbing times according to a season. In summer, scrub a few times in a week. In winter, scrub your face once a week. This will prevent the dryness in skin.

  1. The pesky wrinkles

For the women in 20s and 30s, a great care for dry skin in winter season is using Retin A or Tazorac for treating adult acne breakouts.These will stop skin wrinkles.

  1. Choosing wisely

When you are buying skin care products in a winter season, avoid products that contain SD40 isopropyl alcohol. This is a common ingredient that causes acne.

  1. Berry picking

Berries contain a lot of antioxidants. This helps in neutralising the free radicals in the skin. They also make you sin smooth and firm.

  1. Proper use of eye creams

The eye creams have active ingredients in higher concentration. So you can use them in nasal labial folds. Also use them on your lips to prevent any anti-aging marks.

  1. Ditch the brew

Sometimes it is difficult to figure out what is the cause of dry skin. Caffeine is the culprit. Replace it with water, and add some fruit slices like lemon, orange which increases the flavour. One of the best tips on how to care skin in winter season.

  1. Apply SPF frequently

The dark skins are not automatically protected from the sun. Apply the SPF once in the morning and then throughout the day to protect your skin.

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  1. Use stimulation while applying


You MUST do this in winter seasons specifically. While applying the skin care products, apply them in a circular motion to stimulate the blood circulation. This also reduces fluid retention.

  1. To deal with pigmentation problems

You can use the gentle superficial peels with low glycolic acid. This will reduce dark spots and the pigmentation problems. This is how you can opt for winter care for skin and treat the pigmentation problems.

  1. Outdated contacts and glasses

This is a simple skin care tip. If you use the outdated glasses, it will cause you to squint more. This causes fine lines and wrinkles in the skin around the eyes.

  1. For long drives in winter season

If you are going out for a long drive in the winter season, you can opt for the SPF 30 on your hands, face and neck. A very important tip for skin care during the winter season is using SPF 30 frequently.

  1. To control skin inflammation in winter

In the winter seasons, you can apply a thin layer of yoghurt over your face for five minutes. This prevents skin inflammation. It will also restore the natural pH balance in the skin.

  1. Preventing the lips

The lips do not have the similar amount of melanin that your skin have. So you have to apply the hydrating balms on your skin more often in the winter season.

  1. Stop the razor burns

The razor burns are not only bad; they make your gorgeous skin look rough. Use shave creams rich in essential oils as a winter care for dry skin before using the razor. If you skip the blade, you can opt for Shea butter infused the depilating cream.

  1. In case of cystic acne

If you have a cystic acne, then you have to treat these cysts with warm/hot compress for several times. This will kill bacteria and reduce the inflammation. But don’t use benzoyl peroxide.

  1. The hydrating snacks

The hydrating snacks are a great way to deal with dry skin care in winter. Dig on fruits like cucumbers and watermelon. It will keep your skin naturally hydrated. It will also enhance your complexion.

  1. The protein power

The protein plays a really vital role in dealing with collagen and elastin. You need to feed your skin with healthy portions of meat, fish, egg and cheese to keep your skin glow.

  1. Using the supplemental skin savers

A healthy glow starts on the inside. So you need to get a head start by taking up multivitamin with C or E. This will help you deal with fine lines and wrinkles. For smooth skin care tips in winter, you can opt for omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids.

  1. The kitchen cures

This is a DIY technique. Mix up a cup of sugar and half cup olive oil. Then scrub from neck to toe in circular motions. Let the mixture soak. A brilliant winter skin care tip.

  1. For too sensitive skin

Sensitive skin becomes really dry in winter. This is why you can opt for sulphate free body washes and face cleansers. This will prevent your skin from getting dry, flaky or itchy.

  1. Egg on the face

If you are dealing with the oily skin, you can use a thin layer of egg whites over a freshly washed face. This will help you in reducing the skin inflammation and shine. This is one of the best winter care for skin home remedies.

  1. The use of oysters

Sometimes we see a lot of flaky scalps during the winter season. All these happen due to low zinc levels in the body. Oysters are a great source of zinc, also you can try dark meat chicken, turkey, crab, diary or beans.

  1. NO butter

Eating a lot of fatty food triggers insulin and androgen production. This is responsible for excess sebum production; it clogs the pores and attracts bacteria.

  1. Changing the pillowcase

Yes, the dead skin cells shed at night and build new ones. But they get deposited on the pillowcase. It leaves behind bacteria and toxins. You need to change the pillowcases to keep your skin healthy.

  1. Shun the sun

The UV rays can cause too much damage even through your clothing. This is why you can apply the SPF 40 (or the higher ones) daily. Opt for the SPF protected clothing so that the body stays burn free.

  1. Use sunscreen lotions with peptides

To reduce the pigmentation and the under eye-circles and skin care winter you can opt for the products that contain peptides. This will increase the elasticity of the saggy skin.

  1. The steam clean

During the winter season, makeup and pollution build up in your pores. They look like the dark blemishes. To maintain the lustre, you have to steam your face over a bowl of hot water, cleanse with a normal face wash and then splash with cool water.

  1. Water boost

Apart from using normal water, you can boost it with rich antioxidants. This will help you in eradicating the toxins from your skin. It will help in oily skin care in winter.

  1. Stop tanning beds

You have to stop the tanning beds at all costs. Being at a beach without sunscreen is acceptable. But you have to completely stop the tanning bed.

  1. Prolonged steam showers

We know, in winter you just love to take a long steam bath. But taking a long hot water bath strips away the outermost layer, the epidermis. This makes your skin dry and scaly, especially in winter. This one is a really important winter skin care tip.

  1. Improper picking

If you keep on picking on your face, it will lead to scars, infections and broken blood vessels. If you pick a skin, use warm cotton, compress the area and squeeze gently.

  1. The fortified foods

You need to stock up with spinach, lettuce, cucumber, bell peppers and tomatoes. These are silicon rich fruits that fight wrinkles and keep your nails, hair and skin healthy.

  1. Oil up

If you want to get a silk like skin, after a shower, apply olive oil all over the body. And then pat it dry with the damp towel. This acts as a great factor for skin care in winter.

  1. PM products

One of the most important skin care tip during winter is using a thick night cream once you turn 30. It will help to boost skin regeneration at night.

  1. No over washing

If you wash your skin too much, chances are it will remove natural oils from your skin. And this in turn, over produces oil in the skin. Wash your face twice a day, especially in winter seasons.

  1. Less salt intake

Excess sodium in the diet sucks out moisture in your skin. Skin becomes dry and dull. Reduce salt content in your food articles and use more hydrating facial moisturizer.

  1. Potatoes are great for skin

The potatoes have a skin-lightening enzyme called catecholase. This fades away the dark under eye circles temporarily. You can just cut a potato and leave them on your eyes for 10 minutes to take care of skin in winter.

  1. Prevent sun damage

You can prevent early signs of sun damage by taking up oral supplements. Prefer the supplements rich in vitamin A, C and E.

  1. The prevention for pigmentation

You can apply overnight products containing ingredients like Vitamin B, C and P for stimulating cell turnover. This reduces eye puffiness and over pigmentation.

  1. A quick toner for winter

This is one of the best winter skin care home remedies. Mash up a ripe avocado and mix a bit of lemon juice. Then just apply the mask on your face and neck. Rinse it after 5 minutes.

  1. No fancy products

Always know what is right for your skin. DO NOT go for fancy packaging. Before you are sure that this is the final product you want, try them out for 5-6 weeks.

  1. Breakouts after eyebrow waxes

Put an end to it. Visit a spa where technicians use low temperature and the hypo allergic hard wax. These are going to stick to your hair. Also, these are gentler than soft wax.

  1. For a translucent skin

It becomes tough to hide the underlying blood vessels for a translucent skin. And this creates dark shadows. You have to find the right skin care for dry skin winter through trial and error process.

  1. Kiwi is really good

Kiwi contains Vitamin C. It has collagen synthesis and prevents wrinkles. You can stock up on kiwi, oranges and grapefruit. All these are rich in nutrients for protecting skin in winter.

  1. Feeding your skin

Never ever skip meals. This leads skin to age faster and dries out quickly. Take up oranges (Vit C), peanuts (Vit B3), sweet potatoes (Vit A) and avocados (Vit E) for your skin nutrition.

  1. Applying the SPF

You have to apply it heavy in some areas and light in some other areas of your skin. You can use the mattifying oil free sunscreen under makeup. This acts as a full sun protection.

  1. The spot check

It can be really tempting to use the full coverage formula. But in case you have breakouts in the winter season, the best skin care tip is to use sheer foundation and spot cover. Put a dab of acne dying cream over the large pimples.

  1. Say No to sugar

Completely ban sugar. The proteins in your skin react with sugar. And this makes your skin dry and ages the skin faster. So you need to stay away from sugar for skin care in winter for dry skin.

  1. The skin smoothers

If you can add the potatoes and carrots in diet, it will keep he skin smooth. They are rich in beta-carotene and get converted into Vitamin A after eating.

  1. Morning tea

To calm the puffy eyes, you can just place two green tea bags over the eyelids. The caffeine helps in increasing micro-circulation. The coolness is so refreshing.

  1. Mineral magic

Zinc, copper and selenium are important for the collagen production. This is a healthy immune system to keep your skin elastic. Chicken, lean beef walnuts and dried foods add more minerals to skin to maintain winter care for skin.

  1. Get a humidifier

This is a very important tip to protect your skin in winter. You can purchase a portable humidifier and keep it in your bedroom. Keep the machine set at 30-50% humidity.

  1. For fuller lips

Use a lip balm and extend the lip line with the flesh tone lip liner. But be careful not to put too much liner, though.

  1. To fake a clear skin

Sometimes you don’t have the time to remove a pimple. Apply tea tree oil as soon as you find a pimple. It will cover the reddish part and make your skin look brighter for the time being. A quick tip for skin care during winter.

  1. Reapplying sun-screen

A lot of lotions say, their sunscreen works all day. DO NOT get fooled with those creams. Re-apply the sunscreens at least every 2-3 hours for winter skin care.

  1. Using a blotting paper

You can use a blotting paper for managing oil and shine the T-Zone of your face. This is great for cleaning up oil around eyes.

  1. DO NOT use too much bronzer

If you have a pale skin, never apply too much bronzer. Instead, you can choose the illuminating cream or the light powder for winter care for dry skin to get the glow.

  1. Applying a moisturiser after shaving or waxing

You have to wait for at least 24 hours before waxing or shaving any art of your skin. Don’t apply skin care products immediately. This locks the hairs beneath the skin.

  1. Finally, don’t use too much cell phone

Using too many mobiles, laptops or computers exposes you to a magnetic radiation. This radiation kills skin cells, making your skin extremely dry.

Hope you enjoyed reading my 101 skin care tips. We always expect your great comments and suggestions. We try to give the best 101 skin care tips.

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