101 Best Forearm Samurai Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

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Are you fascinated by the amusing tales of the brave samurais? Then here are the few best forearm samurai tattoo designs for y’all!

Forearm Samurai Tattoo
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Samurais were ancient Japanese military warriors.

They were first introduced in the late 12th century. Later in 1876, they were permanently abolished.

A samurai used to be very self-disciplined during those times. They used to follow eight virtue for their whole life. They were also trained to develop the skills to fight with the help of two swords. This is the reason why a samurai used to carry two swords with him. People often opt for a samurai tattoo to flaunt their warrior spirit and how they overcome the hurdles in their lives. Here are a few eye-catching samurai tattoo designs for you guys.

Samurai Forearm Tattoos

Samurai Forearm Tattoos
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A samurai tattoo holds many meanings. It is a symbol of nobility and honor. This tattoo also signifies power, courage, protection as well as strength. If you are willing to establish your warrior skill, then you can surely opt for this highly respected tattoo. Samurai forearm tattoos are one of the most elegant tattoos that one can get themselves inked with.

The artist inked a full-figure samurai and a halo in this tattoo. The halo behind the samurai is made of red ink, while the figure of the samurai has been made with black and grey hues. The warrior is wearing the typical samurai helmet. The helmet has long horns. Along with this, the samurai is wearing the samurai mask to protect his face and scare his enemies. These masks used to be scary in appearance to defeat the enemies easily. The samurai is also wearing the traditional armor that covers his entire body from external injuries. To defeat his enemies, the samurai is carrying three swords which shows what a skilled warrior he is.

Japanese Culture Samurai Tattoos

Japanese Culture Samurai Tattoos
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In Japan and Japanese culture, the samurai play an important role in shaping their history as well as folk tales. Samurai warriors are extremely famous outside Japan as well. Hence, the craze for Japanese samurai tattoo design has a very strong fan base.

Here is a traditional samurai tattoo. This tattoo has been inked with the help of various dark and light shades of black ink. The placement of this ravishing tattoo is exactly on the lower arm or forearm. The samurai in this design is wearing a typical helmet with two horns attached to it. Beneath the helmet, the hair and face of the samurai are visible. His hair is flying on the side wards due to the direction, and his face also has a very fierce expression for his enemies. On his face, there are numerous wrinkles, and his canines are placed on his lips. He is holding a sharp sword in one hand, and in the other hand, he is holding a black ball. On the fingers of the left hand, one can spot the numeral 1976.

Samurai Face Tattoo

Samurai Face Tattoo
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In ancient times samurais used to cover their faces with a metal mask. They used to wear those masks to protect their faces from any external injuries in the battleground. In this tattoo design, the artist has successfully inked a super realistic samurai face with a metal mask.

In the forearm, the tattooist has inked just a side face of the samurai. The left eye of the samurai is vividly visible in this tattoo. The eye reflects the anger and the courage the samurai has within himself. The tattoo artist used black ink to draw the tattoo on the forearm to create the metallic mass. Along with black ink, the tattoo artist has made use of white ink to give a realistic effect to the tattoo. The mask has a few protruding big teeth to give it a demonic effect.

Samurai Helmet Tattoo

Samurai Helmet Tattoo
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Samurais used to wear helmets or headgear when they went out to war. These helmets saved them from any sort of head injuries. Few samurai helmets used to have horns attached to them. This variant of helmet is known as a crested helmet. They were worn by military commanders so that they could be easily identified on the battleground.

In this tattoo, the artist has drawn the design at the lower forearm with the traditional black shade. Apart from black and grey tones, we can see that the tattooist has also used a tint of white ink. This makes the tattoo more realistic. The samurai here is wearing a metal helmet that has two long horns attached to it. The helmet has been drawn with a lighter shade of black ink. The helmet has been tied tightly to the chain area of the samurai. If you want a sophisticated samurai tattoo, this design is ideally suitable for you.

Samurai Mask Tattoo On Forearm Placement

Samurai Mask Tattoo On Forearm Placement
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In ancient times a Samurai used to wear a samurai mask to protect themselves from external injuries that might happen on a battlefield. This mask used to be very scary as it was a face of a demon. Warriors used to wear these demon-like masks to scare their enemies and win the battle. So the masks used to have two main purposes: to protect the samurai and scare the enemy.

In this tattoo, the tattooist has placed this design right at the center of the forearm. This is just a samurai mask tattoo. The samurai mask has been inked along with the samurai helmet. It is a crested helmet which means there are two long horns along with the helmet. Apart from that, just in between the two horns, there is a demon face. And the helmet is tightly tied down to the chin. The mask of the samurai is quite spine-chilling with protruding long teeth and a pointed face. Apart from that, it also has petrifying white eyes that will surely scare the enemies. The entire tattoo has been inked with the usage of black and grey tones.

Vibrant Samurai Warrior Tattoo

Vibrant Samurai Warrior Tattoo
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Vibrant samurai tattoos are a treat for the eyes. It looks extraordinarily beautiful when the samurai body art is inked with bright vibrant colors. For the colorful tattoo lovers, here is lucrative body art.

In this back forearm tattoo, the tattoo artist has drawn a samurai in front of a pagoda or a temple. The shadow figure of the samurai has been completely inked with a jet-black shade. The shadow figure is wearing a samurai helmet with long bull-like horns. Along with that, he is also wearing samurai armor. The pagoda has been drawn with a light shade of grey and a dark shade of black. The tattooist has inked a traditional Japanese pagoda which is quite tall. In the sky, a huge sun has been inked with the help of light red color, and a bird is flying across the sun. Surrounding the pagoda are small springs or splashes of vibrant red color, indicating bloodshed on the battlefield.

Half Sleeve Samurai Tattoo Design

Half Sleeve Samurai Tattoo Design
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Half sleeve tattoos are very popular in the tattooing industry. Therefore, here is a half-sleeve samurai tattoo design for you guys. The tattooist has made the tattoo right on the lower forearm.

The samurai is standing side-wise with his swords. He is wearing the samurai suit along with the samurai helmet. The tattooist has used simple black patches to ink this stunning body piece.

Simple Japanese Samurai Tattoos

Simple Japanese Samurai Tattoos
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Many people prefer simple tattoo designs. So for them, we have handpicked this simple and small samurai tattoo design.

In this tattoo, a samurai is standing in a half samurai costume with his hat. And he is carrying his sword behind him. He is standing next to the tall temple or pagoda. The entire tattoo has been inked with the usage of fine lines and a pastel black color. This design in the center of your forearm will look stunning.

Female Samurai Tattoos

Female Samurai Tattoos
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A samurai is very often associated with a man or a male warrior. Therefore, the tattoo options for men are more than for women. But ladies, no need to worry anymore as we have handpicked a ravishing lady samurai tattoo exclusive for y’all.

In this design, the tattooist has inked a woman samurai. This means that the woman is well trained in martial arts. She has tied her hair into a bun, and a few locks are falling beside her face. She is wearing a Kimono. This is the traditional dress usually worn by Japanese women. The lady samurai is holding a sword in her hands. The blade of the sword is smeared with blood. A few red flower petals surround this lady warrior. If you were searching for a female samurai tattoo, this forearm tattoo design is ideal for you.

Samurai And Cherry Blossom Tattoo

Samurai And Cherry Blossom Tattoo
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Cherry blossoms are one of the most popular flowers in Japan. This is a small baby pink flower. A cherry blossom tattoo signifies many that grow, especially during spring; meanings like life, love, renewal, and uncertainties of one’s life. Here is a samurai and cherry blossoms tattoo idea.

The samurai stands just below the cherry blossoms tree in this forearm tattoo. He is wearing the traditional samurai costume that consists of the samurai mask, helmet, and armor. The cherry blossoms on the tree have been inked with the help of a pastel red hue. At the same time, the samurai has been inked with various shades of black.

We have tried to include every possible lucrative samurai design for you guys. Nevertheless, it is impossible to include all the alluring samurai tattoo ideas. Hence, we have included a few ravishing tattoo ideas in the list given below.

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What is the meaning of a forearm samurai tattoo?

The forearm samurai tattoo is a popular style of Japanese tattooing which symbolizes strength, courage, and loyalty. The samurai were the warriors of the Japanese feudal military during the Edo period (1603-1868). It is believed that those who wear this type of tattoo are paying homage to these brave warriors and their honorable code of conduct. The design often includes samurai armor, swords, and traditional Japanese symbols. It can also represent a person’s strength of character and their commitment to defend what they believe in no matter the cost. Regardless of the individual’s interpretation, this tattoo is sure to make a powerful statement.

What is the history behind forearm samurai tattoos?

Forearm samurai tattoos have a long and rich history in Japan. The tattooing of warriors can be traced back to at least the 15th century. It was believed that these tattoos offered protection against evil spirits and misfortune, as well as signifying one’s status among the warrior class. As time progressed, this type of tattoo became a popular way to show respect for the samurai and their commitment to honor, justice, and loyalty. In modern times, this style of tattoo has taken on a more general meaning associated with strength, courage, and perseverance.

How do I choose a forearm samurai tattoo design?

Choosing a design for your forearm samurai tattoo is an important decision and should not be taken lightly. The most important thing to consider is what message you want the tattoo to convey. Do you want it to represent bravery, strength, loyalty, or some other quality? Once you have decided on the meaning behind the tattoo, then you can start to look at the various design options available. Popular images include samurai warriors, animals associated with strength and courage (like tigers or dragons), traditional Japanese symbols of protection and luck, and even modern imagery such as skulls or roses. Whatever design you choose should reflect your personal values and beliefs.

How do I take care of my forearm samurai tattoo?

Like any other tattoo, your forearm samurai tattoo will require proper care and maintenance. After getting your tattoo, it is important to keep the area clean and moisturized in order to prevent infection. Avoiding contact with dirt, bacteria, and harsh chemicals can also help prevent irritation or damage. Sunscreen should be applied daily when exposing the tattoo to direct sunlight. Finally, be sure to visit your tattoo artist regularly for touch-ups and general maintenance. With the right care, your forearm samurai tattoo can remain vibrant and beautiful for many years to come.

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