101 Best Butterfly Tattoos (2022 Designs)

Best Butterfly Tattoos 2022: When it comes to cute ink, the butterfly tattoo is one of the most popular designs for women. These butterfly tattoo designs offer versatile and meaningful artwork that can help you create a beautiful piece. Whether you want a tiny and realistic drawing on your forearm or feminine and artistic ink on your thigh, there are several great butterfly tattoo ideas to consider.

butterfly tattoo designs
best butterfly tattoos

Some women may want a flying monarch butterfly with a rose for a timeless look, while others may prefer creative art and cool colors for a bold twist. With so many amazing ideas, it can be a challenge choosing the right tattoo.

To inspire you, we’ve compiled examples of the best butterfly tattoos. From simple and small to colorful and unique, explore these popular butterfly tattoo ideas to find cute and meaningful designs you will love!

Best Butterfly Tattoos 2022

butterfly tattoos

Butterfly Tattoo Meaning

The butterfly tattoo is a symbol of transformation, rebirth, hope, femininity and beauty, offering a special and meaningful design with the power to inspire women. Butterflies are beautiful creatures with colorful wings that can represent the best things in life and remind you to be hopeful about the future. With so many different meanings, butterfly tattoos are versatile design ideas that can signify the important things in your life.

butterfly tattoo meaning

Butterfly Tattoo Designs

Small Butterfly Tattoo

A small butterfly tattoo is an excellent way to channel the meaning behind this style without drawing focus. Small tattoos can be easily hidden at your discretion and look incredible on delicate areas of the body like the wrist or ankle. To keep your artwork defined, stick with an elegant design that makes use of simple and light line work. If your ink represents a loved one passing on, you may wish to adorn your tattoo with initials or color the wings in their favorite hue.

small butterfly tattoo

 Thigh Tattoos Designs

small butterfly tattoo designs

Simple Butterfly Tattoo

A simple butterfly tattoo is an ideal choice for women who want a minimalist approach and need something suitable for professional settings. With a beautiful shape, a simple and small butterfly outline tattoo has been a popular design and can be created with basic linework and shading. For more impact, ask your artist for a monochromatic design. Although your ink may look simple, you can get a large tattoo across your hip, upper thigh or back area. To create cool artwork that’s special to you, consider your placement carefully.

simple butterfly tattoo

simple butterfly tattoo designs

Unique Butterfly Tattoo

A unique butterfly tattoo can be the perfect opportunity to create a beautiful design, allowing you to be creative and involved in your artwork. You can change things up by designing a butterfly with photo-realistic detail for a truly unique look. Some women may consider a meaningful quote to make the design more personal. To get a cool and inspiring piece, you can coil the words around the wings or place them below your artwork.

unique butterfly tattoo

trendy butterfly tattoo

Cute Butterfly Tattoo

A cute butterfly tattoo is a stylish look that can balance delicate lines and soft shading for a feminine finish. Pretty butterfly tattoo designs are often colorful and artistic, featuring a flower and cute details. A popular spot for this variation is under the collarbone and by the shoulder. You can get a single butterfly or choose a design that includes several. You may wish to use pastel colors or vivid pinks, blues and purples to give your artwork a gorgeous and feminine appearance. To keep things pretty and elegant, don’t choose a design that’s too large and avoid using bold lines.

cute butterfly tattoo

cute butterfly tattoo designs

Traditional Butterfly Tattoo

The traditional butterfly tattoo is a classic look that offers a vibrant and eye-catching style. Most Americana artwork uses clean lines and minimal shading for an iconic look that stands out from the crowd. Take advantage of the style’s saturated tones by adding primary colors to your design. Reds, blues and yellows always look impressive and represent a vivacious personality beautifully. As this tattoo style is known for its decorative appearance, don’t be afraid to elevate your design with florals, stars and banners to create a more impressive piece.

traditional butterfly tattoo

traditional american butterfly tattoo design

Butterfly Outline Tattoo

A butterfly outline tattoo is a wonderful choice for first-timers, as it requires less time and shade work than alternative designs. To achieve subtle and wearable ink, ask your artist to create a solid black butterfly with simple lines. Depending on your pain tolerance and preference, you can get a sprawling tattoo on your shoulder or a minimalist design on your wrist, ankle or nape. To make the outline bolder, consider different thicknesses for the body and wings. This will lend your artwork an interesting contrast without incorporating too much color or shading.

butterfly outline tattoo

butterfly outline tattoo design

Monarch Butterfly Tattoo

A Monarch butterfly tattoo is one of the most popular designs, symbolizing transformation, strength and resilience. Spiritual Mexican women believe that these butterflies represent their ancestors and that the North American migration of these creatures signals the passage of souls into the land of the living. For artwork that turns heads, you’ll want to consider featuring strong lines and bold colors in your artwork. You may choose bold shapes and colors or keep things natural with a simple orange and black coloring. To dial things up, get a cluster design that goes along the length of your back. As the Monarch butterfly is known for its stunning wings, you’ll want to pick an artist who’s experienced with color and detail.

monarch butterfly tattoo

monarch butterfly tattoo designs

Rose and Butterfly Tattoo

A rose and butterfly tattoo is a popular style that always looks striking when done well. This design symbolizes passion and transformation, making it an excellent choice for women who are moving into a new phase in their lives. Although this design can represent new beginnings, it’s also used to show growth and newfound freedom after a difficult breakup. To prevent your artwork from looking gaudy, stick with elegant detailing and dark red hues for the roses. If you’re looking for a bolder design, consider the strong colors and heavy linework of the American traditional style.

rose and butterfly tattoo

rose and butterfly tattoo designs

Blue Butterfly Tattoo

A blue butterfly tattoo is a stylish and feminine choice for women who want a colorful design. Not only is this artwork beautiful, but it represents joy, soulfulness and luck. Vibrant colors typically fade more quickly than simple black outlines but blue pigment has been known to hold steady for years. Whether you want a physical good luck charm on your body or are looking for artwork that will make you feel happy, this classic tattoo is sure to fit the bill.

blue butterfly tattoo

blue butterfly tattoo designs

Skull and Butterfly Tattoo

A skull and butterfly tattoo is a badass choice that combines the ideas of rebirth and mortality. Although it won’t be to everyone’s taste, this daring design offers a cool way to represent the eternal circle of life and a willingness to embrace the inevitable. This artwork looks incredible with heavy shading and works best on larger areas of the body like the leg, back or arm. You can make your ink more feminine by keeping all blooms delicate or embrace the macabre with thorns and dying leaves. Talented artists should be able to create plenty of light and shade with this style, resulting in a multi-dimensional and contrasting piece that promises to draw the eye.

skull and butterfly tattoo

skull and butterfly tattoo designs

Butterfly Memorial Tattoo

A butterfly memorial tattoo is a beautiful way to immortalize a loved one who has passed on. While there are several ways to design this tattoo, many women like to add a name, a meaningful quote, decorate the artwork with flowers or incorporate a small skull into the design to represent the fragility of life. As butterflies represent life cycles and new beginnings, a thoughtful tattoo is a touching way to memorialize the dead.

butterfly memorial tattoo

butterfly memorial tattoo designs

Matching Butterfly Tattoos

Matching butterfly tattoos are aesthetically pleasing and can remind couples, best friends and siblings of an unbreakable bond. You can get two whole butterfly designs or ink the halves onto each person. This option works best when your artwork is placed on the wrist or lower leg, allowing you to hold the two pieces together to create a completed work. You can also feature initials to represent that special family member, significant other or best friend.

matching butterfly tattoos

matching butterfly tattoo designs

Three Butterfly Tattoo

A three butterfly tattoo is a classic design that’s sure to stand the test of time. Often used to represent young love, positive change and togetherness, three butterflies offer a gorgeous look for friends, couples or siblings. Depending on your age and sense of style, you can get a trio of butterflies that spans the entire back or a simple and elegant design that trails up the ankle or wrist.

three butterfly tattoo

three butterfly tattoo designs

Four Butterfly Tattoo

A four butterfly tattoo is a popular idea for those who want to take advantage of different colors in their design. This cute four butterfly design can be used to represent a traditional nuclear family’s eternal love for one another. To make this body art your own, consider adding initials or varied colorways to each butterfly to symbolize separate family members. Not only will they be touched by the gesture, but it may encourage them to follow suit.

four butterfly tattoo

four butterfly tattoo designs

Butterfly Wings Tattoo

A butterfly wings tattoo can be a popular choice for women wanting to express newfound freedom. Unlike other designs, the outstretched wings represent a desire to move forward and embrace any next steps. Your artwork can be demure and feminine if placed on the wrist and ankle, or bold and deliberate on larger areas of the body. Individuals who aren’t afraid to stand out can choose large body art that stretches across the scapulae and upper back.

butterfly wings tattoo

butterfly wings tattoo designs

Butterfly Flower Tattoo

A butterfly flower tattoo is a stunning choice for your next piece of artwork. In addition to representing change and growth, this design is extremely versatile and feminine. Depending on your personality, you can choose roses to symbolize romance and courage, or irises to represent wisdom and hope. To make your artwork pop, incorporate bold colors and old-fashioned linework.

butterfly flower tattoo

butterfly flower tattoo designs

Colorful Butterfly Tattoo

A colorful butterfly tattoo can be a great design piece if you want ink to represent a vibrant personality. This piece is perfect for young women who aren’t afraid to move away from simple outlines or monochrome artwork. You can build on your body art by adding complex shading, stars, flowers or quotes.

colorful butterfly tattoo

colorful butterfly tattoo designs

Butterfly Tattoo with Name

A butterfly tattoo with a name is a meaningful design that can provide a special touch to your artwork. Since the butterfly symbolizes rebirth and hope, featuring a name in your ink can be a thoughtful way to remember a loved one. Some women will tattoo the names of their children while others may want to honor a husband, wife, parent, grandparent or sibling. You can choose butterfly artwork with outstretched wings and bold colors or keep things low-key with a basic black design and hidden initials that only you can see.

butterfly tattoo with name

butterfly tattoo with name designs

Black and White Butterfly Tattoo

A black and white butterfly tattoo looks amazing on the skin, and the sharply contrasting colors create a powerful design that will turn heads. For a delicate and feminine result, choose a realistic piece with plenty of detail. If you’re looking for something that instantly draws the eye, discuss using the bold traditional American style or a precise and symmetrical geometric approach.

black and white butterfly tattoo

black and white butterfly tattoo designs

Butterfly Wrist Tattoo

A butterfly wrist tattoo is one of the most popular options for cute artwork you want to show off. You can choose a design that’s barely noticeable or a larger piece that covers the entire wrist like a cuff. As this area is home to several nerve endings, it can be a painful area to get inked. If you want your tattoo to hurt less, get smaller artwork with minimal color and shading.

butterfly wrist tattoo
butterfly wrist tattoo designs

Butterfly Ankle Tattoo

A butterfly ankle tattoo is a beautiful design for women who want a feminine and cute placement. While an ankle tattoo can be painful since the skin is skin, this body part can be the perfect spot for small and elegant ideas that can be completed quickly. A single black butterfly near your Achilles heel is a gorgeous choice, but you can also symbolize an intense relationship with two fluttering butterflies on the side of the ankle. Since this placement is very subtle, your body art can remain private and only be revealed for special events.

butterfly ankle tattoo

butterfly ankle tattoo designs

Butterfly Back Tattoo

A butterfly back tattoo can be the perfect meaningful design for a cute and feminine piece. As you have plenty of space to work with, you can create sprawling artwork that incorporates flowers, female figures or shining stars. For ink that truly makes a statement, consider getting an entire kaleidoscope of butterflies across the length of your back. To avoid overwhelming your skin, keep the shading slightly lighter or stick to monochrome artwork. This approach should also prevent your tattoo from clashing with clothing. For something more subtle, ask your tattoo artist for simply body art at the base of your neck that you can cover with your hair for formal events.

butterfly back tattoo

butterfly back tattoo designs

Butterfly Shoulder Tattoo

A butterfly shoulder tattoo always looks gorgeous and refined on the skin. The most popular placement is at the front of the shoulder near the collarbone, but you can experiment until you find the style that suits you. Whether you want a minimalist single tattoo or a sprawling cluster that spreads over the entire area, it’s wise to book in with a skilled artist for best results. This is because the shoulder area cannot be hidden easily and poor work tends to fade more quickly.

butterfly shoulder tattoo

butterfly shoulder tattoo designs

Butterfly Forearm Tattoo

The butterfly forearm tattoo is a versatile choice that demands attention. Some women may prefer to get girly artwork near the wrist for a delicate look, while others prefer the dramatic appearance of a half sleeve. As the forearm area offers plenty of space for larger designs, you can work closely with an artist to create an intricate piece that will have all eyes on you.

butterfly forearm tattoo

butterfly forearm tattoo designs

Butterfly Tattoo on Arm

A butterfly tattoo on the arm can be a fun design that gives you plenty of space to work with. Those who want to be the center of attention should consider a full sleeve, while women wanting to fly under the radar can choose an elegant wrist or forearm tattoo. Spice up your final design by adding color, initials or floral artwork to the mix.

butterfly tattoo on arm

butterfly tattoo on arm designs

Butterfly Neck Tattoo

A butterfly neck tattoo offers a cute and feminine look for women who want a beautiful design. Bold women may want ink that sits on the side of the neck, while conservative ladies can easily hide their artwork by getting a nape tattoo. For body art that’s even more subtle, a delicate behind-the-ear tattoo that gently peeks out is an adorable piece you won’t regret.

butterfly neck tattoo

butterfly neck tattoo designs

Butterfly Sleeve Tattoo

The butterfly sleeve tattoo is a cool design that offers a stylish piece and will stand the test of time. Your sleeve tattoo can be all about butterflies or allow you to insert this cute artwork into other designs. Versatile and bold, a full sleeve butterfly tattoo can cover your shoulder and back to your arm, while a half sleeve can look edgy and leave extra space for additional work. For best results, add color, shading and detail to your artwork, preventing the different elements from looking cluttered or blended.

butterfly sleeve tattoo

butterfly sleeve tattoo designs

Butterfly Thigh Tattoo

A butterfly thigh tattoo is a sexy and trendy idea, offering a feminine spot for many different pieces. A design on the back of the thigh looks seductive and pairs perfectly with short skirts, while artwork on the inner thigh is naturally intimate and alluring. The thigh area is larger than other body parts, making it an ideal spot for a complex and intricate piece. To increase your sex appeal, get ink on the front or side of the thigh to accentuate the shape of your curves.

butterfly thigh tattoo

butterfly thigh tattoo designs

Butterfly Chest Tattoo

A butterfly chest tattoo is an unusual and bold choice that keeps your ink close to the heart. Most women like to keep their chest artwork front and center across the breastbone, but you can place your design on one side of the chest if you’d prefer to hide it in corporate settings. If you spend a lot of time at the gym, a chest tattoo is also an excellent way to draw attention to a toned upper body.

butterfly chest tattoo

butterfly chest tattoo designs

Butterfly Hand Tattoo

The butterfly hand tattoo is gaining traction with women, as the many lines and curves of the hand offer a fascinating canvas for artists to work on. You can choose anything from a barely-there finger design to a large, stylized option that incorporates the palm and front of the hand. To make things more personal, let your imagination run wild with meaningful quotes and a vivid color scheme.

butterfly hand tattoo

butterfly hand tattoo designs

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tiny butterfly tattoos

black butterfly tattoos

traditional butterfly tattoos

ideas for butterfly tattoos

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