101 Best Whip Shading Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

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If you are interested to get a whip shading tattoo, you are in the right place. Go through the whip shading technique tattoos as given here.

Whip Shading Tattoo
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When it comes to getting a tattoo, people go through a lot of research to pick the best piece.

Whenever there is a new trend in the market, people hanker after it. Soon, the trend starts accommodating new ways and means by which they can win the hearts of the customers.

This same rule has been followed by the tattooing industry. What was initially a simple form of body art on skin with less ink, is now a style statement done by professional artists. To get a good tattoo, one has to ensure that the tattoo artist uses all the relevant elements and techniques that will make the tattoo design stand out on the real skin. Likewise, over the years, tattoo artists have developed various techniques like linework, running off, color layering, color packing, mixing colors, and many more.

Of all tattooing techniques, one of the most eye-catching ones that make tattoos stand out is the whip shading tattoo shading techniques. Tattoo shading in the refined language is known as gradation. The purpose of tattooing a smooth gradient is to ensure that the tattoo looks more profound and realistic. So, if you do not prefer hard lines in tattoos on your skin, this smooth tattoo whip shading technique is for you.

Wondering what is whip shading tattoo? In a way, this shading is just what beginners are looking forward to. Of the three primary tattoo shading techniques, the whip shading technique is used while tattooing for beginners. For beginner tattoos, if you want to get a whip shading, the needle has to be pulled upwards. The motion to be followed while getting this tattoo on the skin is an up-and-out motion. In simple words, the tattoo artist will have to rotate the hand and try to keep it away from the tip of the needle. This kind of shading starts with dark details and gradually moves on to the lighter shading.

While tattooing, if required, one can search for some relevant videos and look out for quality designs. However, before you search for quality videos and details, here are some designs that will help you get a better idea of the tattoo shading method. So, without further delay, let’s dive into all the top ten designs.

Twin Birds on Hand Tattoo

Twin Birds on Hand Tattoo
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Here is a special tattoo with the whip shades in lines and circles. While drawing the birds, the artist gradually proceeded from dark black to light shade to enhance the design. Simple black ink is used to tattoo both the birds on the skin. One of the dominant features of whip shading is to make the tattoo look natural on the skin. This feature is rightly held in this tattoo.

In the tattooing industry, the symbol of birds stands for freedom, independence, and inspiration. However, when twin bird tattoos are used here facing each other, this can be a mere symbol of love as well. In the tattoo, both the birds are seen kissing each other. This is a clear indication of the love blossoming between them.

Whip Shading Flower Tattoo

Whip Shading Flower Tattoo
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If you are wondering how to do a whip shading tattoo, take a look at this tattoo. If you notice this tattoo carefully, you will see that the way the artist has used the shading method with the help of a proper needle, makes the tattoo stand out. Although the content of the tattoo is pretty simple and basic, the shading and layering is adding to its beauty.

This is a flower tattoo done in darker and light shades with proper layers of black and white. To enhance the flowers, white ink is used. In fact, it is the white color that is making the flowers pop out. The kind of flower designs you choose is entirely your discretion.

Full Arm Eagle Tattoo

Full Arm Eagle Tattoo
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Here is another great shading tattoo that will blow your mind. The way the artist has used the shading method to depict the light and dark shades makes the tattoo design all the more likable. When you are planning to get things like these, ensure that the artist is professional and experienced enough to deliver you the best. Also, the needles used on the skin should be completely new to prevent any kind of infection.

In this whole tattoo design, the aspect that is sure to grab multiple eyeballs is the eyes of the eagle. The way the artist has shaded the eyes of the eagle with dark black and light grey makes it appear real. Here, the eagle tattoo is a symbol of honor, strength, trust, freedom, and wisdom. Although the eagle tattoo here is drawn on the arms, the thighs are one of the best places for getting such gigantic tattoos.

Fiery Beetle Bug Tattoo

Fiery Beetle Bug Tattoo
@benet.gonzalez.tattoo via Instagram

Do you want to get a quirky tattoo with the perfect amount of shading in it? This design fulfills your desire. The picture in this tattoo is that of a beetle bug and holds a deep meaning to it. Generally, people want to get such body arts with the hope of delivering an innate meaning to them. In fact, it is these hidden meanings of the tattoos that make them mysterious.

In this tattoo, there are images of a beetle bug with a fiery symbol in the background. In the Egyptian culture, the beetle bug stands for the ideals of love, strength, abundance, good luck, organization, immortality, prosperity, creation, and above all, the Divine. To get such a tattoo, choose a site that provides enough space.

Woman Nymph Tattoo on Arm

Woman Nymph Tattoo on Arm
@lorie_garcia_tattoo via Instagram

Women have a tendency to look for tattoos that depict the true essence of feminism that they hold in their hearts. In the tattooing industry, there are some symbols and elements that represent feminism and its power. Likewise, here is a tattoo art that is ideal for women.

If you check the tattoo properly, you will find that the artist has inked a nymph on the arm of the woman. he has used the proper shading to highlight the softness of the tattoo. Generally, these nymphs are a symbol of fantasy and imagination. However, to create this softness and subtle look, the artist has used proper circling techniques with the needle.

Black and White Ninja Arm Tattoo

Black and White Ninja Arm Tattoo
@inksantos via Instagram

Are you a fan of Ninja characters? Do you want to showcase your love for anime characters to the whole world? Here is a great ninja tattoo for you that shows the character of Shikamaru. According to the Ninja world, Shikamaru is the best friend of Naruto and a smart ninja.

If you pay attention to the tattoo carefully, the one thing that will grab your eyeballs is the kind of shading used to create the tattoo to perfection. The lining that the professional has implied to create the tattoo is the easiest way to prevent the spread of color to other regions. Right from the hair to the knuckles of the finger of the ninja character, everywhere the shading dominates the tattoo.

Whip Shading Dancing Lovers Tattoo

Whip Shading Dancing Lovers Tattoo
@baby.phag via Instagram

Love is a beautiful feeling. All of those who have experienced love will surely agree with this. Many people prefer creating a permanent imprint of their love to showcase it to the whole world. Have you ever thought of creating a lover tattoo with the necessary shading? If not, then it is time to think about it and go for one.

Look at the tattoo given here. The image portrayed here is that of two lovers dancing in spree and merriment. The kind of shading used here and its finesse make it barely understandable at a quick glance. However, it is this shading that adds a mystery to the tattoo. If you are wondering how to do whip shading tattoo, leave that to an expert tattoo artist and enjoy the process.

Abstract Art Woman Tattoo

Abstract Art Woman Tattoo
@recurring.entrophy.tattoo via Instagram

Many people prefer getting a tattoo that adds a mystery to their existence. If you adore abstract art, here is a design for you. The moment you look at this tattoo, the idea of the modern world and its perplexities come to your mind. That tattoo is that of a smiling woman’s face with short hair. The mystery lies in her head. In the head portion of the woman, the artist has used circling shading methodologies to depict the way humans are puzzled with too many options these days. It holds the ideology of simplicity and its benefits.

Alexander Portrait Tattoo

Alexander Portrait Tattoo
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Are you fascinated by Greek mythology? If so, then this portrait tattoo of Alexander is perfect for you. If you take a close look at the portrait tattoo, you will be able to focus on the finesse of the tattoo. With the right amount of shading, the artist has tried his level best to deliver a perfect portrait tattoo. Since this is a large design, ensure to choose a body part that has enough space for such mammoth designs.

Simple Monarch Butterfly Tattoo

Simple Monarch Butterfly Tattoo
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If you prefer to depict simplicity through your tattoo design, nothing can be a better option than getting a monarch butterfly tattoo on your body. Since this is a monarch butterfly, the shading techniques come in vogue while drawing the wings. To deliver such subtle art, make sure to get the tattoo done with expert hands.

Now that you are aware of a whip shading tattoo, it is time for you to decide whether you want to go ahead with it. Once you get a shaded tattoo, give it enough time to heal. Follow the instructions of the professional and you will be able to flaunt it in soon.

Here are some suggestions for you:

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What is whip shading?

Whip shading is a shading technique used in art to create the illusion of texture and depth. It involves using long, fluid strokes with a pencil or pen to produce different levels of darkness and light. This technique is often used for adding highlights and shadows to an image, or to make an object appear more three-dimensional. The end result of whip shading is a smooth and realistic look with intricate details. It can also be used to create a wispy or dream-like atmosphere in an image. While it may not always be the most efficient way of creating art, whip shading does require practice and patience as it takes some time to master the technique. Because of this, many artists prefer to use other shading methods such as cross-hatching and stippling to create their art. However, whip shading is still a popular choice among artists who enjoy creating detailed and realistic images.

What are the benefits of whip shading?

Whip shading is a great way to add texture and depth to any artwork. The technique can be used to create a range of effects, from subtle highlights and shadows to an almost dream-like atmosphere. It also allows the artist greater control over how light and dark they want an area of their work to appear. By using different strokes and angles, artists can create a variety of different textures and effects.

How much does a whip shading tattoo cost?

The cost of a whip shading tattoo will vary depending on the artist and the size and complexity of the design. Generally, whip shading tattoos can range anywhere from $100 to $500 or more. The cost may also depend on how long it takes for the artist to complete the work. It is important to research the artist before making an appointment and to discuss the cost with them before getting a whip shading tattoo. This will help ensure that you are comfortable with their rate and allow you to plan your budget accordingly.

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